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Etu Malku

This morning a question was posed on a religious forum I frequent. Here is my reply.

Have you ever been contacted by what you consider to be a God I do not only speak about a Christian god here, If you in your view do feel it has been a God(or similar) who contacted you, my question is.

In what way did you get contacted ?
Did you hear a voice?
Did you see something or someone?

My Reply:
Being of the western left hand path I do not believe in any god other than my greater self/godself. What we as a whole work towards, is opening a clear line of communication between our lesser self and our greater self, emulating this greater self in time.

That said;
I believe I am in contact with my god.
The processes involved with connecting are very complex and many, it would be difficult to even begin to explain them here. Simply put, through various forms of spiritual alchemy and individuation we are able to experience our greater self and thus to know our godself.
Hearing voices and/or seeing religious/spiritual things has been explained neurologically. We are not interested in these objective trappings, rather we connect through thought and imagination (subjective universes).


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Re: Have you ever been contacted by what you consider to be (a) God?
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Absolutely, I've had contact with numerous entities, most repeatedly/vividly Set, Thoth, Ra, Baphomet, Mephistopheles.


Re: Have you ever been contacted by what you consider to be (a) God?
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Interesting question.

I don't claim to know whether any god or gods "external" to myself exist. I've never gotten anything that I would consider intentional contact from such an entity. The closest thing I've encountered is that sometimes an animal will do something unusually chill and I'll be like "huh, if the forces of Nature wanted to say hi, that would be a way they could do it". But Occam would maintain that being unusually chill to humans has likely been advantageous to the animals and their ancestors in the past.

Internally, however, I have a set of experiences that barely fit into the language I use within my own thoughts, and absolutely don't fit into the language that I use to get ideas across to other people. The closest I can get to describing my experience that might answer your question is to say that if "I" am a player-character in a video game, there appears to be a "bigger I" analogous to the player controlling and/or watching that character. This analogy holds up for the fact that nothing rules out the bigger-I playing other characters simultaneously, even in the same game, and I as the character can influence the player's thoughts and feelings. I suspect, but cannot prove, that this bigger-I has a lot in common with what people talk about when they refer to gods.

The processes involved with connecting are very complex and many, it would be difficult to even begin to explain them here

I agree! I recognize that all attempts to describe these mechanisms necessarily sound insane, but since I've already outed myself here as someone who says crazy-sounding things, I shall give it a try:

I don't think that this bigger-I has tried to initiate sending me any special messages, but I have sought it out and pestered it with questions occasionally.  I didn't get any new information out of that interaction, but I did end up with some rearrangements of old information and ideas.

To describe the actual nature of the interaction, I must resort to another metaphor. Pick a pair of human and animal who you've seen working really well together. A cowboy and their horse, a shepherd and their herding dog, whatever. Then imagine that the animal got curious and figured out a way to telepathically "talk" to the human and ask them questions. The questions that seem pressing to the animal seem mundane to the human, like "what am I for? why do you have me? where do you go when we aren't working together?". So the human tries to answer and they use some words and concepts that the animal understands great, and some that the animal doesn't understand at all ("I have you because you're better at interacting with the world than I am in certain ways, and it's important because when we succeed together I earn money to pay taxes" for instance). And so the animal pieces together an answer to their questions based on the bits of the human's reply that they understood, and it kinda-sorta translates to "get back to doing what you're good at". That is essentially the interaction that I believe I had with that bigger-I, with it as the human and myself as the animal.

What I heard was my own thoughts, and what I saw was a series of visual analogies accompanying concepts that don't map to words (not surprising, as I tend to use visual thought as a supplement to linguistic thought when not pestering higher forms of consciousness as well). This is congruent with what I'd expect contact with some sort of "higher intelligence" to feel like, because I literally made it up -- but I was getting patterns out of that fount of creativity, that mental pseudo-random number generator, that I can process in a way that suggest some kind of intelligence on the other end. "something" is there, and if that "something" is strictly my own capacity to make patterns out of noise, that would be just another name for the same thing. Whatever it is, it felt like it was trying to explain complex ideas using a set of those refrigerator poetry words, where each magnet was a thought or concept in my worldview. And just as in a scramble of word-magnets on a ferrous surface, I know it probably seems even less comprehensible to later passers-by, after the terms have been nudged out of alignment a little when they barely made sense to begin with.

Whatever it is, part of the "communication" I got from it is to stay out of that direct sort of contact unless I need something from it that I really can't do myself, because its point of influence into the world is through me, and sitting around trying to commune with it for its own sake thus diminishes that power.


Re: Have you ever been contacted by what you consider to be (a) God?
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I guess I'll then also re-post my reply from that other forum:

Nope, not as a specific, external being.
What I do experience is my feelings towards specific deities or the divine in general.
I "see" my main deity in everything, I feel its comforting presence around and within me.
But since I haven't ever really seen or heard them it is quite easy for me to consider them as nothing but personifications of parts of the psyche.