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To ban or not to ban
« on: April 13, 2019, 03:38:10 pm »
A couple days ago, we had a new user who is far-right, has a problem with LGBT-people, non-whites, etc. and stated that in the thread "Get to know you questions - philosophy edition" under the proper questions, after having left some other unrelated comments.
He was banned for it - which according to our current rules is right and fair.

I had expected that to happen, and I do detest his opinions, but I still kinda had hoped that we allow him to stay in order to make it possible to show him potential flaws in his perspective, instead of showing him the door immediately.

@Xepera maSet then invited me to start a thread to elaborate a bit more on this and to discuss it further.

Well, I am not opposed to banning people that obviously have no interest in discussing their viewpoints and interacting with this community in a fruitful manner.
If someone insults other users or spams and doesn't stop after being warned, they don't fit here and should be forced to leave.

However, freedom of speech seems like an important value of this more tolerant path we all are treating here, and furthermore I think it is a virtue to help others see the light of understanding. And also we ourselves can probably learn from such discussions.

Some people are incapable of learning, but we should not decide that too early in my opinion - especially since shunning them will then only make them feel validated in their worldview.

What are your opinions on these matters?

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Re: To ban or not to ban
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When I venture into any number of Abrahamic forums to 'correct' someone's misunderstanding about something (lol), I always hope that my views and opinions will be taken for what they are and challenged intelligently. Unfortunately, that rarely if ever has happened simply because they prefer to rebury their heads back in the sand and label me as doing the work of Satan or Iblis or whatever other devilish confabulation they adhere to.

I would like to NOT see this forum go that direction. However, breaking rules regarding ethics, tolerance, and politeness must be adhered to by EVERYONE, no exceptions.


Re: To ban or not to ban
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Looking at the thread in question:  there is only a remnant of what this person posted which was quoted by others:

"What makes you angry: > Stupid people, religion, science, Black people, Arabs, Latin Americans, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, homosexuals, liberals, transsexuals, feminists, Leftists.

Should we ever use weapons of mass destruction: > Yes, against the following: The Islamosphere, Africa, South America, Central America, India, Southeast Asia.

Well, this person obviously wouldn't be happy here, and would probably get quite angry here, so I have no problem with the administration showing him the door.
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Re: To ban or not to ban
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there is only a remnant of what this person posted which was quoted by others

I also remember him saying how art is stupid and pointless, just like fiction. I think that in the part about politics he stated obvious Nazism. And I'm deeply disappointed that I don't remember what he said about free speech. He also stated in pretty much every philosophical/psychological question that it's stupid.
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Re: To ban or not to ban
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If they are calling for genocide they are probably too far over the edge to "show the error of their ways".

Ya they wouldn't of been happy here, to my knowledge we have at least 9 out of 13 of those things that make him angry as regular posters.

I mean, religion is kind of what this board is about, albiet LHP religion but still... I think the guy was probably just a troll looking for reactions TBH which probably had a lot to do with the decision.

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Re: To ban or not to ban
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Thanks for your replies!

I agree, in the case in question it is very unlikely that this would have ended well.
He didn't seem to be a troll, though, from what I remember from his other comments.

Just, in general I would suggest us to wait a bit and send out a warning or two before banning.

But perhaps I'm just seeking some drama xD I'm a bit pampered I guess, I don't ever encounter people stating any of those intolerant opinions of his in real life.