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Regarding Xem
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This is an essay that will cover much of Xem including the workings that I did in the past few days based on Xem.

It has been a very long time for me to read through and study TOS documents, I had the chance to study on Xem, since it has been my lifelong curiosity on the Subject. The word Xem has a meaning, it is an advanced state of being through Xeper, but that word sparks a difference from Xeper. In Xeper one is able to reach that state out of prime coincidence, with Xem it requires Magical study and Magical work. Xem is not something that happens so quickly to complete that accomplishment.

It takes a long time and dedication as a Black Magician to reach Xem, Xem is something that should not be dabbled by occultists and others who are not familiar with the word and the operations of Magick. It can be something that can cause a consequence if one is ignorant to put it to practice. The Black Magician and others must proceed with caution when exploring and working on Xem.

To began with I had no intentions to explore that avenue of Xem after doing complete study and research on it, yes I found Xem to be interesting, but at first I realized that Xem wasn't for me. Then came a revelation on March 18th somewhere at 11 or 10 P.m. I was reading Paradise Lost in the family room when all of a sudden I experienced the Prince of Darkness's presence. I heard the words on Xem, it was then I made the decision to perform a working to dedicate my life through Xem.

Invocation: Let the candles illuminate this unholy abyss, great Prince of Darkness come forth and answer to me, for I wish to seek the knowing that has been placed upon me. I invoke you in your name oh Satan.

I Satan have whispered to you on Xem. I have given you the option to Xem your quest as an Ipsissimus.

I hear your whispers oh Satan, for I am thinking about the word Xem. I accept this offer to Xem into further existence as an Ipsissimus. Oh great Satan, I feel empowered not only as a Magus but as a prophet, the one who feels truly connected to you spiritually. Speak further with me on Xem, for I wish to go more within Xem. I realize their is no turning back on this word, I am prepared to face my fears and accept the consequences of the delusion through failure of Xem.

For I am ready. So it is done!

March 20th is when I finally chose to to do another working based on Xem, this working did perhaps happen out of the blue right away. I was given the chance to further evaluate Xem on what the word means in my own meaning, before I created the working. Xem can perhaps be stated as the self outside of the self unfettered from everything within the self. It is that dark self that further Xems to high advanced states outside and within  being.

The Xem Utterance Working

I invoke you prince of darkness in the name of Satan, come forth from the abyss, for you are invited upon the doorway. Let your flame illuminate the way, for it is you as the guide to this gate of Xem.

Oh great Satan you have given me the self looking upon myself of Xem, for I realize that Xem is the self outside the self that seeks the furtherance of all knowing. Take me to the gate of Xem for I am worthy to be handed the keys of Xem. Great prince of darkness, I have been the most prudent Magician who has dedicated his life to the dark arts. You have known me all these years, for I am a Magician who lives by his oath and word. Hand me the keys of Xem and I will live by this oath of prudence within the magic of Xem.

The keys are handed to you: He leads you to the gates.

I utter Magus Barrets word Xem!

Open yee gates!

You enter the gates.

You bow to further seek the oath of Xem.

Oath: I Alex realize that Xem is valuable to work on, I realize that Xem is a word and a tool that no man has attempted to reach.

I Alex solemnly swear that I will not fall under the delusion of my own curse

I Alex solemnly swear to uphold my integrity to work through Xem and to further accumulate this knowledge of Xem.

I Alex solemnly swear to remain as a truthful Magus and Black Magician through working with Xem.

You stand and walk out of the gates!

So it is done!

After the working I laid on my bed, I was given the experience to re evaluate the self from the working of Xem. I was able to re evalute the working as well, we can say that the prince of darkness gives this re evaluation of the self through Xem to give the person the option if Xem is for them.
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"To achieve Xem, the Setian must perceive what he can of Xem, and must Become that
perception. He must incorporate the knowledge, understanding, and lessons of that perception
into the Setian's being. Remanifesting that ennobled state, the Setian will perceive more of
Xem, and will be able to Xeper further towards Xem. It is only through pursuit of this
repeating cycle of perceive / achieve that the initiate will eventually near and reach Xem"- Ruby Tablet of Set