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Heru Invocation
« on: October 29, 2017, 05:11:03 am »
I have been called to invoke Heru/Horus (Heru-Ra-Ha) ((Ra-Hoor-Khuit & Hoor-Paar-Kraat)) energies,

I performed this act for the first time this week, my intention is to do an invocation weekly.
There was little needed conversation, this is manly to cultivate energies. I was pleasantly surprised that as soon as I finished talking, conversation started.
This has been my first invocation solo, I am quiet no0by, I just put together bits and bobs from varies sources, manly hord, plan to change the act more when I get instruction/inspiration to do so.

Curious if anyone else has felt this call or practising connection work with Heru? /Or have done so in the past?
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Re: Heru Invocation
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I can't say that I have but I am open to the possibility.
"Some say Kos, others Kosm.
As you did for the vacuous Rom,
grant us eyes.
Grant us eyes."

-Micolash, Host of the Nightmare


Re: Heru Invocation
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Nice attitude.

I am aware that at the moment there is a sway towards Set.
I know this is not totally in line with stories. I feel the energies are different but at the same time like brothers, really close and have cross over.

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Re: Heru Invocation
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I have been called to post what I am doing from my InVo.

I haven't changed too much yet, I have changed names to original names. Auset (isis) Auser (Osiris) Heru (Horus).
Also, at the minute I am inclined to have the idea that Heru is the child of three Auser and Set are from Au -set and the combination of three became Heru (to simplify) so feel free to change that if that doesn't gell with your feelings/
I also added some extra goodies that I have enjoyed.

I practised two weeks in a row and that was enough for a while, I have to remember that more isn't always better, hahah, I did it again this week, I feel next time I will start changing the script more personally. This is why i felt to post it now so some can see a more traditional approach.
I am going to start to look into offerings as I have never really understood the concept to much, derp.

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Re: Heru Invocation
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    Heru invocation

over seer of our sub concious, connector of both side of the coin, above, below, within, without. Our creation, our child.

While lighting every candle think of Heru - I like to make a circle.

To dare, To will, to know, to be silent.

AL3:6 I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the
core of every star. I am life and the giver of life, yet therefore
is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death.
AL 3:71 But exceed! exceed!
AL 3:72 Strive ever to more! and if thou art truly mine--and doubt
it not, an if thou art ever joyous!--death is the crown of all.
AL 3:73 Ah! Ah! Death! Death! thou shalt long for death. Death is
forbidden, o man, unto thee.
 AL 3:74 The length of thy longing shall be the strength of its
glory. He that lives long & desires death much is ever the King
among the Kings.

Casting Circle: Part 1 Cross of Balance:

Grasping with the active hand above the head, visualize your hand
grasping life force in a glowing shaft, and pulling it down to your
forehead at this point (also feel the prickling of the power on
your skin, hear the singing of the power in your ears, smell it in
your nostrils, and even taste of it on your tongue, these
sensations varying in their particulars from person to person):

( I like to shout - then vibrate slowly )

Vibrate -- HERU-RA-HA!
Trace the life force down to the pelvis (while
imagining with all the senses sight, feel, hearing, smell, taste!)

Vibrate -- HERU!
Trace the life force up to your right shoulder (imagining with
every sense still!)

Vibrate -- RA-HOOR-KHUIT!
Trace the life force across to your left shoulder (again, using the
imagination with every sense!)

Finally, clasp your hands, fingers intertwined, elbows folded and
pointed horizontal to the floor (like arms of a cross), and
visualize your Lamen in the center of the cross, while

Vibrating -- ABRAHADABRA![6]


By Set from whom we are - Auser, our Guarding Father, Auset our protective Mother,  we bring Heru to the forefront, our child and connector. I declare this circle safe for only those who wish, my grace, this is a sacred place & so it is, so it will be.


Strike, Strike, the Master Chord!
Draw, Draw, the Flaming Sword!
Crowned Child and Conquering Lord!
Heru, Avenger!

*(at each direction I draw a X with an O surrounding, then press my wand in the centre of the x)*

Sword of Heru


O Thou Hawk-Headed Mystical Lord,
Thou whose Word is the Great Reward!
Only-begotten Child who I acclaim,
From Mighty Auset – who is from Auser & Set , hail!
Thou Avenger of the Unspeakable Horror:
Slayer of Typhon, Thee whom I adore!
Thou who didst lift thine Holy Head
And the Nile Crocodile was defeated!
Thou who dost conceal with the Night
This Immense Universe of starry-light!
Thou who dost abide at the glorious Helm
Of the Boat of Ra in the infinite Realm!
Thou who dost bear the Magick Double-Wand,
And the Rose and Cross of the Mystick Bond,
Thee I invoke from the Inscrutable Beyond!


By Thy Name of Ra, Thou Hawk of the Sun,
Thee I invoke, Thou Most Glorious One!
By Thy Name Harmachis, Youth of Sunrise,
Thee I invoke to appear and to arise!
By Thy Name of Mau, Thou Lion of Power,
Thee I invoke of the Hot Mid-day Hour!
By Thy Name of Tum, Thou Hawk of Even,
Thee I invoke of the Sunset Crimson!
By Thy Name Kheph-Ra, Thou Beetle of Night,
Thee I invoke, O Thou Sun of Midnight!
By Heru-Pa-Kraat, Thou Lord of Defense,
Thee I invoke from the Great Silence!
By Thy Name HOORI, Thy Secret Holy Name,
Thee I invoke, and Thee I now acclaim,
O Warrior Lord of the Red-Ruby Flame!


Mine is the Head of the Man of this Rite,
As keen and subtle as the Hawk’s is my Sight!
By my Head I invoke Thee, O Lord of the Light!
It is I, the only-begotten Child I say,
Of the Sun and Moon, of both Night and Day!
By my body I invoke Thee, and to Thee I pray!
For mine is the Sign that is given of none,
Save it be of Thee, O Thou Hawk-Headed Son!
By the Sign I invoke Thee, O Thou Mighty One!
And mine is the Triumphant Sign of Apophis, - ~~~
The Destroyer and Mighty Lord of Darkness! -
It is I who bears the Word of Double Power,
And the Song of Old which I sing this hour!
And in my hand is Thy Holy Sword to Avenge,
By these I invoke Thee, O Lord of Revenge!


Mine is the Head of the Hawk of Flame:
Child of Auset, Set and Auser is my Name!
It is I who formulated my Father above,
And I who made fertile my Mother with Love!
I am the Avenger of the Unspeakable Terror,
Of Great Typhon, I am the Mighty Slayer!
It was I, the One, who raised my Holy Head
And the Nile Crocodile was annihilated!
It is I who shrouds the Night-Blue Sky
With my Vast Nemyss as I soar and fly!
It is I who abides at the glorious Helm
Of the Boat of Ra in the infinite Realm!
It is I who bears the Double-Wand of Power,
And the Cross of Gold and the Ruby Flower,
For I am Heru, Who is invoked this Hour![4]

---- Sit in silence / conversation / trance as long as you feel


Set, Auser, Auset: thank you for watching over this rite, celebrating with us and giving us your inspiration. Guardians and Guides, thank you for your presence, guidance and protection. Our thanks and love are with you always.
Thank you to Heru – As we share, may our journey be filled with joy and fun as our wills collide.

Put each candle out while giving thanks, with the intention that your attention will now move on.

sources :

[5] The Book of the Law . Liber AL vel Legis - Aiwass . Aleister Crowley



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