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Hello. I am Mistakes, a woman in my mid thirties. I am pretty new to this so I don't have much to say yet. I am just here to learn from more-or-less like-minded people, and make up my own opinions from there.

From what I have seen so far, Luciferianism appears to align with the conclusions I have already drawn for myself so I'd like to start there. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.


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Welcome to the forum. 8)


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Greetings and welcome!
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Thank you both. For now I have a lot of reading and thinking to do, but I will likely return to ask questions once that phase is done. For now, I am enjoying reading The Imperishable Star, the forums and other resources on this site. I had always thought logic and discussions about gods were mutually exclusive, but it feels good to be proven wrong!  :mrgreen:


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Welcome to the OSS forum. Don’t hesitate to ask question.
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Welcome, we're glad to have you. Feel free to message me if you need help with anything. I'm sure the same goes for the others  :D