Author Topic: Order of the Serpent Update - November 2017  (Read 1502 times)

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Order of the Serpent Update - November 2017
« on: November 15, 2017, 06:11:05 am »
Hello once again!

The Imperishable Star v.III is going to be in editing starting November 22, and at the latest it is going to be published by December 21. We are very excited for this issue, there is a lot more branching out. We have articles discussing Mormonism, the use of video games in LHP practice, an extensively cited paper on Dr. Burr's Life Fields, a previously postponed paper on the Serpent and the Demonic Feminine, and more.

One of the many projects currently being worked on is publishing hard copies of The Imperishable Star on Amazon, for those who are interested in such things. The free PDF will still be provided for each and every issue, this is just for those who enjoy collecting hard copies of stuff like TIS. The cost of the physical copies will only be whatever Amazon requires to make the copies, there will be no profit by the O.S. as always.

The forum continues to expand every week, with more members joining and more consistent participation. We could not be more proud of and excited about the forum, and a special thanks to @Onyx and @pi_ramesses for doing all the technological work on the forum and website at large! There are many more sections to dive deeper into conversations, and the shoutbox has been updated to allow tagging for longer conversation threads. Introductions are being added on the Setian, Luciferian, and Satanic sub-forums so those who do not know enough to even create a thread have a place to start.

The Order has also opened a Facebook page as of 11/14. This Facebook page can be found here : . We are also setting up a page on Twitter.

We are continuing to also look into podcasts, a YouTube channel, as well as possibly publishing original books for Left-Hand Path authors who do not want to deal with a big publishing company. As always we are interested in hearing from occultists from all walks of life to discuss better means of communication, community creation, education, etc.

Finally, a belated official welcome to @pi_ramesses  as a member of the O.S. administration team. Unlike degrees in other organizations, this simply means Pi is stuck doing more hands on stuff with the Order and running the forum and webpage with no additional benefits, so make sure to welcome and thank him!

As always, thank you to everyone - all members, all forum users, all those who take an interest in the Order of the Serpent and its future! We look forward to bringing you more original works, providing more services, and working with you!

Like the Ancient Serpent, so too may you endure!
Xepera maSet

Update: we have opened a "wish list" thread on the forum for recommendations on the forum and the O.S. at large:

Update: Twitter account:
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