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Grounding poem
« on: August 16, 2019, 04:15:52 am »
I often produce ideas through automatic writing, they form metaphors that I use in my work in various places. Here is a little application of this method  :mrgreen:


 For there is no enemy, but a collective adversary by mine own perception. For as I war in the night with the ancient serpent, Set laughs brilliantly against the night.

 To rebel is to live, to destroy make anew, and to protect to let grow, preceding death. Then dreams. We sleep in permeance, perspective.

This formed an image in my mind, unsurprisingly because I have been drawing it a lot as I work through Apophis. It is of the w3s rising to confront a serpent, an image that can be attributed many additional meanings.

 I originally did all this in my journal and I changed some of the words to better represent my thinking while I was doing the thing. I will attach the writing along with the doodle and the symbols that arose. As so far as my location, I got IO = I AM.  It arose into being through the ouroboro, IO.

Just sharing for anyone interested, I would love to discuss comparable experiences  :thumbsup:

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Re: Grounding poem
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And a digital version, just because I had the assets already.

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Re: Grounding poem
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A word on relevance,

Journaling is part of my daily practice, consisting of a shower, little yoga while listening to something relaxing (today it was Traust - Heilung), no more than 10 minutes of zazen (or sitting on the floor), and then a journal entry. From there I draw or go to sleep. Daily routine gives me a chance to Express the stress of the day in focus and preparation for death/sleep. This routine grounding also allows for thoughts to be revisited in the future, after my thinking has been shifted to a different perspective.  Hope that helps!