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What really got my involved interest with Satanism
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I may had mentioned a bit of my stories of my upbringing's etc here on the forums. Back in elementary school, I finally heard about the Church of Satan and its founder mentioned by my history teacher. (fun fact, it was at a fundamentalist evangelist school). Back in the day of course I still had the mind of a child, so like any child I was ignorant on Satanism without further researching the topic. At that time, I was of course the kid who was ostracized by all the other Jesus rockin loving fucktards :mrgreen:, it was at that time that I began to hear about heavy metal. I began to identify in the Metal subculture as quick as it went, I started to notice the Satanic imagery displayed on some of the bands that I listened to as a youngster. Their was this one band that definitely caught me off guard "Dimmu Borgir." They quickly drew me in from seeing some of their music videos of the Satanic art that was put out, to this day they have been one of these bands that I can I guess thank for drawing me further in the darkness. :D.
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Re: What really got my involved interest with Satanism
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It was 1969, I was 9 yrs old when we moved into our next home in a quiet suburban town in northern NJ. The house had a huge wrap-around porch in front which I immediately needed to explore underneath.

I entered thru the small side door by the driveway into the dirt floored catacomb where gardening tools, cement bags and loose bricks lay . . . my quest was the wrap-around section all the way in back . . . away from the light of the door . . . into my first Abyss!

I crawled to the far end and slowly made my way into the small room where after my eyes adjusted to the Dark I found a small night stand and a black book resting on top. I retrieved the book and snuck it up into my bedroom to investigate.

Lo and behold, it was none other than the Clavicula Salomonis Regis Lemegeton better known as the Lesser Key of Solomon and best known as the Goetia. At the time I had no idea what the cool demonic pictures were, what the weird words meant or anything about the book and its contents . . . but man did I flip through the pages and stare for days and days until it was confiscated by my mother and probably destroyed!

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Re: What really got my involved interest with Satanism
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Took me much longer to get an interest than you two. I learned about Satanism in high school (we had to give presentations in religious class on a topic of our choice, and one group picked Satanism), yet from my vague memories it didn't sound very appealing and was probably mainly on the CoS.

Sure I also knew lyrics by Slayer and Venom and the like as a teen, but none of that pointed to an underlying philosophy that it would be worth to look into. And I also had some passing familiarity with other post-modern religions like Discordianism and Pastafarianism, yet I merely took them to be satire against religion, which I was used to from how my dad talks about religion anyway, not as religions in their own right.

I only really started investigating further into it in my early twenties, and, as you Sutekh, inspired by reading music lyrics, but rather those of Dissection and Deathspell Omega, among others.