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8 Soul emanation (MindStar)
« on: March 29, 2020, 04:30:14 am »
So, I finished reading MindStar by Aquino Sensei. And I must admit, I was amazed.
What do you think about the Egyptian 8 emanations of the soul? And it made me more thirsty to get deeper knowledge and practice about it, can someone tell me more or share links, documents or other book suuggestion?

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Re: 8 Soul emanation (MindStar)
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Hermetic Magic by Stephen Flowers has a practical application of the Egyptian soul model.

Aquino's Black Magic is also fairly detailed on the topic, and includes additional references.


Re: 8 Soul emanation (MindStar)
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The magic to me, is in recognizing various aspects of being for what they are, from wherever the inspiration comes.