Author Topic: Anton LaVey calls "niggers, kikes, whops, degenerates" etc inferior (2:45)  (Read 1936 times)

Etu Malku

Do you laugh because you disagree or because I'm Captain Obvious?
Because I disagree . . . while a Satanic or LHP rite was not invented by LaVey, he along with is cohorts such as Michael Aquino certainly advanced them.


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True, and I think there's actually some immaturity in those now that I think of it. There's a fine line between blasphemy and immaturity to be sure, and I think it has to do with time. A "Black Magus" should have moved past it, like Aquino latter did.


Dress in black, burn candles, through slanders, wish for destruction upon those you’ve slandered and exalt a Satan that you don’t believe in...

Shittiest Atheist club ever!!!   :facepalm:
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Ya I don't really see in the context how he's talking about breaking free of stereotypes. If that was his intent the language didn't make that clear. Shock can be used to great effect in the LHP but the framing of it is what matters.

Also to Etu's contact that says the knew LaVey, I'm suprised that they claim he never said anything classist since LaVey's dogma is based largely on Ayn Rand, and he also advocated for social stratification and eugenics in the pentagontal revisionism. Ya, I know he said it was based on a meritocracy but most proposed systems of that invariably fall to nepotism and oilarchy. His idea of eugenics didn't make sense either since two talented people choosing to have kids doesn't really mean their kids  will be talented. Talent is kind of a myth anyways. Early exposure to the arts is a thing, but really any skill is learned it';s just early exposure makes it easier hence kids of skillful people (say musicians) who are nurtured themselves learn skills.

Anyways my point is, I thought classism was inherent in LaVeyan Satanism, hence them being proclaimed elitists.

Hey all! I can’t get over the fact that his words could almost sound like a sermon you may hear at the Westboro Baptist Church but with Satan in place of god. What is the point of being your own god if the god you become is the same oppressor and bigot as the god you’ve denounced, but dressed in black and with horns? :rolleyes:

Well damn that's a lot more concise than I could of put it.

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Imagine that, video removed.


Imagine that, video removed.

I noticed that yesterday when I was attempting to show it to an associate of mine. Can’t say that I am surprised.

Something else that I noticed in that ritual itself was that it lacked any real presence, save the childish insults bit. My thoughts immediately went to the notion that this is what happens when you kick the Dark Prince(ss) out of their own home, and attempt to do a ritual from an “it’s just psychodrama” gobbledygook point-of-view; emptiness.

Well, enough babbling from me for now hahaha
“We might never rid ourselves of a lingering anxiety regarding our death; this is a kind of tax we pay in return for self-awareness” –Derren Brown


Imagine that, video removed.

COS is probably doing anything they could to bury the past. I am surprised that they still kept a record of Herbert Arthur Sloanne from "Our Lady of Endor Coven" who was a COS church member. Sorry if I went off subject on that.

I am staying neutral here on this thread understanding the different sides coming forth. I am not necessarily big that much focusing on the past, that's why it took a while for me going through this thread. :mrgreen:
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