Author Topic: Does anyone know where I can get free walk-in spirit  (Read 161 times)


Does anyone know where I can get free walk-in spirit
« on: March 21, 2019, 01:51:09 pm »
Oh archangels who desire to bring ascension to mankind. I call upon you to help me to find a spirit to replace me in my body. I desire freedom and I want out of this physical shell. I ask that you bring me a spirit who desires to take over my life in my stead. I need your help to find a suitable walk-in spirit that will aid in humanity’s ascension. I have made it easier for the spirit who decides to take over by activating my light body. If he does not wish to adapt to my memories like a normal walk-in spirit, I just request that he does not destroy my reputation while in there. I desire that this being takes my body and I am forever unbinded to this body. I desire conscious freedom. I want my consciousness in my eternal soul body and I no longer desire to be affiliated with this life and body. Please aid me in my request by transferring our spirits on Friday night-Saturday morning as I am sleeping. I ask you for this favor for my safety. The only alternative for me is suicide. Do you want me to commit suicide, or replace my soul and become a walk-in spirit.
Please find a ready and suitable being to take my place and bring humanity into ascension.
So mote it be
So mote it be
So mote it be
It is done
It is done
It is done.


Re: Does anyone know where I can get free walk-in spirit
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Inviting in a pre-formed alternate spirit is one of the ways, but if you have your brain thoroughly rutted with bad habits already, the set of those who'd be interested will be quite limited.

In my experience, the other and more reliable option is to psychologically chop off the aspects of your current personality/spirit who no longer exist, piece by piece, and allow those gaps to be filled in by neutral personality/spirit as you go. Then you can bring in pieces of personality/spirit that do something above and beyond that baseline of "not hate everything".

Think of it as trying to sell a plot of land -- you'll have more buyers if there's a clean, level building site ready to hold new construction, than if the burnt-out husk of a former house standing on it is still there to remind a buyer that the first thing they'd have to do upon closing the sale would be to spend a lot of money and effort getting rid of it.


Re: Does anyone know where I can get free walk-in spirit
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The thing is that I have a few things to take care of in the spirit world. I can't focus on them entirely if my focus is on this realm.
I will not ever come back. I just want someone who wants to take over.
My only options are to have a black magician find a spirit in the astral, or evoke a high level spirit who will find someone to come and take my place.
The other is suicide. I am to be a guide after this and I want my consciousness out of my body entirely.
Thank you for your answer though.


Re: Does anyone know where I can get free walk-in spirit
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1. Make a thought-form that is a projection of your own idealized self.

2. Get possessed by this idealized higher self through a ritual or series of rituals.

3. ???

4. Live as a better version of yourself.

It can be done through a series of rituals, or a particularly powerful one, but will take real world attention to make sure the "possession" is complete. You possess yourself s your own creation. You recreate yourself.

That's the best advice I can give.

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