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Gematria of SET
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I know Hebrew is swept aside in the Book of Coming Forth By Night but I felt compelled to do some calculations on the name SET. I just discovered you guys and starting reading some of Dr. Aquino's work. Very interesting; I like this philosophy very much. I've been into Thelema for a while now and am excited to find you all. Two years ago I wrote a report on SET for a university class on Ancient Egyptian religion. The topic was assigned to me and thus I feel a connection with SET and this community. Even in my limited research for that paper I recognized SET as one of the most ancient of the Egyptian Gods, and a character who had been unfairly villainized. Anyways, here's the gematria. I hope some of you find it interesting.

**I'll be writing the letters left to right for our purposes and simplicity's sake, but it should be noted that when writing these out in Hebrew the order is right to left.

SET = Samekh - Teth = 69

Letter Meanings = Tent Peg, Serpent
Tarot Trumps = Temperance - Strength
Other Hebrew words that add to 69:
Yod-Nun-Vau-Gimel = pr.n. "Protected"
Samekh-Dalet-Hay =    to be green, sprout; myrtle
Nun-Vau-Yod-Bet-Aleph  =  desiring or begging, poor; a poor man.
Lamed-Lamed-Tet = to bedew; to flow; to distil; to overshadow, to cover; to seek or find the shade.
Hay-Dalet-Yod-Nun = abomination; exile.
Gimel-Vau-Samekh  =    to move or go, to go off or back; to hedge about or enclose; refuse or dross.

SET = Samekh - Heh - Teth = 74

Letter Meanings = Tent Peg (spine), Window (there's a few), Serpent
Tarot Trumps = Temperance - The Emperor - Strength
Other Hebrew words that add to 74:
Hay-Nun-Vau-Yod-Bet-Aleph = longing, lust; stimulant (caper-berries)
Ayin-Dalet = knowledge, opinion; know!, understand!, be aware!, respect!; have sex!
Nun-Vau-Yod-Gimel-Hay = the murmur, dull sound; meditation; plot, device.
Dalet-Mem-Lamed  = name of the letter Lamed (30); beater or chastiser; staff, goad; ox-goad; to meditate or think, to study or learn; to practice or exercise; accustomed to or familiar with; a disciple or adherent.
Dalet-Kaf-Nun = to bind or connect; connection, kindred or progeny.
Bet-Yod-Bet-Samekh = a circuit; round about.
DaletAyin = progress, duration; long or indefinite time, eternity; booty or spoil; while; as far as; during, within; till or unto; to or for (of purpose); a witness; testimony or witness; a legislator or ruler; still, while, yet, again; further, longer; besides.
Samekh-Vau-Chet = to cover, protect, hide; to pity, have compassion
Dalet-Samekh-Yod = to set; to be found; to set down; to appoint; to assign; foundation, beginning. --- variant spelling of the name of the ninth Sephira, Yesod, but not generally used in Qabalah

Which spelling do you prefer? I prefer 74, the verb "to set" enumerates to 74 also! Great correspondence there. Additionally knowledge, progress, longing.

Samekh - Heh - Teth translates to "Sahat" but I interpret it as Tent Peg Behold The Serpent, or Spine Behold The Serpent, or finally Human Behold The Serpent. The Tarot Trumps for these letters (Temperance, The Emperor, Strength) seem to suit SET.

Samekh - Teth translates to "evil deed" and seems to fit the demonization of SET well. I still prefer 74 I think.

What are your thoughts?

Xepera maSet

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Re: Gematria of SET
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Very interesting! In my experiences most Setians don't use numerology much. It fascinates me but I'm not all that familiar with it. This is an awesome reference I'll have to read through a few times.

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Re: Gematria of SET
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Xepera maSet,

I'm glad this is of interest to you. Something I just noticed is that 7+4 = 11 which is significant. Once I do more reading I'm hoping to pick your brain about Thelema and your transition to Setianism. I'll buy your book too, promise ;)