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Journals / Re: idgo forgot its grimoire at home and is using this instead
« Last post by idgo on Today at 11:36:05 pm »
An acquaintance with some gaping knowledge gaps opened up to me about some of their own prior work and questions after that larger group discussion, and prodded a bit for my online identities. I didn't share outright, but...  wheather it'll be sooner or later, I'll bet they will end up here eventually if they follow my ideas too far, as certain corners of the internet are really quite a tiny place. However, my outlook is pretty fucking "reply hazy, try again" on whether I ought to be attempting to teach/guide at all. I think there's some insight that I've had about the idea of me teaching and it's stored next to a memory about refinishing furniture, but I can't find either of them at the moment.

Further conversations have transpired with... the acquaintance with the gaping knowledge gaps. Let's nickname them Why for now, because Why is a question that's right in the middle of them, and they'll need a handle around here. It'll do.

In a way, I am reassured: First, I am reassured that they are a stable System. As an intelligent entity (or pair thereof), they've formed a damned workable worldview, though it has its limitations. Nothing structural seems rigid enough to shatter. Second, I am reassured that I am not prying in the ways of which I disapprove. I ask the occasional openended question, and they talk for hours -- they seem to find introspection a favorite hobby.

It turns out that I can, essentially, "just ask what their axioms are". They volunteered their axioms to me upon noting that I'd listen. I am within realms where a warning would barely be required even of a stupid listener, and this one isn't that.

All I've even really said so far is "what about thus? Are you acquainted with such-and-such a topic? I wonder if..." and "when I've been or if I was in such situations, I expect I might feel such a way".

I found myself having to summarize a variety of topics more concisely than I've forced myself to do before, and in retrospect I can see some opportunities for improvement. In particular, I'm not happy with how my synopsis of the LHP/RHP similarities came out -- I think the next time I find myself wanting it, I ought instead focus on the "one-ness" of both end goals. That might make more sense to humans who use language.

Why pointed out some amusing observations about my own human communication style, as well:

* Apparently my social skills seem to have been reverse engineered from observations, rather than just copied off the standards like others' sometimes appear. Perhaps this references my willingness to switch context from small talk to philosophical argument and back at the drop of a hat?
* Apparently the way in which I present ideas takes more work to disentangle than how most do, perhaps related to the density of information that I occasionally pack into a sentence. "If there's a concept, and many possible thoughts that point at the truth, and many possible words that point at each thought, it's like you use words from different thoughts that point at the same concept" or similar. I attribute this to my having a certain laziness, an unwillingness to premasticate and regurgitate concepts for listeners of more delicate intellectual palette, as it were.
* Apparently my distaste for value judgement is unusual in their experience. I don't think I explained it fully; they were so delighted to keep expounding upon their own ideas that the incompleteness of my explanation was harmless for the time being. I frequently asked Why to rephrase their more complex ideas without the True/Untrue, Real/Unreal, Good/Bad dichotomy, and found the resulting statements far easier to follow. On the one hand, this could be blamed on a certain lack of intellectual rigor on Why's part -- I've asked them to try expressing those thoughts in e-prime as an exercise of clarity if desired. On the other hand, it could be blamed on a certain intellectual laziness on my own part -- I find that value judgments often halt inquiry at a point earlier than I enjoy following it to, and I find it takes me a great deal of unnecessary work to think with my accustomed habits while also adopting a paradigm in which Absolute Truth is its usually intended self.

On the whole, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to question some of their habits which I find often lead to unpleasantness, such as a tendency to generalize about the populace based on superficial interactions rather than gathering deeper-interaction conversational data from diverse individuals.

It could perhaps be said that rather than any nonsense about teaching, I've picked "recreational argument/debate" as the path forward for now. Despite my jests about "assigned reading", debate is adequate.
Vampyrism / Re: Vampyre Missive
« Last post by Liu on Today at 08:02:50 pm »
Thus far the descriptions of it almost make me assume that being a vampyre is the same thing as being extraverted :mrgreen:
Gaining "energy" from being in the presence of other people and feeling drained when one cannot "feed" in this manner... that would be exactly the same "symptoms".

And it would also explain why I have no idea what "energy" the vampyres here are talking about.
I rather get energy from being completely alone. Especially when it's dark and I'm (relatively) far away from other people.
Setianism / Re: Set and the Tau cross
« Last post by MRT on Today at 07:23:46 pm »
Is a possibility.
Another angle can maybe be his scepter or wand, since sometimes it is also depicted in a T shape?
Setianism / Re: Set and the Tau cross
« Last post by Xepera maSet on Today at 07:08:44 pm »
Looks like the Tau might just be a generic symbol of the phallus.
Setianism / Re: Don Webb books, which to read first?
« Last post by Xepera maSet on Today at 06:55:19 pm »
I was a Luciferian for a while myself between Satanism and Setianism.
Setianism / Re: Don Webb books, which to read first?
« Last post by MRT on Today at 06:49:20 pm »
Haha reminds me of my first steps into the areas of magic etc.
I also sensed Lucifer strongly around me but i was to afraid to make contact back then :P
Setianism / Re: Don Webb books, which to read first?
« Last post by ZauGhash on Today at 06:39:13 pm »
Thanks everyone, much appreciated! Going by your responses, I'll start with the Essential Guide first then go on to the 7 Faces of Darkness.

I'm currently in the middle of reading Michael Aquino's Black Magick PDF and have found it to be pretty informative. My only complaint about Aquino's writing style is I feel he uses a lot of big words which essentially act as fluff resulting in him just tip-toeing around the core topic; regardless, the section on LBM for me was really good. Looking forward to his take on GBM.

I've been doing a lot of research on Setianism in general lately, next up I plan on doing a bunch of reading pertaining to Luciferianism. I view Lucifer as an actual deity, who I believe was my first contact with any deity when I was young and dumb, and messing around with stuff I shouldn't have been messing with, but that is for another topic completely.  :thumbsup: 8)
General LHP Discussion / Re: Creativity and Selfhood
« Last post by MRT on Today at 06:22:27 pm »
I made music for over a decade.
Since my love always laid in the composition and end results of songs, i realized this was only because i didn't dare to see any further and was obstructed by lots of fear and insecurity.

The last years i was making music, i was also a different person.
In the end, it turned out my heart laid on stage as a live performer.
The very few but really intense gigs we did were an unbelievable experience for me.
Like in that small moment, i felt infinite potential and energy when i was there on stage.
it was very strange but yet... amazing.
Setianism / Re: Don Webb books, which to read first?
« Last post by MRT on Today at 06:05:37 pm »
I recently heared an interview with him on youtube.
Sounded like a very nice guy.
Setianism / Re: Offerings to Set
« Last post by MRT on Today at 06:03:29 pm »
Best of luck!
If you are willing to share images, i'm looking forward to them!
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