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Re: Re-Review of The Satanic Bible 50th Anniversary ReVision
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We're talking "those special fonts to make the letters look the right way up for dyslexics, but with the weight in random spots on the letters instead of on the bottom".

Needless to say, I am not a fan.

That might be part of my problem with that section, in that, well I think it's worse for dyslexics.

I've never been officially diagnosed with dyslexia but at some point in adulthood I started to suspect I inherited the lesser known form of it from my mom, who is dyslexic.

It was really hard to read, I already loose my line/place with normal text, and get confused with strings of numbers and I've always had sequencing issues with pronunciation and weird spellings. Never had letters looking like other letters though, sometimes just a confusing fuzzy incomprehensible vagueness for a couple moments.

The text kind of made that worse as it's unfamiliar and all capitals basically. I don't know how many times I lost my place. Also, it reads really dry and honestly it was kind of boring. It wasn't vivid and it felt dull and was filled with a ton of angels that I gave no shits about why I should care about their cosmic drama.

Granted, I loved the sections before that. Makes me want to read what else he wrote about the early CoS history. I actually learned a lot from the earlier parts of the book. At some point I'll finish reading the whole thing, if anyone knows if I miss out on any context or not by skipping the weird text sections that would be appreciated as that is what halted me from finishing it. I just can't stand that section.

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Re: Re-Review of The Satanic Bible 50th Anniversary ReVision
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Ah, I can see dyslexia being a big issue. I can't post one here because ToS is hardcore about it, but you can find a normal text Diabolicon on line pretty easily.

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