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BoCFbN vs Diabolicon
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It is said by some setians that these two have opposed view on the origin of consciousness and the Isolated Intelligence. The the Daimonic view of the diabolicon is more materialistic and the Singular Intervention Agency which gave us Consciousness as a gift is more idealistic.
But, are these two points of view really opposed or complementary in their essence?



Re: BoCFbN vs Diabolicon
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I believe the Prince of Darkness worked through the Church of Satan, Michael Aquino being particulary receptive to this.

The Book of Coming Forth by Night speaks of a "Time of Purification". Only through the rejection of conventional religion might we embrace new understandings of our metaphysical, self-aware nature. The Diabolicon outlines the influence of the Forces of Darkness with regards to that.

These documents were written under difference circumstances, but I don't see them as being diametrically opposed to each other.