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Re: Hate Isn't the way of the Satanist
« Reply #15 on: September 13, 2019, 03:36:30 am »
Be careful . . . you're slipping your Satanism into Luciferianism  :rolleyes:


Re: Hate Isn't the way of the Satanist
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Be careful . . . you're slipping your Satanism into Luciferianism  :rolleyes:

I wrote this two years ago. After all the shit I've seen in the last 9 months I might amend some parts if I were to ever rewrite it or if I had written it now.

But... why not both? Satanism and Luciferianism isn't that terribly different, and I consider myself both.

My religion is Satanism & Kashmir Shaivism via Vāmācāra

"We have none but evidence for the prosecution [against Satan] and yet we have rendered the verdict. To my mind, this is irregular. It is un-English. It is un-American; it is French." ... "We may not pay him reverence, for that would be indiscreet, but we can at least respect his talents." - Mark Twain
"God and the individual are one. To realize this is the essence of Shaivism." - Swami Lakshmanjoo


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Re: Hate Isn't the way of the Satanist
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I don't see why it can't be. Hate is as much a viable part of the human experience as any other. One is free to indulge in it to whatever extent they feel appropriate and for whatever reason they so choose - even for no reason whatsoever.

Once one begins blotting-out the unsavory aspects of the human condition in such a no true scottsman type a manner as this, one treads precariously close to issuing statements of moralizing dogma that stands in direct contradiction with the world - the reality - we live in as-is.

And what is Satanism if not direct confrontation with the desert of the real?


Re: Hate Isn't the way of the Satanist
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if a person always causes you trouble, instead of hating them, just stay away from and forget about them, you don't need that kind of person in your life and having someone like that in your life can cause you to be distracted. you can hate this person, and it might be a good thing if the hate is tampered by logic and reason since it can help separate you from that person and thus allowing you to recognize good people from bad people. but constantly hating the people who cause you trouble wont help you achieve your goals since your attention is focused on those people and not on your goals. therefore, there is no long term benefits for hate and it should not be used as a way of life.

love, should be given to people who deserve it. people who deserve love are people that help you and want you to succeed, and bring you happiness. people who cause you trouble don't deserve love, unless they make honest efforts to change. however, this doesn't mean that you should treat everyone that you don't know with hatred and disrespect because by doing so, it prevents you from making friends and takes away good opportunities to learn other people's understanding of the world. as a result, your own understandings and worldviews become limited and narrower.
but you shouldn't try to love everyone simply because there are a lot of people and trying to love everyone is a lifelong process and all that effort and energy is best spent on achieving your goals.

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Re: Hate Isn't the way of the Satanist
« Reply #19 on: September 23, 2019, 01:59:04 am »
I try to put less effort into hate these days, and more into separating myself from things I disliked. Hate is exhausting. Mostly I think I hate ideas these days, or behaviors, but less so people themselves.

"Do not try to make the sun rise by self-sacrifice,  but wait in confidence for the dawn, and enjoy the pleasure of the night."
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