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Banishing spell
« on: May 22, 2019, 01:47:07 am »
So, even though I'm following the RHP again, on a spiritual level (not really ''religious'' per se)...I decided to cast a spell of sorts tonight. This would be my second one ever. The first one, happened last year. I believe I shared it here.

Well, it's one that I like, it's quite easy, and very VERY helpful. It is a banishing spell, and because I believe in God, I pray before I perform the ''visual.'' So I asked for guidance and protection from this person at work (it's always someone I work with, what is it with so many assholes that we have to encounter at work?) I wrote his name on a piece of paper, and lit it on fire. Let the ashes fall into a bowl. You're not supposed to empty the ashes in a garbage can on your property, so I walked down the street and dumped the ashes in a bush. One of my neighbors was watching. lol

I haven't felt comfortable doing any spells since last year, that very first time. But, I tend to view some spells as mere visuals to coincide with affirmations or prayers.

Anyways, just sharing here. I felt very stirred up when I did this earlier, same feeling I had as last year, but now, I feel calm. As if I've released this problem to God. Mind you, I didn't need a visual, but I find that some of the visuals mentioned in spells can be helpful.

I've read about spells in general, that if our heart isn't in the ''right'' place, then the energy that we put out, can turn on us. (thus the reason the ashes need to be dumped off of your property)

Has anyone here tried a banishing spell/affirmation? What has been your results?

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