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LaVey loving both dogma AND nature
« on: April 21, 2019, 03:41:05 am »
In the Satanic Bible, LaVey says:

"Man needs ritual and dogma... Satanism has both ceremony and dogma. Dogma, as will be explained, is necessary... There is nothing wrong with dogma, providing it is not based on ideas and actions which go completely against human nature."

I don't see how there's any question on if L.Satanism is RHP or LHP. Dogma and adherence to nature, those are pretty defining traits.


Re: LaVey loving both dogma AND nature
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To be honest LHP and RHP definitions are pretty vague. One may say it's either about shunning or glorifying the fall. Other may say it's about using black or white magic. It might would make more sense if he used "doctrine" instead of "dogma", but who am I to judge. LaVey was goofy as fucking, but after watching that interview on Jon Pine Show he seems like a good man. His writings might have contradictions and probably are plagiarized but I mostly blame todays CoS and its members for making CoS look like a bunch of edgelord teens. LaVey was nonetheless a good start for an occult journey.
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Re: LaVey loving both dogma AND nature
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What's inherently wrong with nature, or even specifically human nature? I've always seen the shunning of nature as a Christian thing. They say that nature is "fallen" due to sin and therefore undesirable and corrupt. Satanism takes the stance that "sin" and the natural world are not inherently evil or "fallen".

I mean, Satanism without veneration of at least the nature of the self... doesn't make sense to me. That's kind of one of the defining features.

Also @Inlustratus touched on this but Left Hand Path doesn't have one monolithic "true" definition of form (not even in Tantra or Sanskrit)... one might say that to try to make it so would be dogmatic. Thinking about it, doctrine probably would be a better word than "dogma" here but it seems the modern CoS has taken the "dogma" stance to heart, literally xD
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Re: LaVey loving both dogma AND nature
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I personally gloss RHP as the desire to subsume oneself within a higher power, and LHP as a desire to become a higher power. More poetically, though less rigorously, RHP could be called the desire to change the self to conform with the order of the world, and LHP the desire to change that worldly order to conform with the self. There are as many LHPs as practitioners, but most RHPs are relatively close cousins to one another.

What forbids one from venerating the self as the epitome of natural progress? It seems to me that such a position would be consistent with most definitions of LHP, and agreeing with nature as an afterthought to strengthen the core argument of personal importance.