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Hello everyone
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Hello everyone,
                      First of all, I want to introduce myself and tell you something about me, about my magical work and share a little about what has led me to be here. My name is Damian, although in the esoteric world people know me as Daemon Barzai, I am a writer and digital illustrator. I was born in Argentina, although I have dual citizenship, so I can say with pleasure that I am half Italian half Argentine. For two years I have been living in Italy, during the first year I lived in the capital (Rome) and after a while, I settled in a nearby town, where it is much more comfortable for me to live. I love the capital, but I prefer to go for a walk, the rest of the time I prefer a much quieter place.

As for the esoteric, I have done a bit of everything, I started at an early age, at the age of twelve I started with some spiritualism practices, I studied parapsychology, I got to know the cult of Saint Death and was a devotee for many years. I passed and formalized a priesthood in the Afro-Brazilian cults, I received the position of Pae de Santo, Cacique de Umbanda, and Master in Kimbanda. I was a regular practitioner of Traditional Witchcraft for several years and then I was introduced to LaVeyan Satanism. There was always a desire in my person, a search to find the hidden knowledge, I have always felt a strong attraction for "dark" and thus I knew the draconian path, I was an active member of the Dragon Rouge order, I reached the third degree of initiation, and then I decided to go on my way since the order had nothing more to offer me and I neither to her. For more than 12 years I have been actively exploring the Qlipoth and its respective tunnels, a project that has accompanied me to this day, although I am already reaching its final facet. In between I have collaborated with many other magicians, some projects have been longer than others, but I have not had an official affiliation to any other order. My strong work within the draconian path has been the exploration of the dark female archetype, and it is a large part of my magical work.

In addition to all of the aforementioned, I have had a blog dedicated to the Left-Hand Path for several years, it is in Spanish, and I am working on the translations in English and Italian, so I am updating it weekly. Also, I have my small independent publishing house, which is where I have published almost all of my books.

I consider myself an open, rational person who lives a magical life, a cat lover, and good food.
Anything you want to know about me, I'm always up for a chat.

I leave here the links to my pages so that you can see a little of my work.

Diario de un Brujo (Blog about Draconian Magic and LHP):

Black Tower Publishing:

Greetings and thanks for reading.
D.B   :D
“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die”


Re: Hello everyone
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Welcome to the forum, please keep us informed about your writing projects. The blog also looks interesting, I have In Search of the Shining Trapezohedron opened up on a tab.

I haven't pursued the Lovecraftian mythos extensively, but think I'll dedicate this (currently incomplete) trapezoidal altar to the study of it. I've been reading through Infernal Geometry, which covers that and the Law of the Trapezoid which is one of my favorite Satanic concepts.
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Re: Hello everyone
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Thanks, I'll do  ;) In fact, I'm reading "Infernal Geometry" a really good book. What to say about Lovecraftian Magick? It's a passion together with the Draconian Current  :mrgreen:
“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die”


Re: Hello everyone
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Your weblog looks interesting, I might give it a read.

You seem quite experienced, hoping to learn a lot from you.

Regarding Infernal Geometry, I read it a few months ago and started a thread on it here:


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@Liu I totally missed that thread, will refer to it as I go.