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Unifying the three aeons.
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A while back when the Order was put in place including this community, it was my decision to evolve this Order Magically.  It was during the time at night I felt a feeling from the Prince of Darkness which lead me to perform this rite of mine privately.  I was originally unsure about contributing this rite to the Order in general over possible concerns of backlashes, but knowing that this community is friendly I have decided to contribute this rite publicly to the founders and to other individuals and members that are involved with the community as well.

Unifying the three aeons.

                 The first aeon, Age of Satan uttered by Dr. LaVey calls for indulgence by Satan himself.  The second aeon of Set uttered by Dr. Aquino= Xeper= I have come into being.  This third aeon has not been uttered by me but by the Prince of Darkness the creator himself.  The utterance of this aeon= Darkness= Strength and the unknown.  As I have been chosen as the Second Infernal mandate of my own true destiny I call to unify those three aeons by casting them forth upon this Universe.  The Age of Satan and the Aeon of Set including this new aeon exists.  Together For the utterance of Indulgence has never been cast away.  The utterance of Xeper has never been cast away.  I realize that their have been many other aeons among the time period other than these current aeons that both organizations including myself in general hold.  My current aeon the utterance of Darkness will never be cast away.  I unify the Age of Satan uttered by the Church Of Satan.  I unify the Advancement of the utterance of the Aeon of Set, Xeper brought by the Temple of Set.  I unify the current utterance of Darkness as an aeon brought by the Prince of Darkness himself.  The very utterance has been given to me as an initiate of The Order Of The Serpent.  I unify this Order magically as a friend to The Temple of Set and The Church Of Satan.  The utterance of Darkness is an aeon but separate from the Order of the Serpent.  For this utterance has been invoked within my being and my consciousness. I hail the Dark Lord, I hail Dr. LaVey and the Age of Satan, I hail Dr. Aquino for his utterance of Xeper of the Aeon of Set, I hail the Order of the Serpent as the very future advancement for the next utterance and the aeon to come.  I hail the aeon of Darkness given to me consciously by the Prince of Darkness himself.  I cast forth in unification of the Time periods.  I cast forth my Infernal reverence for the Advancement of the Path of Individuality and human Esotericism to the Order of the Serpent.

So it is Done!

End of Rite.
"Our collective ambition is that the membership of the Order of the Serpent also serves as guardians of the Black Flame and collaborates with the Prince of Darkness in the Infernal Mandate of re-creating the Cosmos in the eternal glory of the Setian Will!"-Setamontet