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The Solar Set
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The Solar Set

When I turned from Setianism as I'd known and practiced it, mostly rooted in ideals like those of the Temple of Set, I thought that would be it. But changing to a Solar mindset only solidified my connection with Set, both emotionally and reasonably. Some brief thoughts on this matter.

- Set was adopted by Ra and defended the solar barque against Apep. He's basically Son of Nut and adopted son of Ra, a marriage of sun and sky. He also willfully defends the sun and the solar cosmos from chaos and nonexistence. This is all very solar and doesn't really fit with a ToS based Set whom is isolated and spiteful.

- Ra itself is just another star in Nut, just happens to be our star. The Dipper is of the same nature, not a special one. That we only see the Circumpolar Stars at night is a reminder that Set is his most potent in fighting Apep, defending the sun, during the night. He is the hidden, midnight sun.

- The Bull is a very solar symbol, even matching with the cow/moon such as with Ra and Hathor as consorts. Ursa Major was always seen as a bull's leg to the Egyptians, I actually never understood how it became a symbol for Set. Osiris himself was identified with this bull at times as well.

- Finally, Set may cause harm to his fellow gods in the Contendings, but only for long term betterment. It's because of Set that Osiris rules the underworld. It's because of Set that Thoth gives magic to Horus' eye, and that Thoth exists at all. It is because of Set that Horus makes himself worthy of the rulership of Egypt.

- Bonus: Set and the Book of the Law. It seems even Crowley thought Aiwass was Set, and it makes a lot of sense. The disruption of a new aeon. We saw this manifest in two world wars, nukes, and more, as well as medical and scientific advances to benefit mankind like never before the new Aeon. The Aeon is of course inherently solar, perhaps even moreso than other solar religions as the Sun never dies and is resurrected, but burns eternally.

- Personal: I followed Shoemaker's advice in Living Thelema - True Will, and broke my life into 5 years each, trying to record specifics and find my "personal myth". While I started in a very "Horus" position, even being the sole son of a heavily mourning widow who really never found an equal to my dead father. Yet along the way a much more "fallen God" type myth emerged, and what I mainly noticed in my effects on the world both inner and outer is disruption. Not only in a negative way though, and not maliciously but for growth: mine, others, organizations, groups, ideas... It occured to me that my own Holy Guardian Angel is possibly an aspect of Set, a form of him, or of very similar characteristic, etc. In my arrogance I confused the very nature of my own HGA with the highest God! How embarrassing!


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Seems in my whole experience Seth/The Isolate Intelligence takes on (and does) whatever. We have myths to try to approximate Seth but they're never going to fully grasp the whole picture. You find Seth (or something that strongly resembles so) in some really weird places.

Always a theme that his actions lead to very positive results, even if his actions don't appear to be benign in the moment.

This thread popped up right as I was beginning to speculate on this further more too, heh.
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Re: The Solar Set
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"AL III,74:  There is a splendour in my name hidden and glorious, as the sun of midnight is ever the son."


Re: The Solar Set
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What, in your view, is the fundamental difference between a solar mindset and a stellar one?