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A night visitor
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I dont know if its right  place to post. Hope u not mind after reading  this confused story too...

A  friend of mine recently told me something started since childhood.
An entity appeared in his dream since he had memory.treated him like a mother.feeding him .Now she treated in another way like they r married to each other. also sing songs .she looks like central
asia face.
Its been over 40 years.

He thought probably she is ancestor from dad side. Now his whole family r east euro.But his character does feel strange .now we know why.

I asked ppl if we could banish.most say yes.but some say if ancestor she may need help .
if she is a spirit guide she comes to teach something (good or bad) .make sure your life must experience that lesson.

Reason to banish because she could be a succubus.But if she is a succubus why would she wait so long without direct harm? she did harm him indirectly though.she made him mental unstable .keeps trying to find a real woman looks exactly like her.
joining in crazy club to try those games to find 'her'...only get into one trouble after another and hurt himself emotionally physically now...different health problems.

What do u think about this situation?
If banish her .in which way?
If not to handle and help this entity to go her right direction?

My friend doesnt believe in spiritual mediums or shamans yet.he also doesnt want her leave.

Thanks for any advices and help.
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Re: A night visitor
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Well if there haven't been any problems in 40 years and your friend gets along well with this spirit I would see no reason to do anything about that.

Also, even if it's a succubus that doesn't mean that's bad, I heard of some people who are in a harmonious relationship with a succubus.

All that applies independent of whether it's actually a spirit or just a dream figure.


Re: A night visitor
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His whole life is difficult with lots trouble...

How does your friend get harmony relationship with succbus? is he an occultist?

The friend himself doesnt really know anything related to spirits or occult...


Re: A night visitor
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No one I know personally, just some weblogs I read a while ago.

Well if that relationship is since 40 years as you say, it seems very unlikely to me that it would be the cause for current problems.

On the contrary - if it's not the cause and your friend nevertheless breaks up the relationship, then he's worse off than before because he then also lost a friend.