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Animal spirits
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Here I am going to write a little bit of my knowledge and research about animal spirits. I am going to write things based of my personal experience. A lot of my knowledge on the subject can be related to shamanism, animal totems, but I am not going to reference it, instead, I am going to share my synthesis of knowledge.

The first thing that I want to mention is that interestingly enough, everyone who is spiritually developed will have at least 1 animal associated with them, but they might not know about it. Those who are not spiritually developed, also have an animal associated with them, but the energy might be blocked.

It does not take a lot of time to notice that every deity, God, Goddess, demon, etc also have animals associated with them. They can also manifest as animals.

The animal spirit can be anything... Mammal, insect, bird, aquatic, reptile...

There are 2 general directions which one could take work with animal spirits. One is to try to find the animals that are already within you and invoke their energy, second is to try to attract and invoke energy of those that are not yet within you. It is quite easy to invoke animal energy even if the animal is not yet associated with you, but it is a bit more difficult to make a new animal spirit stay with you.

Work with animal spirits has several major benefits and I havent found any risk in it. Among benefits, you can change yourself... You can also empower yourself... You will have a spiritual familiar... You can learn a lot... Evocation of other spirits becomes easier.

Because animals are part of Gaia, same as you, introduction of their energy into you is easy, I would say that it is easier to introduce animal energy into yourself then to introduce energy of Moon or Sun, though, I might be exageratting. An Animal spirit is more likely to help you ground yourself then mess something up, at least from my experience.

Animal spirits reside within you, so to sense them, you need to search within yourself, instead of outside yourself. For some it might be easy to meet their animal manifestation by asking questions "if I were an animal, which animal would I be?" and then analyzing their behaviour and comparing it to the behaviour of that specific animal for confirmation... After that, one can meditate on the idea to meet their animal manifestation... Depending on the development of your senses, it should be easy to recieve a vision of from animal spirit.

Communication with an animal spirit is a bit harder then finding it, as they usually do not speak, though they might... But it is more likely that you will have as much success communicating with an animal spirit as much you have success with communicating with living animals. Basically, like having a pet, but a spirit pet.

Benefits come from merging with the energy of the animal... Invocation of that animal... Being partially possessed by the animal... Using it as a familiar... Spells and rituals can be created and performed with the assistance of animal spirit.

When ever working with an animal spirit, you should do research on the specific animal... Their symbolism in occult... Their actualy behaviour... Look at several photos and videos with the animal... Meditate on it. It will help you to connect with it and also know what kind of benefit it gives you.

Thats a start of an article... I would appreciate comments and ideas about how I should format this.


Re: Animal spirits
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Animal spirits with which I have personally worked with: cat, owl, bat, butterfly, dolphin, bear, spider, snake.


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Working with certain Animal Forms has been a Magical practice of mine ever since I became Setian, and even before.  A good part of my spiritual essence, as it relates to astrology or the zodiac is very Watery or of the Watery Abyss.  In the ToS I took the Magical name Dagon, the fish-headed god of the Philistines and of Lovecraftian mythos.  And I was a member of the Order of Leviathan, the Eternal Serpent of the Abyss.  I also work with the scarab beetle of Khepera, the Black Jackal of Anubis, the Set-Animal, the Hounds of Tendalos (Lovecraftian).  Also, the form of the cat such as Bast and the lioness Sekhmet, and the Black Ram of Amon (Egyptian)/Shub-Niggurath (Lovecraftian).

I have found them all, over the years, to be Magical familiars and excellent sources of knowledge and strength.
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