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Satan! My master!
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Satan My Master
I slit my wrists to drain me of my blood
Satan My Master
Up side down I turn the cross of God
Satan My Master
Receive this sacrifice this blood of mine
Satan My Master
I cut into my rotten flesh your signs
Satan My Master
Remember me when judgment day is near
Satan My Master
Take my hand when Armageddon is here

My religion is Satanism & Kashmir Shaivism via Vāmācāra

"We have none but evidence for the prosecution [against Satan] and yet we have rendered the verdict. To my mind, this is irregular. It is un-English. It is un-American; it is French." ... "We may not pay him reverence, for that would be indiscreet, but we can at least respect his talents." - Mark Twain
"God and the individual are one. To realize this is the essence of Shaivism." - Swami Lakshmanjoo


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In Conspiracy With Satan!!!!!!
"Behold for I have crushed a Universe!"