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Consciousness, The Prince of Darkness
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Lately my beliefs have come into questioning about the Prince of Darkness as our conscious entity. I believe that the Prince of Darkness lived throughout the Subjective Universe through centuries for which he created the Objective Universe, creating humanity and giving us the Black Flame.

I regard Consciousness not only as plain consciousness but as a tool that guides us to another dimensional realm once we experience Death.

I view our consciousness as the very tool for the Subjective realm of Death where we create our dimension within our perceptions. I view that once a person dies their consciousness goes with them, however I have had a curious questioning thought.

If the Prince of Darkness is our conscious entity, couldn't it be that once we accept his gift of the black flame in which he offers us, that he travels within our flows of our consciousness becoming our entity within how we view him?

Could it be that the Prince of Darkness who is part of our consciousness may guide us to the very afterlife of our own universe?

I think the Prince of Darkness is part of our consciousness when we accept his gift that he offered to humanity for centuries.

I think that when Christ came he did not realize of how humanity accepted the dark lords gift. He may had attracted his own Christian followers who did not accept the Dark Lords Gift of the Black Flame.

The Prince of Darkness I think intervenes with us, but not like Christ. His form of intervention is much more different. He can watch over us, but he lives separately from us.

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