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Good Omens
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Anybody else enjoying the mini-series that Amazon made out of Pratchett and Gaiman's Good Omens? Both authors' individual works have shaped my primary interpretation of deity personifications as bound to individual cultures in a form that Chaos Magic/k practitioners might describe as a sophisticated egregore.

The portrayal of the differences between the main characters and their "employers" feels to me like anti-brainwashing material of similar potency to what I imagine modern Satanism had against Christianity in its original context.


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I binge-read the book like a year ago.

From Terry Prachett I read tons of books in my teens, and they likely had an influence on my later thoughts on spirituality, even though I purely took them as fiction during that time.
From Neil Gaiman I only read American Gods, when I was too young to understand it.


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Loved it.




Stayed true to the comic book trope (which, come to think of it, Neil Gaiman helped establish, along with Garth Ennis and Alan Moore and the rest of the Vertigo cohort) that neither heaven nor hell has humanity's best interests at heart. Humans are just pawns in a cosmic struggle that isn't good versus evil but, rather, just mindless competition for its own sake. Back in the 90s this notion was radical for comic books. Now it's mainstream. I got a kick out of watching it play out on my TV screen.


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Somewhat off topic, but I loved Gaiman's Sandman series...