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The Satanic Doctrine
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                                                              The Satanic Doctrine

   What is Consciousness? Is it possible that a Heaven or Hell exists? Is it possible that there is an  afterlife after death? What is the Subjective and the Objective Universe? How was this Universe created?   What is the Black Flame? Who is the Prince of Darkness? What is Darkness? What is Xeper and  Remanifest? How did man came to be? 

This doctrine in which I have decided to write in honor to the Order Of The Serpent and two my own  legacy in general will explain my Satanic beliefs in which I hold so dear to myself. The Public eye has  never fully understood my hidden beliefs, this book will give the reader the glimpse of my belief system  in which I hold in Pride. 

                                                                       Chapter 1

                                                                 What is Consciousness?

   Consciousness as many of us know exists within the human mind. It is our function of knowing the  self, it is our functioning of understanding our surroundings and our existence. It is a function of our  intellect, knowledge, and wisdom.

 Consciousness is not just a plain function but it is a unique tool that many of us have never truly came to  realize. It is the very gateway of another dimension separate from this normal Universe, many of us may  believe that once we die, there would not be an afterlife and that our Consciousness would fragment away.

 We however do not know the experience or possibility of what death is like. Our consciousness may not  fragment, but instead our consciousness may go with us by guiding us to our own Subjective Universe.

                                                                           Chapter 2
                                                                          Heaven and Hell

   Within the Conventional settings of Christianity their exists two worlds after death, a Heaven or Hell  in which many of us understand. Heaven supposedly is like a utopia with peace and bliss, while Hell is regarded as a prison of eternity and suffering.

 Is it possible that both worlds exist separate from the universe? I cannot give you a known answer if  they exist or not, many people have been programmed to believe that they know that both worlds exist,  but they themselves have never seen it before their eyes.

 Many of us may hear profound experiences that doctors, scientists, and civilians have experienced a  communication from god or instead have seen a heaven like state. But which one is right to believe the  others profound talk of experience? Many of us can be hidden Charlatans going after the fame and glory  we want, while some such as myself are honest with our talk of experiences and viewpoints that we hold.

 Here is my thoughts on both of these worlds within Christianity, I think that when one travels to their  Subjective Universe after death they themselves are able to create a place of Heaven or a place of Hell  the way they perceive it to be. For example let's say I died rather peacefully from my sleep, and I went to  a realm of subjectivity.

 I would create Hell and perceive it as a utopia of paradise then rather have the guilt ridden burdens of  suffering Hell through eternity. That is perhaps one of my very concepts of how I would regard Hell if the  world itself may possibly exist.

                                                                               Chapter 3

                                                  What is the Subjective and the Objective Universe?

   Since the reader might be quite baffled of my explanation of the Subjective Universe, I might as  well start from the very beginning before I adopted both of these concepts. 
         In Setian Philosophy two universes primarily exist, one being the Objective Universe, the other  being the Subjective Universe. The Objective Universe which can be called the physical Universe, is the  Universe in which we primarily live in. It is our reality of Planet Earth, it is the Universe with matter, and  Nature.

 The Subjective Universe exists separately from the Objective Universe, the Subjective Universe exists  inside our mind and it also exists as a separate dimension from the Objective Universe after death. We  can say that the Prince of Darkness lives in that Universe separate from humanity and from the Objective Universe.

 The Subjective Universe in which we activate through the practice of Greater Black Magic, is a realm of  the darkness and the unknown. It is a realm of mystery and fear itself when one activates it as a
practitioner in the Dark Arts. 

Not only is the Subjective Universe a realm within our mind, it can also be a main activation of our imagination, creativity, a fantasy in which we dream and indulge in. Our Subjective Universe that every  human carries can also be influenced with the use of manipulation through Lesser Black Magic.

 Lesser Black Magic is separate from Greater Black Magic but both can be used together creating perhaps  medial black magic which is a mixture of Lesser Black Magic and Greater Black Magic. Greater Black  Magic is a sort of magic that is used to manipulate and transform the cosmic laws of the Objective  Universe to one's own personal gain and advantages.

 At first the Practitioner activates his Subjective Universe by changing it and sending it out in the  Objective Universe creating that change. The Practitioner not only sends it out to the Objective Universe  but he also can possibly change others Subjective Universes as an influence. 

Within Greater Black Magic comes two categories, illustrative and Operative. Illustrative with Greater  Black Magic is about causing a change to ones being, such as self liberation or spiritual enlightenment. 

Operative is about manipulating the natural laws of the Objective Universe, both Operative and  Illustrative however can be used all together depending on the outcome. With Lesser Black Magic it is not  necessarily a form of Magic based on ritual practice, but it is based on Psychology itself. 

This form of Magic can be used as mind control including manipulating the masses for one's own  advantage or blending in at an average society of people. Lesser Black Magic is not only used to  manipulate or control others, but instead it can also be used to influence others in a good way. 

There are plenty of examples of how many well known dictators have used Lesser Black Magic by manipulating the masses, one example is Hitler and Lenin. Lenin was able to use Lesser Black Magic over  the Russian population since he knew that the people were tired of the wealthy czar running Russia. 

Hitler used Lesser Black Magic over his speeches by promising to repair Germany and by changing the  populations viewpoints in his Aryan Philosophy. Lesser Black Magic can be operated in many ways, one of  which is through changing the mindsets of one's flock through public speaking at a church congregation.

 A clear example of this was my dabbling within Scientology, I used to go to a Mormon school. I heard  that there was an upcoming class Presidential election, at that time I was quite power thirsty. So I chose  to run for the election. 

The Mormons were quite impressed with my speeches after my rival candidate was done with his speech.  However they did not quite realize that my subjects of achieving Happiness and the Human Mind was  based from my studies of Scientology. They were so fooled into believing something that I borrowed off,  in which case I became class President and achieved my desire. 

The Black Magician must know his test subjects background, lifestyle, and viewpoints in order to plan the  game well. He must figure out ways to psych others if they are a threat to his being.

 The other form of Lesser Black Magic can come the way we ourselves carry it to be. For example, Dr. LaVey laid out the key ingredients behind Lesser Black Magic one of which was "sex, sentiment, and wonder." 

If a hot Satanic woman chose to seduce you under her stars with her body, her speech, and her sexual  signals. Then you might fall under her control behind her operation of Lesser Black Magic depending on  your sex drive, and if she is good looking enough.

 If I wanted to con my followers into believing something absurd then I may use a sentiment personality  by putting on my good guy badge. If I wanted to play emotional fear in a person's mind then I would use  Wonder, which is showing ones bad destructional side designed to induce that fear in the individual.

  I must however say, that Lesser Black Magic can at times fail depending on the test subject. It can  backfire on oneself if the test subject senses that it seems obvious of what is happening. 

However, Lesser Black Magic can work subconsciously depending on you and the individual, an example  was my acquaintance of mine asking me questions in Spanish class. My acquaintance told me, "do you  like being told what to do," I said "No." 

My acquaintance then told me to grab a textbook in which I subconsciously did. Not Knowing that Lesser  Black Magic was being used covertly, I soon realized that I was played foolishly after the outcome. Lesser  Black Magic has been used consciously by average day to day civilians and it has also been used  subconsciously by average day to day civilians as well. 

                                                                           Chapter 4

                                                     How was the Objective Universe created?

   A long long time ago their existed a Subjective Universe, the only Universe in existence. The Prince  of Darkness which was Satan came out of the Subjective Universe creating the Objective Universe, Satan  created everything inside the Objective Universe including animals, the growth of nature, and Matter. 

Satan created humanity giving us the Black Flame. It was then that Christ came out of the Subjective  Universe by entering the Objective Universe to teach and offer humanity his own religion, Christ of course  was able to start his religion by attracting those devoted to him who refused to accept the beauty of the  Dark Lords Gift. 

Christ however did not realize of how the rest of humanity accepted the Dark Lords gift of the Black  Flame, it started to get to the point that Christ and Satan didn't get along with one another over their  differences of their views. Christ was at the wrong place and at the wrong time. It didn't take long of  humanity's influence from the Dark Lord to have Christ Crucified on the cross.

                                                                        Chapter 5

                                                                 What is the Black Flame?

   For those of you that are curious of what I mentioned on the previous chapter, was "The  Black  Flame." The Black Flame is a Dark flame that burns hot and coldly, metaphorically speaking. It is the very  gift by Satan The Prince of Darkness, it is that gift of Self Awareness in which one carries if they accept  his Gift. 

There is no turning back when one accepts the Dark Lords gift, it is a permanent gift in man once he is  given an ultimatum to accept or decline. An Example of mine was opening up the Satanic Bible, reading it  from beginning to end, at first I did not understand the power that the book held. But when I chose to  read it again I was soon astounded that I chose to accept the Black Flame that I've always ignored.

 The Black Flame makes our Psyche question certain things, such as ones viewpoints and other things  surrounding outside of Conventional Religion. Man soon feels the self Realization through the Black  Flame. He feels free, he feels thankful to Satan, he feels compelled to question a Conformist society of  the Natural Order of things. Man feels the burning sensation to be purely diabolical. He feels the power of  the Black Flame when he begins to practice the Liberating aspects of the Black Arts.


                                                                           Chapter 6

                                                             Who is the Prince Of Darkness?

   The Prince of Darkness comes in many forms, some of us may refer to him with different labels and  meanings. Some of us may view Lucifer, Set, Enki, and Satan as entirely different beings, however I do  not view each and every one of them as different. The Prince of Darkness to me is a unified aspect  meaning "all in one." 

 But how can the Prince of Darkness be all in one? The Prince of Darkness is at first an unknowable entity,  living outside of the Objective Universe. When one at first views the Prince of Darkness as different labels  and different forms, they soon overtime experience the Dark Lords communication when they themselves  have evolved and practiced Black Magic for a longer time. 

When the practitioner stops practicing black Magic, he feels a spiritual awakening from the Prince of  Darkness. At first he is profoundly stupefied by this sudden feeling of the Dark Lord, he then starts to  question if this Dark Lord has become unknown. He then further fulfills his curiosity by doing a working to  seek answers from the Prince of Darkness.

 He then finds and realizes his answer in which it was given to him, he then realizes that it is Satan  himself who has been contacting him the more he did his workings to gain the understandment of a new  creation of a new Aeon. The Initiate then feels the Aeon has been given to him after his previous  correspondences with the Dark Lord, he then does a rite to unify three other Aeons to connect the Order  of the Serpent Magically.

 An example was when Dr. Aquino did his Black Magical working as I did to seek answers from the Prince  of Darkness, Dr. Aquino found that it was Set. Then Dr. Aquino gained his own understanding of an Aeon  of Set to come from his correspondences with the Prince of Darkness. 

Then Dr. Aquino chose to create a Temple of Set in connection with the Aeon as the brand new Left Hand  Path Institution in Dedication to the studies of Black Magic, to the studies of how man evolves overtime,   and the existence of the Lord of Darkness.

   The Prince of Darkness is not just all in one, He lives Separately from the rest of man outside of the  Objective Universe. I know that the Prince of Darkness intervenes with man but his form of intervention  is much more separate than Christ's intervention. The Prince of Darkness is not only a separate entity but  he is our conscious entity, the way the Prince of Darkness becomes our consciousness is when man  accepts his gift of the black flame. 

Once man accepts his gift, he then travels to the flows of mans consciousness becoming an entity the  way man would henceforth view him. Man is able to use his Psyche to create the entity that he chooses  to use within his presence. Aleister Crowley who founded Thelema once said on the definition of  Evocation is that, "To evoke means to call forth" and that "you are the Macrocosm creating the  Microcosm." This has truth to the meaning of man himself being the creator creating the entity he  chooses.


                                                                          Chapter 7

                                                                     What is Darkness?

   What is the significance of darkness? Why is Darkness always mentioned in a religious or  philosophical path that is outside of the mainstream in Western  society? 

              Many of us are always curious about the meaning of Darkness, why is Darkness so enveloping  in mans soul than Light? Darkness is that of the Strengths and the Unknown outside of man, it is that of  Mystery and Knowledge that is hidden and outside of Conventional Religion. 

It is that which is viewed to be stereotypically evil in most individuals of society. But Darkness isn't that  of evil, it is that of beauty, it is a force of passion from Satan. It is a force of Spirituality and fear that  man enters once he enters into another state through a Black Magical working. 

Darkness in a sense is never weakness, it goes against weakness. The Western Religions of those of the  Right Hand Path would accept weakness. Our Path of the Left is pure Darkness Metaphorically, Darkness  is for the strong to accept a path that is a straight line to stay balanced and to not fall off from that line.  Lightness is for the Weak to accept an unbalanced line in which some would fall off from that line and  give up. Darkness changes man so easily, he realizes the truth outside of Darkness.


                                                                            Chapter 8

                                                                 What is Xeper and Remanifest?

   Xeper, or Kepher, whatever you want to call it. Is an Egyptian word which means "I have come into  being." The concept of Xeper has been adopted by the Temple of Set as an act of change within the  individual. 

Many Setians especially myself included are very big on the word Xeper, since the word not only just  means "I have come into being." Xeper can be activated by Magical means as well. For example when I begin practicing Magic, I chose to perform the "La Messe Noire." 

When I began to perform the rite every single day, I could feel that my very self started to change to  where I felt very liberated. That is an example of Xeper, to where I came into being as a changed person.  Not only is Xeper activated through the means of Magic, but it is also activated through everyday life. 

Humanity has not realized that they themselves have been undergoing Xeper through centuries which  made man come to be. Another example of Xeper or Xepering as we call it, as a young boy I started to  fall in love with Music. I began to enjoy listening to a variety of genres at a very young age, my genres  soon started to change to where I became a fan of Heavy Metal. 

That is an example of Xepering. Another example of Xeper is when I asked Magistor Setamontet some  questions about The Order of the Serpents ideological goals which made me write the book "The Satanic  Work," which formulated the very bases of my experience in which I was undergoing that change while I  was outside of the Order. 


         Another concept that Setians including myself would use is "Remanifest" or "Remanifestation."  Remanifest is a complicated concept that is entirely different from Xeper even though they are nearly  alike. Remanifestation is advancing through ones Xeper, an example was when after I found my true  taste in Metal, I soon wanted to become a Metal Musician through pursuing that career. 

Remanifestation is not just an advancement through ones Xeper but Remanifestation instead is about  pursuing it. One of my examples is when I was introduced to the Black Metal subculture, I started to  become influenced by the symbolism and the bands. This soon led me to Remanifest by pursuing  Satanism and the Occult. 


                                                          And There you Have it!


   One day we the elects of Satan will conquer and change the cosmos and walk through the earthly  isolated fields without a world of interference, without a world of industrialization, and without a world of  humans whom we regard as a disturbance to the environment. We will walk through a world of Paradise  and silence that we the elects have created and proudly achieved.

                                                                A Special Thanks

                                                              To Magistor Setamontet

                                                             Magistor Xepera ma Set

                                                                    Magistor Onyx

                                                                  Forum Members

                                                  And to every influential member of the Order

A Final Influential Quote From Magistor Setamontet That I hold to be inspirational-  "We, the  members of the Order of the Serpent aspire toward the Quest of Xeper. Our collective ambition is that the  membership of the O'.S.'. also serves as guardians of the Black Flame and collaborates with the Prince of  Darkness in the Infernal Mandate of re-creating the Cosmos in the eternal glory of the Setian Will!"

                                                 A Brief Description about the Author

Sutekh has dabbled in the Occult and other Religions for quite a while as a young boy.
A former Scientologist to now a Satanist, he was once a staff member of an Online Satanic Coven and as  a Former Vice Chairman to an online Church of Satan which was different from the actual Church of  Satan. Sutekh is now a theist who believes in the true existence of Satan, and is now a valued contributor  and forum member to The Order of The Serpent and he hopes to advance the Orders Magical agendas.

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"Our collective ambition is that the membership of the Order of the Serpent also serves as guardians of the Black Flame and collaborates with the Prince of Darkness in the Infernal Mandate of re-creating the Cosmos in the eternal glory of the Setian Will!"-Setamontet