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Thursatru Tradition.
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Thursatru is a brand of chaos-gnosticism that is focued on the worship of and work with Ice Giants(isa-thurs) as anticosmic forces. In addition to the first volume of Thursakyngi which is the foundation, he has released a full book on Loki and Gullveig.  Unfoturnately, Volume I is out of print which is going to drive me crazy as a collector.

Most Thursatru see Odin as the demi-urge, Loki as as a Lucifer equivalent, and Gullveig as the dark mother. They value working with the thurs, giants, and rejecting the Aeiser or Vanir, the gods, but I and others argue against this false dichotomy and a corruption of the religion due the inability to shake a Christian mindset. There are many Left Hand Path followers that seem to emulate Odin. Stephen Flowers left The Temple of Set to create Odiniaism. While it values self-deification, he says Odianism differs from the LHP and that it still values giving back to the tribe. I do not see this as a contradiction to LHP because tribe can be voluntarily selected and beneficial to the self when done so. Odin's a wise mentor and a Promethean Trickster able to become the All-Father by sacrificing himself for the wisdom.

There are many instances of Odin covorting with Ice Giants in the mythology. He was incredibly excited to find a giant who was supposed to be incredibly wise. The Norse Gods have a tendency to embody the darker sides of the archetype too. Just look over Odin's many names which total close to 50. Among them are titles along the liens "fury of the storms", "quick to decieve". "the great deciever", "evil worker", "journey empowerer", "wise one", "concealer", "journey advisor", "God of the Hanged" which refers to him being the God of outcasts such as criminals, and "engineer of battle." He is even the son of an Ice Giant and ancestors demand respect in Heathenism.

I personally feel Norse Occultism allows for work with both the Gods and the Ice Giants in the Left Hand Path. Odin wants you to make yourself as strong as you can be.

What are your thoughts on Thursatru and Odianism?
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Re: Thursatru Tradition.
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I rather like the conception of Odin as a deity of mixed energies, practicing with the runes and feminine magic, which he gets flack about from Loki and others. From this, I draw analogies from Jung's idea of the animus and the anima.
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Re: Thursatru Tradition.
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@pi_ramesses I study Jung quite a bit but I never really found anything about his Animus and Anima. Care to elaborate a basic definition and the connection? I'd be very interested.


Re: Thursatru Tradition.
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Odin is a god of self transformation, after all. He doesn't seem like the demiurge to me though.

@King Mob Anima/animus are the inner archetypes of the opposite gender. Anima is a man's inner woman and animus is a woman's inner man.
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Re: Thursatru Tradition.
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Correct @Dragonchild. That is a good definition. I think once you grasp Jung's ideation of ego and the shadow, you are well on your way to apprehending animus and anima. Besides his Red Book, there is Aion which is freely available at:
The third chapter on The Syzygy: Animus and Anima is where I would look. The connection that I see is the dual nature that subsists in an individual psyche. Across cultures, it is expressed differently and is rampant. The Ying and Yang as passive and active principles, wherein there is one but also the other. The feminine mystique or the pursuit of the eternal Feminine. I would also even include the distinction that we make between the Left and Right-Hand Path as well. Though I'm coming from a Setian and Catholic background, I am awestruck that I have had conversations with gender-fluid individuals or bisexuals having some experience such as this. For me, it is more psychological than somatic so I don't feel a conviction to reconstruct my bodily vessel. While it's self-transformative, I wouldn't help but feel affronted somehow.
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Master Willem was right. Evolution without courage will be the ruin of our race.


Re: Thursatru Tradition.
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I think body reconstruction is interesting from an antinomian perspective. I don't think I could ever do it but my favorite example is Breyer Genesis P-Orridge when they attempted to use surgery and magic to transform themselves into one person. I know Grant Morrison also used to cross-dress when doing a ritual as his version of magical clothes.
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Re: Thursatru Tradition.
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Re: Thursatru Tradition.
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So I finished 2 and 3 of the books and have a much better understanding. If to you LHP is about rejecting the natural order, then this is literally LHP chaos gnosticism.

It posits the forces of Musphelheim and Nifleheim as a sort of ying/yang of chaos. Creation and destruction.

Odin is the demiurge because he made the natural order (Midgard) from the primordial giant. The demiurge is responsible for the "natural" order of the universe since it created the "natural" laws and chaos is "un-natural" because it is foriegn to this universe and toxic to it. Loki is a representation of Musphelehim who's gnosis out of chaos carries the black flame that Lucifer does and Gullveig is a mix of Hekate, Lilith, Babalon, etc but seems quite a bit darker.

I am not saying I fully believe this, I will definitely work with some of it. In fact, I love the Loki book an incredible amount but this seems to be the gist of the whole system. It's an interesting perspective on norse mythology, left hand path, and world-view.
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