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So I'm doing a bit of demonolatry work lately. It's useful. I think you have to keep in mind that if everything you see is from your interpretations then deities, angels, and demons can only give their interpretations as well. Regardless of if demons are external or internal, they hold wonderful keys to knowledge that are locked away.

So with that in mind, here are Lord Rossiere's thoughts on love through unverified personal gnosis.

"Love is evil. A consumation by fire that destroys everythiing to create a completely new beginning."

"[A need for] Love is natural to humans. How can you blame someone for holding on to love [even if it's not reciprocated]"

The brackets are because I had to paraphrase to condense everything down to the relative parts without personal bits. This intrigues me greatly, he seemed to have a positive view of less romantic forms of love.

That first statement is obvious at first glance but when paired with that later, I think. What would a demon say is evil? If trying to view from his perspective, it might be referring to love as a natural "gift" from God that can be disagreeable. Lord Rosierre seemed to inspire a dominant approach to love, rather than subservient so I have this following guess I'd like to follow up on at some point: The need for love is something God installed in humanity to lead them back to him. This would actually really make sense with the Kabbalistic theory of soul mates.

My other thought on the first bit is since Lord Rosierre highlights Love in its destructive aspect, one could utilize various entities perspective to further understand the Alphabet of Desire cycle in Liber Nox modeled after an alchemical formula meant to allow one to take control of their own life.
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Re: Some insights from Lord Rossiere with my thoughts on Demonalotry.
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This started out as a response to the love thread but I felt needed it's own thread. My demonalotry began with King Paimon, who is great, but a bit of a brute force deal so I sought out to look for a demon that's more or less the opposite.

King Paimon, is a scholar type, and values efficeincy. Definitely "air."

I wanted something non-Goetic, more watery for lack of a better term, something that definitely carried bias with its knowledge and had a gentle touch. Lord Rossiere showed up and Love was one of the sections on the wheel in the Alphabet of Desire.

The alphabet of desire is made to unleash your desires and attain and release them on your own terms. It's modelled after alchemical formulae. But I feel like if you use demonalotry or other methods to fill in the blanks and flesh out details in here, you could also use it as a divination system.

King Paimon best represents what I want out of Demonalotry and is very effective. Highly recommend him. However, working with an opposite archetype shows me the features he is missing and why completion and customizing your work to behave in a certain way, like programming a ritual, is very important to insure your will is affected.

King Paimon I think would equate best to Frustration maybe Greed. It's weird because I don't see frustration as a sexual thing, I might have to create my own wheel.
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