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I'm not entirely sold on Anticosmic Satanism yet, but I am intrigued. I have an admittedly crappy PDF of the Book of Sitra Achra (which is kinda going over my head I admit) and Karlsson's "Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic," I was also told would help.

I'm a little confused and I apologize if this question is dumb or offensive but has anyone had any experiences, good, bad, or other working with this? Did the Temple of the Black Light "invent" Azerate? As I've not heard of them elsewhere, any time I google the name I get TotBL pages.

Does practicing this make one "insane," or "fascistic?" (I get asked this because, "why else would you want to dissolve the universe")

I'm just stuck on where to start I guess.

Can I follow this and still honor my previous pantheon? (Lucifer, Hecate, Odin).

Thanks peeps.


Re: Can I get some suggested reading materials on the subject of ACS?
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Dislacimer: I'm not anticosmic, nor do I think we have any active users here currently that are anticosmic, not sure. And I haven't read either of the books you mention. What I have read of anticosmic material is part of Liber Azerate and two of Vexior's books.

My own relation to the anticosmic approach is that it seems to cause its practitioners to make great devotional art that I enjoy.

I'm pretty sure the TotBL invented Azerate (or gave/channeled that name to/from an existing entity, if you prefer).

Some of the anticosmic satanists I encountered would say, yes, it will make you insane, you aren't ready for it if you aren't fully committed, etc.pp. It's quite difficult to tell what they mean and what they just say (to separate the chaff, to spread misinformation, for fun, or for whatever reason). But some that I know a bit more closely would rather say, it's less about whether it's literally true and more about whether it helps you in your personal life (and those would also strongly distance themselves from any fascist associations, and even the others, while using fascist symbols tend to clarify that any form of the lhp is diametrically opposed to fascism and they only use the symbols due to the effect it has on other people).

That said, imo it (as any individual-focused path) should be compatible with any previous pantheon. Yet especially regarding Odin they might say that he's on the cosmic side of things. Really depends on how you interpret the myths and what's your worldview and so on.
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Re: Can I get some suggested reading materials on the subject of ACS?
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Bump for interest.

I've heard good things about "The Deplorable Word", but I haven't read it and I'm prepared to be disappointed too.

I tend to stay away from anything that's overreliant on Hebrew/Pagan-European theology or "ancient texts" just because the main purpose of bringing up hebrew/norse/babylonian/whatever shit is to introduce unnecessary jargon. And I'm saying this as someone who has read a lot of Buddhist texts (no, Pali is not necessary to understand buddhism either). If what you're saying is true, then it will be just as true if you leave out your monologue on Apep. Or, maybe I'm just spoiled by Far Eastern texts, which get straight to the point.

That brings me to my second point: Buddhism and Absurdism have very similar themes to anti-cosmic satanism. Check them out 👍