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Your Initiation Event
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For most of us, if not all, there came a time in our life where we were introduced to the Western Left Hand Path. This is briefly my story, feel free to recall your own Initiation Event and post it here.

It was 1969, I was 9 yrs old when we moved into our next home in a quiet suburban town in northern NJ. Our street was a dead-end populated with old Colonial houses and Capes and a brook at the end. Our house had a huge wrap-around front porch which I immediately needed to explore underneath. I entered thru the small side door by the driveway into a dirt-floored catacomb where gardening tools, cement bags, and loose bricks lay . . . my quest was the wrap-around section all the way in back . . . away from the light of the door . . . into my first Abyss! I crawled to the far end and slowly made my way into a small room, where after my eyes adjusted to the Dark, I found a small nightstand and a black book resting on top. I retrieved the book and snuck it up into my bedroom to investigate. Lo and behold, it was none other than the Clavicula Salomonis Regis Lemegeton better known as the Lesser Key of Solomon and best known as the Goetia. At the time I had no idea what the cool demonic pictures and symbols were, what the weird words meant or anything about the author (Crowley), book and its contents . . . but how I flipped through the pages and stared for days and days at everything until it was confiscated by my mother! The images and the feelings associated with this discovery initiated my interest in all things occult and ultimately led me to where I am today.

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Re: Your Initiation Event
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Thanks for sharing! I'll share mine soon. Excited for this thread


Re: Your Initiation Event
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Age 7 or 8 I developed my fascination for the devil, I started to experiment an opposite angle of my upbringings by literally worshiping the Devil. :D Later on I developed a fascination with the dark aspects of the occult, it was during my trips to the pacific northwest that I would desperately find occult books, it was on that day in oregon that I stumbled on Simons Necrononmicon and the Satanic Bible. I recalled casting a few hexes at my parents without knowing the full consequences of Black Magic, oh yeah my mom of course confiscated the Satanic Bible. It was on that day that I witnessed that Magical act happening to my mother. I couldn't believe it, during that time I had no knowledge on the terms RHP and LHP so I wasn't that familiar with the two paths.

Later on in my high school years I became a member of a couple of online Satanic groups in which one was a different COS not the actual COS, but a LaVeyan COS someone made. I read the Satanic Bible a couple of times during my experiences as a member. It was that I realized that I was a Satanist, from their I read more literature's by the COS. It was which that led me down more to the Path of Darkness and Later through my explorations with Sinisterism and the O.S.

(Btw for those that may mis assume Sinisterism being in connection with the ONA, that is not true. This is a word that was coined by an individual-

You can find more videos on the subject.)
"To achieve Xem, the Setian must perceive what he can of Xem, and must Become that
perception. He must incorporate the knowledge, understanding, and lessons of that perception
into the Setian's being. Remanifesting that ennobled state, the Setian will perceive more of
Xem, and will be able to Xeper further towards Xem. It is only through pursuit of this
repeating cycle of perceive / achieve that the initiate will eventually near and reach Xem"- Ruby Tablet of Set


Re: Your Initiation Event
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I really can't think of a single initiation event for me--even my earliest childhood memories (from when I was younger than 2 years old) seem to be related to this journey I've been on.  (Maybe I was just born this way?)
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I really can't think of a single initiation event for me--even my earliest childhood memories (from when I was younger than 2 years old) seem to be related to this journey I've been on.  (Maybe I was just born this way?)

I can relate to this. Why do some of us pursue answers to mysteries so early on in life? The subjective experience of existence tends to work in tandem with (or sometimes overshadow) objective carnality. But again, why?


Re: Your Initiation Event
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No a single event for me either, but rather steady development. The most significant phase would have been in 2013, though, when I looked into the beliefs behind certain black metal lyrics, thereby binge-reading a lot of anticosmic satanism- and ONA-related material and some setian texts before finding my way to theistic and atheistic satanism and the lhp in general.

Also an important time for me in more general terms, as I was finishing my first university degree, was for the first time dating someone, and got to know the lecturer who would give me my second part-time job.