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Reading / Re: What are you reading?
« Last post by Onyx on Today at 08:10:47 am »
I've been reading through Infernal Geometry and the Left-Hand Path. For those interested in Angular Magic, the book covers a lot of ground.
Lounge / Re: Analog Modular Synth Sinister Frequencies
« Last post by Melias on April 06, 2020, 02:52:09 am »
My friend's instrument (the Arturia Matrixbrute) is a very complex synthesizer. To get an idea of possible sounds it can make (without adding further instruments) check this external link (not us):
The analog oscillators can be used independently or through LFOs and during that evening he was trying several settings, in combination with some of my settings on the KORG and then he had an Earthquaker pedal too (Transmisser Reverb). It was not a regular recording session, since we were exploring for new sounds, however I might have some bits my own end (not good quality) - perhaps some of this could be shared so that you can get an idea.

I like your term "music magic"! There's tremendous potential and so many things to be explored. Electronic music can create very unique soundscapes... and surprising things can be experimented using magickal constructs in combination with the sounds produced.

I have listened to your tracks on soundcloud and I was impressed; several had the capacity to produce mind-altering effects, if one listens carefully and with a meditative state. So it's quite possible to work wonders, if one is skilled in both making music and the occult.
Lounge / Re: Analog Modular Synth Sinister Frequencies
« Last post by Kapalika on April 06, 2020, 01:24:48 am »
Melias  that is pretty awesome. Can I ask what kind of sounds you were doing? I don't think I have anything that the patches could work with, but a recording or general description might give me an idea.

I've made some wicked/evil sounding stuff that almost seems to have otherworldly aspects to them, I think, personally, that it takes a magician's touch to make that potential come out. I tend to do this on the scale of entire songs however, but never tried it for evocation (for some safety reasons, primarily, both when composing and people listening lol). I've always been interested in music magic (for lack of a better term).

I'll read through the link you gave too.
Lounge / Re: What are you doing right now?
« Last post by Kapalika on April 06, 2020, 01:20:53 am »
was playing guitar a bit ago after finally fixing my amp (again). who knew it would help me lift out of my depression more than I would of thought?
Vampyrism / Re: What do your Vampyric traditions say about over-feeding?
« Last post by Etu Malku on April 05, 2020, 03:20:08 pm »
The Vampiric work within the Herald of the Dawn is a form of Predatory Spiritualism based on archetypal structures, the devouring of their Vital Essence along with Neurotheology and particularly Neuroplasticity. The practices are based on devouring the Essence (Ka) of particular archetypal structures.

That said, metaphysical energy is removed from the target and used to empower the sorcerer during ritual work and further/excess energy can be stored in specifically created 'vessels' to be used again in ritual work. The archetypal structure is never depleted fully of its vital energy otherwise it would perish, as would depleting the vital energy of any organism's subtle body.
Vampyrism / Re: What do your Vampyric traditions say about over-feeding?
« Last post by Sutekh on April 05, 2020, 02:16:18 pm »
With feeding energy comes addiction. The moment you feed on a person's energy you feel good, and you want to feed on more energies. When you overfeed you'll know that you had enough. Just like getting fool on a meal.

Personally nowadays, I apply vampyrism through my magical practices only, and I use that energy as an offering.
Vampyrism / What do your Vampyric traditions say about over-feeding?
« Last post by idgo on April 05, 2020, 04:48:52 am »
If an excess of energy is offered, is anything expected to go wrong? If a whole bunch of energy is "gifted" or provided without being knowingly requested, in ways that one is nevertheless receptive to being empowered or "fed" by, what is expected to happen?
Setian Philosophy / Another Xem Experience
« Last post by Sutekh on April 04, 2020, 08:42:49 pm »
I was planning on putting out that story earlier but Iv'e figured on sharing it a little later, since I am a pretty laid back guy  8).

I wanted to share many with you on my other Xem experience. But before that I will go back in the past to unlock the little bit of curiosity for the reader.

It was during the night on March 18th that I heavily felt the prince of darkness speaking to me on Xem from reading the sacred texts of Paradise Lost, it was then that I decided to journey into Xem by accepting the offer the prince of darkness bestowed upon me. It was that day in which I realized that my life would be changed forever on Xem. The book Paradise Lost might strike many of you as a regular book "to understand the archetype of Satan better," in a philosophical manner. But this book is no ordinary book, it is a book like no other. It is a Magical book of texts, in the same class as the Book of Coming Forth By Night, and the Book of the Law. It is that book in which the loyal and top elect may only be able to grasp on a spiritual level.

This might seem elitist the way this article presents itself, but it is the truth. The Prince of Darkness seeks his own kind, but he even admires those that have been loyal to him on a deeper level than anybody else. It is that higher person who is given the prophecies later on set forth by him/her, It is that person who is given the gift of a Magus/Magas the more the prince/ss of darkness sees that persons dedication to the grave. My point is, any person can feel that relation from the prince/ss of darkness in any given situation. But the very few are chosen by him/her on the highest plain outside of the rest of the elect.

Rewinding back on Xem, after experiencing that prophetic connection from Paradise Lost. I realized that I would have that exact same experience sooner or later when reading a bit more on Miltons sacred bible. It was a different night this time, it was soon revealed that my experience was so profound that I was amazed of how it effected me on bigger level on Xem, it was that moment I wrote recordings of those visions by going back in forth from the Magical texts to my notebook.

I re evaluate my self outside myself. I look at my destiny upon the mounds of the desert. I feel my emotions risen above me, for I feel its intensity. I feel the happiness from the music of my Xem. I have traveled for I realize Xem is a key of time travelling, seeing the world and others. The hearings of Xem disappears and re appears in the conscious. I came upstairs and saw the prince of darkness transform himself into a hooded man. I came to the chair of Xem and travelled again seeing myself become Crowley, hearing that of aiwass. I have traveled again through Xem and saw my being and the attachment of the power of Xem. I am the future godlike Ipsissimus that cannot be touched by others

The interesting part about this is before I had this visual prophecy, I was planning on doing another Xem working on seeking more of my answers on Xem, it was then that my answer was given to me earlier than I expected on Xem. But this answer that was put forth as a vision is still something I am trying to comprehend. 

(will probably update this article)

General LHP Discussion / Re: Towards a New Framework of Ethics
« Last post by Onyx on April 04, 2020, 02:25:14 pm »
Quote from: Melias
The masses tend to follow trends like fashion and leaders like a flock does to a shepherd; originality, uniqueness and innovation are alien concepts to them. Superstition, submission and apathy is the path they choose.

I never sought to be fashionable. Intelligent animals know how to work together as required without going off of the deep-end and jumping onto whatever the bandwagon of the day is.
General LHP Discussion / Re: Towards a New Framework of Ethics
« Last post by Melias on April 03, 2020, 01:21:37 pm »

I detest all types of negative discrimination (aimed to demonize and persecute minorities and other parts of the population) based on color, gender, creed, country of origin, ideology etc. I include racism, ageism, and all types of sexual and religious persecution in these categories. The reason why I detest this (which may differ to the reasons others oppose it) is that I am aware of myself as resident in bodies (shells) in different times and ages, so to condemn someone on the basis of color, gender etc is hypocritical. I’ve been all over the place concerning the spectrum, so I cannot condemn people who happen to be born in a way different to mine at this present age. There is no inferior or superior race, creed, nation, gender etc. Of course, I am still allowed to condemn any practice, viewpoint or ideology that I find offensive, dangerous or twisted enough to cause severe threat by its malice. By doing this I don’t attack the people that sometimes are born to such ideas, but instead my attack is on the ideas themselves.

I detest all dogmas, for they assume to be true in all ways and they have no regard for personal experience and testing. But more often than not, dogmas tend to corrupt their defenders into going to a witch-hunt or pogrom to exterminate all opposition. It is inherent to their nature to hold that the truth is property of those dogmas, and not existent anywhere else outside their approved belief system. Therefore they create a climate of hostility towards non-believers and animosity towards foreign ideas and viewpoints.

I detest puritanism and the whole idea that only marital sex is pure, the rest is up for condemnation. Sex, like food and other things natural, responds to need and often, to pleasure. When needs are condemned as impure, and pleasure is viewed as sinful or evil, problems tend to arise; psychological ones with regards to the person, and societal ones with regards to cultural groups. History has shown that such oppression leads to violent outbursts sooner or later, or to serious psychopathology. A healthy sexual life contributes to wellbeing and to a balanced lifestyle; there’s nothing evil or reprehensible happening between consenting adults. Nothing should be blamed as deviant, outlawed or viewed with contempt when it harms none but is part of one’s personal life, or between a couple or group of consenting adults.

I detest Idealism as it is a distorted way to view reality. A pragmatist would more likely accept a form of Sinister Realism (my own term) as a way to rationalize with an irrational, often contradictory world. Also an idealist will more likely conform to dogmas that seek validation through idealistic lenses, whereas a sinister realist will choose a healthier paradigm based on some form of evidence instead of Ideas.

I detest all types of blind faith, for two reasons: a) because it’s blind, and has no room for reason; b) because it is an inferior type of spirituality, as attested by evidence of my peers and my own personal experience; bound to a dogma, it has no room to grow and expand, and it suffocates the genuine seeker.

I detest all religions because they serve a watered-down version of spirituality that is more easily palatable by the masses. In doing so, they promote their own dogmatic ideas as “truths” and reject anything new, fearing change and fearing to lose privileges. I detest all Abrahamist religions in particular; stemming from a tradition steeped in racial hatred (that they are elites, unique by their god making them over anyone else upon Earth), stolen ideas from various cultures and mythologies more ancient than them (look for evidence in Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Phoenician peoples, including Pythagorean and Neoplatonist ideas in Kabbalah), misogyny (numerous examples in their own scriptures) and spiritual blindness (everything that doesn’t feature in the pages of their dogmatic books is condemned as having demonic origin). Abraham was a traitor to the Mesopotamian spirituality and destroyed his father’s cult figurines, aiming to cut all bonds with the Chaldeans and start the journey to the Levant. He prostituted his own sister whom he had married, and then benefitted from her when the truth came out; his example was followed by his son Isaac. Abrahamist religions are the source of much of the world’s plight; holy wars, crusades, Inquisition, torturing and killing hundreds of thousands and terrorizing millions, they are solely responsible for the darkest times in human history. Their absolutist dogmas and totalitarian religious regimes persecuted truth and real spirituality for the last two millennia. They created the spiritual blueprint of something that perpetuates guilt and misery, and makes a person weaker than his or her natural state, simply by submitting to their ideology. 

I detest the validity of the statement “it’s right because the majority believe it or elected it”. The multitudes never held truth or attainment in high regard, only conveniency and safety. They call brave those that defend their safety, but they condemn as fool-hardy and heretical those of the same mentality as their defenders, who seek out new paths off the beaten track. Likewise innovations are good if they serve their conveniency but dangerous when probing new scientific avenues. The masses tend to follow trends like fashion and leaders like a flock does to a shepherd; originality, uniqueness and innovation are alien concepts to them. Superstition, submission and apathy is the path they choose.

The way I see it, a promethean Lucifer is the torchbearer of Illumination for the Spirit and Mind, a rebel Satan is the catalyst of socioeconomic, cultural and political Change, a portentous Leviathan is the instigator of Progress and Innovation in sciences and all things that Reason governs; and Set, the dynamic agent of Manifesting and Becoming. All of them are teachers through adversity, all of them mentor willpower to triumph over the odds. This is something we may believe in, a form of allegiance to take us forward to the next millennium, to the stars and into our destiny.
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