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Brief Introduction to Satanism
« on: November 15, 2017, 07:37:00 am »
Satanism is the most complex of the Left-Hand Paths, for it is the most diverse, controversial, and popular of them all. Satanism can range from the symbolic Church of Satan and the Satanic Temple activists, to violent and feared groups like the Sinister Tradition and Acosmic Satanism. The main characteristics of Satanism tend to be: extreme individuality, social darwinism, the violation of social norms (heterodoxy), openly identifying oneself as a Satanist, and more.

The Church of Satan tends to be the main face of Satanism, and believes in a type of atheistic hedonism. The CoS is strictly against the idea that any gods may exist, and believe that the material body and this life are all there is. Earthly pleasures should be indulged in so long as everyone is consenting.

The Satanic Temple is a political activist group that fights for separation of church and state by introducing Satanic programs to governments. They tried to put up a Baphomet statue next to a Ten Commandments one, introduced an After School Satan program, had billboards put up against corporal punishment in Texas, and much more.

Theistic or Spiritual Satanism comes in many variations. Satan can either be one of many gods or the “true” god, and can take several forms. These can range from a Lucifer or general pagan-like deities, to the darker gods of the Eastern Left-Hand Path.

The Sinister Tradition deserves special mention for their extremist beliefs up to and including human sacrifice. The vast majority of Left-Hand Path organizations are opposed to the ideology and morality of all forms of the Sinister Tradition, including the Order of the Serpent.
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