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New Symbol
« on: June 27, 2017, 01:23:04 pm »
The Order of the Serpent has a new main logo! The previous logo, with it's featuring of Set, Taweret, and Egyptian hieroglyphs, suggested an Egyptian/Setian bias that the Order simply does not have nor want. We welcome all members of the LHP who share the goal of advancing esoteric and philosophical knowledge.

The symbol has a double meaning. On the simple side, the symbols around the point spell out Draco, representing the main symbolic focus of the Order. On the complex side, this is a pseudo-spelling of Draco. Going top left, top right, left, right, center, we have Norse runes, Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphics, a Chinese dialect, and simply an ouroboros. While representing our variety of interests (some, not all), obviously the symbols make no sense if directly translated. We have done this to show that we are not some revival group, we take what we want or need and use it to create our own paradigm. Basically the symbol says: "we're open to any inspiration, and you should use it as you will."

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Re: New Symbol
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I would also like to point out another important aspect of the O.'.S.'. Insignia; the pentagram and its outer circle do not touch.  This is significant as it symbolizes the Order's premise that the psyche/self-consciousness/Gift of the Black Flame (pentagram) is an element separate and distinct from the laws that govern the Order of the Cosmos (circle).
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"O learn the Law, my brothers of the night - the Great Law and the Lesser Law.
The Great Law brings the balance and doth persist without mercy.
The Lesser Law abideth as the key, and the Shining Trapezoid is the door!" - Anton LaVey


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Very nice insignia, brothers! It seems to me that all of the symbolic elements have been explained well.
But what of the outer ring?

I suppose it may be open to interpretation, in which case I am dying to hear your thoughts on it.
Is it merely instrumental in encapsulating Draco in the night sky?
Or rather an extension of the Cosmos, which neither touches the individual psyche?
Or some combination of the aforementioned?
Or perhaps I am overanalyzing here and it does not factor into it.

As numerous as there are stars in the night sky, I am sure that something about it has not occurred to me yet.
In either case, I find the outer ring also aesthetically pleasing with the other elements. Great job as always.
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Re: New Symbol
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This is a very nice symbol. I like it on all levels. It is nice to see a LHP group that is not a revival or "competitor" but opened to all who wish to join. Thank you for the effort that you have put into this. I also am glad to see a forum with a like button. Good job on everything. I will be looking around.

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Re: New Symbol
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Thank you for your support and kind words, and welcome to the forum!


Re: New Symbol
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You're very welcome. Anyone who would come here could see the hard work that has been put into this forum.  Any compliment to you would be well deserved.