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Recommended LHP Reading
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Just a heads up, I only recommend what I personally have read. I also recommend starting with this free PDF: Black Magic 101: History, Definitions, Metaphysics, Science, Ethics, Risks, and Applications by Order of the Serpent: . Looks at all the mentioned topics and provides an in-depth but 101 intro to ritual Greater Black Magic.


- The Satanic Bible 50th Anniversary ReVision by Dr. Michael Aquino: a comprehensive and in-depth guide into Aquino’s philosophy, truly a Magnum Opus. It is great to see Aquino, former second in command of the Church of Satan, returning to his Theistic Satanic roots. Also include The Diabolicon in its entirety.

- The Satanic Rituals by Anton LaVey and Dr. Michael Aquino: an introduction into Satanic Greater Black Magic from the pre-75 Church of Satan. Includes both essays and rituals.

- The writings of Diane Vera: one of the main pioneers of theistic Satanism from the expansion of the internet to now.

- The writings of Venus Satanus: another famous Satanist who helped spread knowledge of esoteric Satanism through the explosion of the internet.

- Synagogue of Satan by Stansislaw P.: possibly the first codified Satanic text; presents a comprehensive duo-theistic Satanic world view.

- The Diabolicon by Dr. Michael Aquino: a LHP take on paradise lost which was also an inspired writing written during the Vietnam War, this gives Satan and his companions’ side of the story and coined the usage of the term “Black Flame”.


- The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey: the standard staring text for atheistic Satanism, despite only being a partially original work its impact on Satanism and the LHP today is extensive.

- Church of Satan v I and II by Dr. Michael Aquino: the former CoS second in command dives into the history of the esoteric Church of Satan days before 1975.

- The Satanic Scriptures by Peter Gilmore: essays by the Church of Satan High Priest Peter Gilmore.

- The Satanic Witch by Anton LaVey: an introduction to Satanic Lesser Black Magic.


- Mindstar by Dr. Michael Aquino: which is an introduction to his take on Setian philosophy.

- Ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends by Spence: a guide to the beliefs and stories of Ancient Egypt.

- Behold: The Prince of Darkness, a complete introduction to Setian religion by Ryan Scott (me): a full introduction to the beliefs, history, and support for Setian religion, as well as comparisons to similar religions and an investigation of Set in the pyramid texts.

- Temple of Set v I and II by Dr. Michael Aquino: looks at the history of the ToS and contains an amazing and extensive appendix of ToS writings.

- Images of Set by Joan Lansberry: beautiful recreations of images of Set from history with explanations of his true nature outside of the Osirian / Solar mythologies. 

- Mysteries of the Temple of Set by Don Webb: a former ToS High Priest explains the basics of the Temple.

- Set the Outsider by Don Webb and Judith Paige: includes many articles from numerous authors on the true nature of Set in Egyptian religion.

- Overthrowing the Old Gods by Don Webb: Webb’s and Aquino’s commentaries on Crowley’s Book of the Law, plus more essays.


- Cain: A Mystery by Lord Byron: a closet play in which Cain and Lucifer travel the cosmos and discuss metaphysics.

- The Works of Michael W. Ford: a massive collection that inspires both theistic and atheistic Luciferianism. Ford does not cater to others and has an interesting way of using obscure mixes to create new LHP mythology.

- The Works of Jeremy Crow: probably the biggest name in Luciferianism today.

- Book of Mephisto by Asenath Mason: presents a “Faustian Tradition” of Black Magic rooted in the Faust myth of Mephistopheles.


- Apophis Special Edition by Michael Kelley: includes the titled text and several of his others, and presents a full guide to his Draconian Tradition.

- Dragon Book of Essex by Andrew Chumbley: a full ritual book of Draconian magic and an entire new initiatory system of 14 points known as the “Crooked Path”.

- Liber Isfer by ???: Draconian magic for those who still identify with Set.


- The Dark Lord by Peter Levenda: clearly explains the ideas of Kenneth Grant and the Typhonian Tradition, as well as their connection to the works of H. P. Lovecraft.

- The Works of H.P. Lovecraft: works of science/horror-fiction which greatly inspired Kenneth Grant and has interesting connections to the works of Crowley (see: The Dark Lord by Levenda)

- Seven Faces of Darkness: Practical Typhonian Magic by Don Webb: this former High Priest of the Temple of Set investigates the role Set played in the Greek Magical Papyri as Typhon, and provides a great amount of ritual work.

- Stairway to Heaven by Peter Levenda: explains and investigates ascension mythology throughout history and in the modern western tradition.


- Fire and Ice by Dr. Stephen Flowers: looks at the works of the Brotherhood of Saturn which was formerly a pre-LaVeyan Satanic order.

- Black Runa by Dr. Stephen Flowers: looks at the Germanic tradition, the myth of the Holy Grail, and the LHP nature of Odin as a Prince of Darkness.


- The Devil’s Party Satanism and Modernity by Faxneld and Petersen: an objective look into the history of Scandinavian Satanism before LaVey, the Satanism of LaVey, as well as Setianism, Luciferianism, and the Sinister Tradition. 

- In Pursuit of Satan, the Police and the Occult by Hicks: with the help of Zeena LaVey this book investigates the justice system during the Satanic Panic.

- The Invension of Satanism by Dyrendal, Lewis, and Petersen: an academic look into modern Satanism and Satanic identities, which includes 3 massive studies on the latter.

- Seth: God of Confusion by Herman Te Velde: the most famous and in-depth investigation into Set in academia. Can be found with google without paying $1,000.

- Lords of the Left Hand Path by Dr. Stephen Flowers: explains the entire history of the LHP tradition across the globe.

- The Sky Religion in Egypt: Its Antiquity and Effects by G.A. Wainwright: likely the best insight into the pre-historic stellar tradition in Egypt and Africa.

- The Constellations of Ancient Egypt by Lull and Belmonte: how the Egyptians saw the night sky and stars still greatly inspires the LHP even until today.
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Re: Recommended LHP Reading
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- The Book of Sitra Achra by N.A-A.218: Explains ToTBL theology and goes in depth with each Qlippah.

QLIPHOTIC THELEMA? (i really don't fucking know what to call it)

- The Nightside of Eden by Kenneth Grant: Again, explains the Qliphoth, but watch out, there are a lot of numbers. As a member several(?) Thelemic organizations he talks about the Tree from the Thelemic perspective.


- Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic magic by Thomas Karlsson: The title pretty much sums up everything
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Re: Recommended LHP Reading
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Are the readings listed in any particular order, or is it listed in the order you thought of them?


Re: Recommended LHP Reading
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For me it's random. Although if you are interested in Qliphoth maybe it's best to read those 3 books from the bottom.
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Re: Recommended LHP Reading
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Just order I thought of them sorted by tradition. Ordering them is a good idea I may act on soon.