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Re: How did you come upon the Left-Hand Path?
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Honestly, it was mainly this forum.

RHP was becoming unhealthy for me, I slowly got into Runes and found Flowers' Nine Doors of Midgard which was a cool program. From there I researched Thursatru. That was the start of my LHP philosophy and curiosity but everyone on this forum helped me to find a path more unique to me based on some LHP stuff and I'm grateful for that.
"A wolf  is  a  shadow  and  should  never  be  chained.  To  me,  V├ínagandr  represents the  very  essence  of  chaos.  He  is  the  antithesis  of  law  and  order.  Without  chaos in  one's  life,  you  fall  into  stagnation  with  no  room  for  growth.  That  is  what  V├ínagandr  represents."

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