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LHP political systems?
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Are there any non-Right Hand Path political systems or parties? Even historically?


Re: LHP political systems?
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@crossfire makesva good case for feminism based n my past debate that it came up in, how its similar.
 But can politicsreally be rhp or lhp? U dont practice or worship in politics its all theory and policy so assigning either makes no sense to me.

Also this is a can of worms best left unopened lol. Id rather not see this forum devolve into political arguements.
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Re: LHP political systems?
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Are there any non-Right Hand Path political systems or parties? Even historically?


I look at all political ideologies simply as tools. Though, admittedly I lean anarchist/libertarian on most things. I grew up, I don't need government parents.

These are just functionally just other religions... Not a sheep, not interested... When I vote it's because the person happens to be doing what I want. Screw their parties.

I'm a Satanist and left-hand pather in all things. :D


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Re: LHP political systems?
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I know Flowers claimed that the Norse "political system" was LHP, I believe he said it was the only one. Does anyone who knows more about Norse culture know if this is true?

It's not so much a political thread - there's no need to discuss any modern politics in this thread as no modern political systems are LHP.


Re: LHP political systems?
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Are there any non-Right Hand Path political systems or parties? Even historically?
Read the Tao Te Ching ;)
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Re: LHP political systems?
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Politics seem to be an unfortunately necessary system. The faults of "the system" are all human shortcomings and complacency on many; Positive change calls for vigilance, comprehension, and diligence. Most importantly, it calls for compromise and ingenuous dialogue. Really bland way of saying that you need to be the change you want to see. And more than just being a rabble-rouser, educate yourself: don't just read sources that confirm your preexisting notions; challenge your own thoughts with multiple view points and see if your position stands up afterwards. But to the point...

Because LHP can be so varied, a "LHP political system" really comes down to what you hold LHP to be. For me, LHP is the progress and evolution of humanity. In my view, this calls for us to use technology to its utmost to eliminate the need for human labor. We are capable enough at this point to no longer need to have to do menial jobs. Further to that, our use of technology must be as efficient and sustainable as possible. The finite resources we've based our economies on (oil, coal, etc.) took many millions of years to come to be, and we burn through it at an exponentially greater rate each day. What will we do when it runs out? We have the capability to develop and perfect sustainable energy sources for all use-cases.

So you may be thinking "how will anyone survive if all jobs are automated? how will anyone pay for living expenses?" and those are valid questions. Essentially, the entire system of currency needs to be eliminated entirely. In a society where anything that can be automated is automated calls for a lot less work. Universal basic income does answer the question, but that solution is still within the confines of a monetary system. Rather than money being the driving force of an economy, let's use resources as our economy. How can we solve a problem as efficiently as possible? How can we create a tool that can complete a necessary task, using as few resources as necessary, while making the tool last as long as it can? Whereas in a monetary economy, the thought is How can I make a tool as cheaply as possible, that will last long enough for my product to be purchased over my competitor's, but still not last so long that the customer does not need to buy another one? That's not efficiency, that's designed obsolescence. The entirety of Earth needs to change for accommodate this, and a big part of it starts with shedding our petty tribal squabbles.

That's a really simplistic overview of the whole thing. This can give you a much more thorough outline of what I described.

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Re: LHP political systems?
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Libertarianism is more than a list of policy statements or even a political party. It's a complex political philosophy that has evolved over thousands of years of political thought. The foundation of this philosophy is individual freedom.

Freedom is also central to the libertarian approach to economics. A limited government should not interfere with or attempt to influence the economy. The best economy is powered by truly free markets. Individual freedom is the foundation of a successful civil society.

One of the central tenets of libertarianism is the belief in a "natural law" that exists independent of manmade laws. As early as the 6th century B.C., the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu argued, "Without law or compulsion, men would dwell in harmony"

John Locke published his "Second Treatise of Government" in 1690. In it, he argues that the only role of government is to protect our natural rights, namely the rights to "Lives, Liberties, and Estates". Like other early libertarian thinkers, he argued that these natural rights superseded manmade rights and that no ruler or government could seek to remove these "inalienable rights"

The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, can be read as a striking proclamation of the libertarian ideology. In his opening statement, Jefferson argues that the right of the colonies to secede from England are derived from the "Laws of Nature and of Nature's God," a reference to the natural law of classical liberalism. He goes on to write the most famous lines in the birth of a nation:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government..."

As an adherent of the western left hand path, I hold Libertarian philosophy dear to my heart and cannot see how the world can ever live in harmony until Libertarianism is implemented . . . Worldwide!


Re: LHP political systems?
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Are there any non-Right Hand Path political systems or parties? Even historically?


I say this because to pursue the Left Hand means to pursue freedom and power for oneself - not necessarily for others.

Freedom and power for me - not necessarily for you.