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Another great Stanisław Przybyszewski quote
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"Satan was what was positive, the e ternal in and of itself. He was the God of the brain; he governed the immeasurable realm of thoughts, which continually overthrew the law and shattered its tablets; he excited the curiosity to explain hidden things, to interpret the runes of the night; he gave the criminal courage to destroy the happiness of many thousands of people in order that something new might arise; he spurred on evil desires that rooted up the earth in a voracious appetite for new conditions of existence, moved  the most remote distances closer, dragged heaven down to earth and shook earthly kingdoms like dice.

Persecuted, destroyed, he always emerged anew from his own ashes more powerful and more beautiful than before, and as the eternally conquered, still remained the eternal conqueror. A thousand times the church believed it had destroyed him, and in so doing was itself Satanized and degraded—ruined in its head and limbs.

For Satan was the eternally evil; and the eternally evil was life.

Everything which originated in greatness originated contrary to the good God’s law as a raging negation of negation. The defiance of e pur si muove (“that which moves”) was evil, the curiosity that drove Columbus to unknown lands was evil, the mother of the chemical sciences was evil, and all misfortune were ascribed to the viewing of the stars—bad weather, widespread death, and famine.

Good was the pride of Gregory the Great who boasted of his own shameless stupidity and even forbade the study of grammar to the clerics. Good was the charming simplicity of St. Francis of Assisi, who all day long would imitate the braying of the donkeys that stood around the manger of the Savior—ad maiorem Dei gloriam (to the greater glory of God). Good was man’s killing of his own will in each and every tiny action to the point of life being merely a stupid Imitatio (imitation)."

- Stanisław Przybyszewski, Synagogue of Satan


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Thinking for oneself has always been the greatest sin in the eyes of orthodoxy.