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King Mob

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So Lokeanism is literally just the worship of Loki. There's really no specifics and with a complex character as Loki, there's so many different aspects that one could latch on to.

The following list is originally from this blog of a Lokean answering a FAQ style thing.

I assume it caught on in the Paganism community if someone made this fan-art out of it. It's a play on the Nine Noble Virtues of modern day Asatru.

Now, I'm not gonna live my life by some arbitrary values because it was on a blog. However, these make me smile and I really resonate with them as I've subconciously lived by them in some periods of my life. I personally think the emulate the spirit of Loki well.

My questions is, do you think these are accurate ethics to abide by if you want to get closer to the Lokean Godform and do you think this is practical to apply in life?
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