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To which of the many things discussed above do you here refer? (yes, there's a level on which it doesn't matter, but then again there are also levels on which knowing which you meant might allow others to derive some extra meaning from your post)

In fairness, I was gaming with my words a bit. :D

Unfortunately, this is one of the cases where one has to determine the relevance of the information by themselves. We can talk, but it's about doing things, exploring, and validating those experiences through patterns. Without that, it's speculation of the worst kind. Mostly, that was the point of my initial comments, but I was trying to throw a few breadcrumbs out. :D

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Re: Do you believe in spirits?
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This is something I've been speculating a bit for quite a while myself. Here's a couple of my theories:

It's possible that the disembodied spirits (life-forces, Kia, whatever one wants to call them...) of the dead continue to exist in our realm on a non-physical level. I have thought for some time now that 'demons' (as defined by RHP religions) are, in fact, merely the restless spirits of the wicked dead; these personalities may sometimes inhabit or possess the living, or cause a ruckuss in the physical realm (i.e., poltergeist/paranormal activity) depending on the strength/ability they have somehow acquired, longevity of existence, etc.

These may be classified as benevolent, neutral, and malevolent, depending on the character of the person in question, the way they lived their lives. Furthermore, depending on reincarnation, any of these may only be around for a certain time before deciding to reincarnate, either here or elsewhere in the universe and/or dimensional system (whatever it may be).

Now... it could also be that none of the above is true. These phenomena could also be the result of collective energy expended in the creation of thoughtforms, or shadow-impressions left by the electro-magnetic expenditure of an individual, or group of individuals, which are then picked up by others who are sensitive enough to detect them somehow. These could be created both intentionally, as well as unintentionally.

And... it could be that the entire phenomenon is a result of some of both of these ideas. In the end, I have no idea. We just go with what makes sense to us, depending on the experiences we have, using that as a springboard to speculate from. 


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i believe there is a possibility for there existence. i think it goes back to the problems of mind and body. if mind and consciousness can exist without the body, then i would say spirits exist. Or if there are many different types of consciousnesses, then there could be consciousnesses that exist without a body, some that need a body, etc. we need to be careful not to assume too early that all types of consciousnesses are the same, sense humans are, in many ways, different than other living things. the human consciousness is altered by brain states and at the same time, brain states can be altered by consciousness. lobotomies, brain damage, and drunkenness all show brain states altering conscious states while the placebo/nocebo effect, hypnosis, etc. show consciousness, at least human consciousness, altering brain states. thus, consciousness and brain are, or seem to be, interdependent; one can't survive without the other. therefore, i am becoming more convinced of a neutral monism, which is a type of monism that says that the underlying essence of reality is neither physical nor mental, but some other material that gives rise to both physical and mental phenomena. if this is true, then i suppose a human spirit, would be this neutral stuff, which is neither physical nor mental, that is left over after the body is dead. this, so far, is the best argument (well, good enough for me at least) for the existence, or possible existence, of spirits and an afterlife unless there is good reason to suggest otherwise. i am not sure that human spirits would be self aware if neutral monism is true since being self aware would mean that consciousness would still be retained up to a point. if there are types of consciousnesses that don't need a brain to exist, then not all mental phenomena need not be dependent on the physical. i think one would be most benefited in understanding the nature of the spirit world by first studying the interaction of the mind and body, the problems that this interaction raises, and how various philosophers, scientists, etc. tried to solve those problems.
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