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Hey everybody!
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Hello everybody!
My name is Philip and I'm here to explore more
about LHP.
One of my bigger hobbies include exploring and researching various religious and non-religious organisations, sects, cults and all the other wonderful names of such group of people.
Something has always drawn me to the more occult stuff, since I guess experiences I had in my childhood, really lead me to believe that there is something more to it.
Thus I began reseaeching about occult practises and well, I stumbled upon the LHP.
I think I talked enough, again, hello to all  :mrgreen:


Re: Hey everybody!
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Greetings Phillip and welcome :), I am curious since you mentioned your research of cults and various religions.

What would you say about Scientology and Setian Philosophy? Would you find them to be a bit Related to each other?

I used to be involved in Scientology, and when I studied the TOS I noticed a few similarities between the two.

Sorry if it seems that I am going a bit hard on this, but I want to here your opinions on this, as I've had an interest with the comparisons of the two.
"Our collective ambition is that the membership of the Order of the Serpent also serves as guardians of the Black Flame and collaborates with the Prince of Darkness in the Infernal Mandate of re-creating the Cosmos in the eternal glory of the Setian Will!"-Setamontet


Re: Hey everybody!
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Thank you! :)
Yes, I researched Scientology and it was quite interesting to me, I must say.
All of this Thetan levels, that weird meter thingy, all of those audit sessions, Sea-org..
But still, even with the theory that interested me and that mood measuring stuff that had some sense, it really is a red alert for me when you have to spend huge amounts of money and if you were to go to sea-org, you have to sign that billion-year contract, if I remember correctly.
On the other side of your question, we have Setians.
I didn't explore them much to be honest, but the degree levels remind me of the Scientology Thetan levels a bit.
Also as I researched, we have more of the self-deification in Sethism, while in Scientology, Auditors have to 'cleanse' us with the use of that meter and carefully prepared exercises and such.

When I look at it now, they really start to sound like they have some connection or things in familiar.
But, even if they do, TOS is much better at laying them low & having atleast better reputation than Scientology has worldwide.