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Why Set Would Not Be "God"
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In my understanding, the Prince of Darkness, known to Setians as the Egyptian god/Neter Set, is the Ageless Intelligence of this Universe, the Highest of Life who with the force of His/Its own mind and will could recreate the Cosmos in his own image and become in essence the new "God"/Order of the Cosmos.

Set, however, is the First Principle of Isolate Intelligence, the supreme manifestation of the Prince "First" of Darkness, the spiritual essence of singular identity and independent conscious existence.

If Set were to become "God", if Set were to him Self displace the Cosmic Inertia, He/It should be forced to become a new measure of consistency. Set would cease to be One, singular, for He/It should become All.  He would lose all that makes him a unique consciousness as he would be responsible for the new All, the new Cosmic Inertia, Set would lose his very identity.

It is a theory that when Set understood this paradox he created others of the Black Flame, i.e., Gifting that which would become mankind, in order to cancel this imbalance.  Leaving a Void in which true creation could take form not just as Set but also as the individual minds and wills of the kindred of the creative fire.  Spawning other beings to collaborate with him in the re-creation of the Universe in new, unique, and unpredictable forms.  The coming into being of individuality in metaphysical existence.

Hence, Set would remain One, singular, and not the All responsible for the re-creation of the Cosmos, i.e. the new "God", the new Cosmic Order of things. Set does not seek to be the omnipresent manifestation of all things; but rather exalts and nurtures the singular presence of his own unique mind and will, and that of his own kind, us.
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