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agency and chaos
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The Universe doesn't do anything for you; you are an agent in a sea of forces. Either act or be acted upon.

Don't expect moral law, the law of god or divinity, or karmic reactions to wrong rights. Don't expect spirits or parental deities to light the way, but ignite the torches of self-awareness that burn with the Promethean sacrifice that was chained upon the rock for the vultures to tear out their entrails. The Lucifer who's legs were turn off, forced to crawl on the Earth to go to and fro.

They made sacrifices to break cycles, to birth something new. So too must we when we act as agents of change in our lives or in the world. Is it just effort? Sometimes, but it's often more, and always personal. Even then, when the task is complete we can find ourselves regenerated as more than before.

Prometheus was later freed, but mankind still had fire. Likewise Lucifer was later again referred to as the "Prince and Powers of the Air", clearly he wasn't bound by the ground anymore.

Neither of these two figures waited for any "3 fold laws", "god's justice" or misunderstandings of karma (real karma is action and reaction) or some idea of Universal retribution or justice move events in a way to work towards something greater. It was their direct action, at great personal sacrifice that did it.

The Universe is a balance of chaos, with everyone vying for their own interests while the few centralized systems at the top sit in compliance. But even they are subject to the whim of nature. At any time our entire planet could be wiped out by any number of phenomena. It's nearly happened several times before, killing over 90% of life. What makes us think we are so special that we would be spared if this happened again?

So no, I don't think the Universe does anything for anyone, it just is. It is without any quality of good or evil, without directed intention. So don't expect it to act for you, but only to act upon you.

To act is to take control of your life, and to master magic as a tool for exerting will on your environment. Though you are still driven by nature in doing this, you are becoming peers with it rather than a slave. At the highest stage of realization of the  Supreme Subjective-I (Shiva) the Universe no longer acts upon you, but is the direct expression of your action. It is this final trait of doership that separates Kashmir Shaivism's view of Moksha (liberation) from other branches of Hinduism. It is also the one that makes it a kindered spirit to Satanism.

My religion is Satanism & Kashmir Shaivism via Vāmācāra

"We have none but evidence for the prosecution [against Satan] and yet we have rendered the verdict. To my mind, this is irregular. It is un-English. It is un-American; it is French." ... "We may not pay him reverence, for that would be indiscreet, but we can at least respect his talents." - Mark Twain
"God and the individual are one. To realize this is the essence of Shaivism." - Swami Lakshmanjoo