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My experience within the Left Way
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We might as well consider the Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path to be both ways in which many of us understand. I wouldn't really go to long on my past stories in which I will try to get to the point.

But anyways back to my subject, When I was very young I was an average good old practicing Christian being raised from a very moderate family.

 I believed in Christ heavily viewing Satan to be perhaps an evil being in which some of us were taught upon that upbringing of faith, however I was perhaps born to be adversarial at the same time. Over time when I started to grow up, I was put in a very fundamentalist Christian school, in which religion was brought up and taught daily, Iv'e always had fascinations with the darker side of things.

I loved to hear stories more about Satan than Christ, it was at that time that I was never quite accepted among my religious peers at the school. At that time I was introduced to many religions especially Paganism and Mormonism.

During my last elementary year at the school in which I planned to not go back their again, I heard an interesting topic being brought up by my 5th grade history teacher about the Church Of Satan, it was during that time that I finally heard about Satanism. My teacher however told us of how sinister and wrong the organization was and of what they taught.

 I was still at that time curious about this Church of Satan, in which I did my research and wa la I finally developed an interesting fascination by their philosophy and ideology.  Over time I experimented with Scientology, in which I found the belief system to be fascinating without knowing the dangers of the sinister side of Scientology.

 After my experimentation's from Scientology I was practicing the nordic religion. At that time I never understood the nordic practice fully, I more or less adopted my own ideas based on viewing odin and thor as both Dark Gods in which I practiced forms of my own rituals based on causing destruction to others.

Later my dad pulled me away from my nordic way of practice in which he tried going back to Christianity. It was at that time that my dad forced me within Christianity, in which I refused by wanting to practice my beliefs freely and privately. My dad wanted me to forgive those that really made my life miserable at my fundamentalist Christian School, however Iv'e always never adopted the concept of Forgiveness.

At that time I was an Atheist not believing in anything, no Gods, no Afterlife. Over time I decided to go back to study Satanism from reading literature's brought by the COS, my first time reading the Satanic Bible wasn't as easy to understand. Reading it the second time was then simple to understand the concepts more from it.

At that time I never fully believed in the use and practice of Magic, I rather regarded Satanism as a philosophy and a lifestyle other than a Religion. But then my beliefs over time started to really change from Reading and studying from others.

It was at that time, that I chose to build my own altar and to study the basis of Magic in which I later developed my fascinations by putting Magic to practice.  I later started to experience things spiritually in which within my mind I would always deny the spiritual concept of Magic, viewing it only for Psychological use. 

However it was a great alternative other than forgiveness, what I really discovered by the Psychological use of the Practice of Black Magic was an experience of joy and liberation.  In a sense the more I started to practice Magic the more I then became initiated and liberated from everything that confined me in a sense.

 At that time I never realized the potential of violating and embracing a taboo that is looked down upon in society, Iv'e always had a fascination with BDSM and other kinky stuff that is perhaps not like mainstream Sex.  When I later chose to embrace that type of Taboo I felt good, liberated, and happy with joy, at the time I felt so ashamed by the subject of these things in which I was taught to look down upon the things that are classified as "deviant." 

Before I chose to embrace the antinomian side of things It was hard for me to show emotion and empathy towards others in a sense. At the time I was adopting various concepts from many views and practices along the Western side of the Left Way before a change then happened to me in the future of today.

My results of liberating myself within the Practice of Black Magic  and by going towards the antinomian concept has changed me in a good sense, in a sense I feel that all of my hate is no longer within me anymore.

I feel that I now sympathize and have empathy with those who lost others. Before Iv'e never truly felt any sense of goodness and empathy before I adopted an antinomian concept to put into practice.

 I think that when one practices the Left Way after one realizes of the damage of what one was taught in the past, this individual slowly changes drastically but in a good way. I think that when one violates and embraces something that is outside of the boundaries of society then this individual will slowly experience a  change of something miraculous to come.

On the subject of Forgiveness, I think it is all right to forgive a person if it is only beneficial to your self and to that person and to your decision as well.
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