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Early version cosmological map
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So I took a break from my Tree of Life project and kind on “flow-of-consciousness” but this together. It starts, of course, with the individual Self, the individual Form, what Dr. Michael A. Aquino has come to call the Mindstar. This is the isolate inner-point of consciousness all sentient life seems to have (unless we assume no other being are conscious themselves. This is not the same as Descartes famously saying “I think therefore I am.” Indeed, Descartes only needed to stop at “I,” with the self-recognition, with existence being an entirely new category of discussion. You do not have to actively be thinking to exist, and self-existence is one of the axioms of all reasoning and fact.

Surrounding this Self is the subjective universe, where the individual self resides, exists, grows, plays, and so forth. It is your favorite color or feeling, why symbol has a positive effect on you that may be negative towards another, all introspection, metacognition, free will come from within this subjective universe (SU).

There are several spheres the SU connects with. First I have labeled “Personal Afterlife,” which is a common idea in the Western Esoteric Left Hand Path tradition. There is not some shared, submissive heaven nor hell for us, no non-existence either. It is possible that all afterlives are personal, subjective, self-created existences, which put much concern on those who believe they are unworthy of their desired afterlife, or hope/expect oblivion upon death. That is for another topic though.

The SU connects to the conscious mind and its contents, including qualia, subjective experience, emotions, etc. and so on. These things are directly tied to the SU, they have no place external of the mind of the individual, no outside individuals are capable of accessing this inner consciousness. But if course consciousness is only one side of the SU, the other being the subconscious. For now, we will take the road of the physical side and follow it that way. The subconscious is part of the SU but separate from the mind, as the mind can become aware of and overcome these dispositions. It is from the functioning of the physical universe that we end up with biological predisposition and a subconscious that mainly controls us. In this sense, the SU is split between the Physical and Non-Physical universes (below).

On the non-physical side of the SU we have the aforementioned consciousness mind, and along with it all of the non-physical universe. This includes things like our minds and emotions, our SU and our Mindstar. Like the SU, the Objective Universe (OU) is split between the physical and the non-physical. Things like Math, Natural Law, the Forms, all these things belong to the non-physical aspects of the universe. Their manifestations, like shapes, sciences, physical activity, the ability to gain empirical evidence, all exist within the proper physical universe.

We have discussed that religions based on the Self and SU have a personal afterlife (if one at all), one where the initiate becomes a type of God within their own world to create and experience in joy. This is done through strengthening the non-physical aspects of the human being over the physical aspects of human beings. Religions of Sin or Dissolution may be true in part, and they end with either grace/suffering or reincarnation/nirvana. They believe that their conscious experience is an illusion, is somehow negative, that it needs to be submitted to a greater god. Obviously within the physicalism aspects of this map, there is no afterlife but non-existence.
What we see is a complex connection of ideas that helps illustrate the relationships between these complicated topics. The more we understand them and refine them the more useful it may become.