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my first ever DJ show and a moment of magic
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there was maybe 3 dozen different people I saw, nothing huge, a friend working at the local LGBT center asked me to for their Halloween event.

I posted some photos on my facebook page (have a few more too and video but kept that on my personal page for privacy) but the most interesting one I wanted to show was the one below.

My friend who had me do the DJing asked how i had "lit up" the copy of Simon's Necronomicon and I was dumbfounded, but saw an opportunity and said "black magic!" right as a darn person who had been hanging all day pointed out that the light just lit it up. I was surprised as I had placed the book down long before the main lights went off, let alone before the strobe light came on.

Well lo and behold later when I look at my pictures... indeed whenever it changed from red lights to blue and green, one of the green lights PERFECTLY lit up the sigil. I just put it there with the cobwebs and a couple of other things to complete the spooky look (since the name evokes Lovecraft) for the spooky setlist... little did I know there might of been some form of real, subtle magic going on haha

Admin Note: I fixed the Facebook link, and since the image is a link (rather than an attachment), if you want to see the full-resolution of the image just right-click and select "open in new tab" or whatever. Nice lighting setup @Kapalika. -Onyx
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Re: my first ever DJ show and a moment of magic
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Indeed, magic that really happens often covers its tracks well by offering a mundane explanation of the phenomenon when you later look back for one. It's the order of operations -- want the thing, get the thing, only later explain the thing -- that often differentiates the magical experience from the mundane (want the thing, explain the thing, get the thing) one.