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Ritual Sharing
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Being a long time contributor of the Order, I have in the passed shared my rituals as contributions. This however is very sacred to me as it is only to the most veteran of all elects that this rite can only be done by.

Rite of the AntiChrist

Invocation: I light the candles to ignite your flame Lord of Darkness, I stare forth at you, come out with your unholy angels from this darkening realm oh Satan, great Lord of Darkness. I pull out my blade to ignite your Dark energy to those candles. I put forth this blade on to my body in reverence to you. Let this dark energy ignite my very being and this outer universe. For I welcome you as a gentleman upon this Sacrament. Ave Satanas! Hail the Great Lord of Darkness!

The Rite: I am your Dark Disciple for I accepted your flame of Intelligence long ago. For I have been loyal by this Dark Flame of Intelligence. It is so absurd that the rest of Christs disciples refused to accept this gifted flame of knowledge that you offered unto them. For it was you that benevolently created this Earth with mankind on it as well. For Christ and God never did a thing for mankind, their only mission was that of conversion to their Right Hand Path. In which they little succeeded, for your knowledge will always secretly be with mankind whether they accept that knowledge or not.

I shine my blade at the letters 666 in reference to the mark you have. Let these letters reflect forth the change that is about to happen. Lord Satan I have been your most loyal Disciple on this Path of isolation of Darkness, for I am the most intelligent of all above this Earth. I choose to be my own God, for I fly upon this realm of light. For I replace Christ and God and their angels, for i desecrate their sanctum and transform it by my will. For I site on this throne and transform the light in their realm to utter darkness. I show my two hands one placing up, the other placing down upon Earth.

For a torch appears upon my head of your flame of Intelligence.

I Alex

Am the annointed one

The one who chose to replace Christ and God

The one who chose to be this god, this AntiChrist.

As Above, So Below

Hail thyself, Hail Satan
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"To achieve Xem, the Setian must perceive what he can of Xem, and must Become that
perception. He must incorporate the knowledge, understanding, and lessons of that perception
into the Setian's being. Remanifesting that ennobled state, the Setian will perceive more of
Xem, and will be able to Xeper further towards Xem. It is only through pursuit of this
repeating cycle of perceive / achieve that the initiate will eventually near and reach Xem"- Ruby Tablet of Set