Author Topic: Finally getting back on track after a stressful couple weeks.  (Read 454 times)


Finally getting back on track after a stressful couple weeks.
« on: September 16, 2017, 03:08:46 am »
Due to the start of school and a family friend in town, I have not had much time as I would like for a daily regime and my only occult practices have been a practice of yoga twice a week and the occasional ritual or spell out of a grimoire. Things have settled down and I have re-started a practice of Liber Resh as it was very beneficial to my scheduling before. I am about to resume my work in Nine Doors of Midgard tonight as well. The Runic Meditations have provided a wonderful initation in their mysteries that is constantly rewarding the best ways. Surprisingly high reward for only 3 days of meditation. I have also learned why using the runes without these meditations are a very bad idea.

I started work with a "technomancy" grimoire kept on a USB drive today for multiple reasons. Firstly, it serves as a nice place to keep my Left Hand Path pdfs. Secondly, it provides extra privacy as most people wouldn't bother to use it. Thirdy, I like the idea of a grimoire as an act of magic myself. Something that would effect any readers of it similar to a hypersigil due to the energy poured into it. I have various ideas, I plan on keeping notes, observations, and some diary records on here and maybe try to forge my own take on technomancy servitors.

As I type this out, I realize that my new persona is finally coming together in a cohesive direction. It embraces a lot of things I love and have come to accept while drawing focus to stuff I know is there but haven't been worked and carries a purpose that will serve me well.  I believe I'll be a Byronic Hero this time which should be some fun and improve various areas of my life. I actually created a mantra to draw on a Byronic Hero archetype just for a night some time ago but it appears to have had a longer lasting effect.


Re: Finally getting back on track after a stressful couple weeks.
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I'm really love this idea of the USB grimoire I made in practice now. I started a cyberpunk a journal on it. Doing a dream journal will give me more motivation to record it as soon as I wake up because fuck writing in the morning. It's sort of cyberpunk in nature. Also, having my PDFs kept off my computer and needing to plug it in to access them makes it feel more special which is great for chaos magick paradigm.