Author Topic: Passover and the Wicked Son  (Read 226 times)

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Passover and the Wicked Son
« on: April 20, 2019, 04:09:17 pm »

So if you don't know, part of the Passover service is the story of the four sons. The wise, wicked, simple, and one too young to enquire. Even when I was a religious Jew I knew I was the wicked son, it was always a family joke. Anytime you read that everyone looks right at me haha. And I've always been proud to take it. The four sons really kind of sum up the right hand path to me and my relationship to it, especially Judaism as it's always held a unique place. The sons are defined as such:

Wise son: asks "why do WE engage in this tradition of Passover?"

Wicked Son: "why do YOU engage in this tradition of Passover?"

Simple son: "what is all this?" (Not joking lol).

Young son: he does not know enough to question and so *should be taught the myth of Passover*.

So the obvious. What is wise is to include yourself in the Jewish tradition of Passover, what is wicked is to not. And don't forget to make the young one believe it before he is old enough to question. Like I said even as a kid I was the wicked one. I hate Passover, it's weird food and you have a long service before it, and my freaking family doesn't sit down until like 7pm. You're supposed to eat reclining but I'd get yelled at for it. And I didn't get why god couldn't just, like, free us, or not let us get enslaved. As I aged I became fascinated by Egypt, and as I looked into it I realized they weren't these weird monstrous people. In the long run I ended up aligned with an Egyptian deity!

Now I hate Passover more. I didn't go this year. I'm into tradition and whatever but not this one. It's self victimizing and demonizing an entire culture for something that never happened. It's a mockery of asking for freedom when we weren't even slaves, asking for peace when we're the ones stiring up shit and god happily let's us think he's torturing this civilization (and it even says god is who made pharaoh the way he ways, so it's a Job thing all over again). Even if the overall concept of freedom and peace for all is a great one, Passover is a mockery of that concept. There's nothing wise about approaching things in this manner, and if realizing that makes me wicked I've been happy to accept it as long as I can remember.

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