Author Topic: Sexual Energy Inversion Technique  (Read 24 times)


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Sexual Energy Inversion Technique
« on: March 27, 2020, 05:43:59 am »
I conducted this experiment with a willing partner that the first time was clueless about the particular details of the setting, and the other three times the person had full knowledge: the results were identical all four times.

The room was consecrated following a rite to the Prince of Darkness, then after we entered and sealed ourselves in, we covered all windows in pentagrammic seals of Air, the doors in pentagrammic seals of Water. I had placed around the bed four (4) receptacles filled with red wine, large-sized salt crystals and a garnet gem in each. Under the bed I had put a secretly drawn large scale copy of the OS star featuring the trapezium and the five stars equaling nine in total. On each point I placed a small black tourmaline. We engaged in ritual sex on that bed, and then after we got the kundalini flowing past the first chakra, moving it to the third, something unusual happened.

This actually occurred all four times. As soon as I saw with my astral vision all the receptacles filled with our sexual energy, I felt a humming (very gentle, yet perceptible) coming from below. Like some minor vibration that was not due to us. At first I discarded it as something random but it persisted, so then I thought of the experiment and the drawing underneath. As we united our energies I forced the combined field to go downwards, upon release of the climax, and placed a thought-form. After a few seconds, it got inverted! I tried it again, and again. Each time, it got inverted! (for example, a positive thought /image turned into a negative one, and a negative one about self-decay and sickness turned into a healthy glowing with vitality energy one). This effect lasted a few minutes while I experimented, and then faded away.

As I said above, I repeated this experiment three more times, to be sure it wasn't something totally random. The effects were the same. I tried to conduct this with a normal pentacle underneath the bed, but the result was what I knew from the past, ie it accentuates the energy but does not convert it.

I then tried to do something similar using the OS star without using sexual energy. Nothing noticeable happened. Then I attempted a solo sexual process exactly as described above, but the result I got was minor. The star seem to need a Junction of energies in order to create this interesting Inverting Effect.

What do you think?