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Moderately cheezy 'occult' musicians
« on: September 12, 2018, 07:19:47 pm »
I was curious how people who actively practice magick and follow the LHP actually feel about artists like Ghostemane and Suicide Boys.  When I first came across Ghostemane I really liked his first album, Blackmage (and not big on much after that), but I never cared much for Suicide Boys.  I've made a few friends recently who are really into both, but none of them are actually into magick.
I'm fairly sure that the references in the music is mostly just a gimick, and I wanted to know how others felt about it.  He references painting a circle around his feet and sacrificing women inside of pentagrams, it's kind of like he's just cramming in as many ridiculous stereotypes as possible to boost his 'spooky' image.
These artists are blowing up lately though and it's hard to go anywhere without bumping into someone who asks me if I've heard of them.  I've seen threads on reddit about Ghostemane's samples and people pointing others who don't know much about the topic towards occult and magick readings, so maybe it's kind of a good thing?  At the same time it just feels like commodification and packaging, like with Marilyn Manson or Slayer, but under the banner of rap instead.


Re: Moderately cheezy 'occult' musicians
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Out of curiosity, I read most of the lyrics to Blackmage, and another thing where he says:

You think I worship Satan? Bitch I am a Thelemite.
Do what thou wilt, no dogma can close my wide open eyes.

I don't worship Satan I'm just sayin' that we get along

At first glance it seems that he's using colorful symbolism to make certain points, but sometimes the occult references do seem a little awkward or out of place. In fairness I would probably view it all in terms of an overall aesthetic instead of a gimmick. Slayer had plenty of Satanic imagery but the subject matter involved the holocaust, evangelists coercing money out of people, abortion, suicide, etc.

Interesting discussion, especially for an old fucker like me who is never up to date when it comes to music.

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Re: Moderately cheezy 'occult' musicians
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2018, 02:32:24 am »
I mean I don't know those bands, but I've been listening to Marilyn Manson for 2 straight months now, Ghost for about 3-4 before that.

"The Dragon became as a many-headed Serpent,
It's fiery tongues bearing forth speech
Into all the kingoms of the Earth."

My book, "Behold: the Prince of Darkness!":


Re: Moderately cheezy 'occult' musicians
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2018, 04:07:20 am »
I definitely had no intention of knocking Marilyn Manson, and have enjoyed the majority of his work...I'd say up to and including Golden Age of Grotesque. 
Slayer on the other hand, well I loved them as a teen, it really pissed people off, so why not.  I can still appreciate what they did for metal in general, but I'm really working to move past listening to things for purely nostalgic reasons and instead constantly expanding my musical tastes and collection. 

As far as the lyrics go, he has other songs that make odd specific references.  John Dee would be another good example. 

I wake up in the morning feelin' like I'm John Dee
Got my black magic book and drew a circle round me
Bish, I wake up in the morning feelin' like I'm not me
I'm a beast, I'm a killer, I'm a young Crowley

One of my friends is actually a Jehovas Witness, though he's not active.  I asked him how he felt listening to music that, at some times, literally advocated things explicitly prohibited by his religion, and his response was that he was well aware of the consequences and fully accepted them.  This seemed an odd answer to me, and maybe it's the 9 year gap in age (he's 20 and I'm 29) that muddled communication a bit.  Why would someone continue to classify themselves as something so strict, yet blatantly disregard the teachings and/or restrictions?  I feel like it's partially because of the goofy nature in which the concepts are delivered, making them almost cartoonish.  In the same way someone can appreciate a horror movie regarding exorcism while others are tormented by the dramatic images.

Personally, I mostly listen for the instrumentals.  I'm a big fan of heavy hitting bass and it puts me right in the head space I need to be in.  I've also always really been into boundary pushing metal, so the parts that are thrash and grind -esque really get me going as well. 


Re: Moderately cheezy 'occult' musicians
« Reply #4 on: September 13, 2018, 07:25:39 pm »
I'm not familiar with either of the artists. Might check them out.

In any case, I prefer it when artists who write spiritual lyrics also stand behind them. I mean, they don't need to mean everything in there literally, but it should at least have something to do with their philosophy.
But of course, if things are written well, then I might enjoy them nevertheless. I have even used parts of Ghost's lyrics in prayers before, regardless of what the author intended by writing them.