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Lounge / Re: What are you doing right now?
« Last post by Km Anu on Today at 08:07:35 am »
I'm drawing :) taking a break though my eyes hurt.
Music / Re: Music thread
« Last post by Xepera maSet on July 18, 2019, 09:39:44 pm »
Love the vibes love the lyrics

Tend the spirit, take from the innocent
Measure the heart, by the weight of its contents
Bend the coil, break down the objects
Feather and soul are lost in the process

Were the sun on the rise, shine our light in you
We devote, we devote, we devour all you
Break... I'm beloved
Burn... I'm the one
Bleed... with the knife
Bloom… in you

A cleanser, a shaman will read from their tomes
The scarabs will burrow through the eye of a weak skull

Devotion through silence, a strong back provides
The wheat from the chaff, the pain to purify

Gather the monochrome light
A great flower unfolds
Process, the eight tones ignite
At the feet of the pharaohs

Can you feel it?
Can you go?
Can you feel it?
Can you give up?

That which bends, break it down
That which breaks, burn it down
That which bends, break it down
That which withers, seal its tomb

Were the sun on the rise, shine our light in you
We devote, we devote, we devour all you
Break... I'm beloved
Burn... I'm the one
Bleed... with the knife
Bloom… in you

A sacred invite, an all-knowing eye
A sanctified life, will burn just fine
Your safety relies on self-control
Your pineal flowers when you let go
(Bend. Break. Burn. In bloom. Tend. Take. Turn. Entomb.)

The sacred in violence, an all-knowing life
A sanctified crime devours on sight
You safety defies the self's desires
Your pineal cowers when you confide

Introductions / Re: Makansi
« Last post by Xepera maSet on July 18, 2019, 08:19:45 pm »
Welcome! Webb and Flowers have some great stuff. I just hope Flowers plans another edition of it with more of the ancient history filled in.
Satanism / Satanic Sinners
« Last post by Xepera maSet on July 18, 2019, 07:46:14 pm »
Satanic Sin CoS Violations

Generally when I'm trying to stop arguing about an idea I like to gather my thoughts in the most straight forward way possible and put a final opinion on the matter. So if I'm gonna stop caring about this CoS shit, might as well clean my system!

>Stupidity - The top of the list for Satanic Sins. The Cardinal Sin of Satanism. It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful. Ignorance is one thing, but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity. It depends on people going along with whatever they are told. The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. Satanists must learn to see through the tricks and cannot afford to be stupid.

People believe whatever they are told, whatever makes them feel better about their lives and path. Things like "Satanism magically came into existence in 1966 and never existed before!" Or "Anton LaVey was totally a crime scene photographer despite objectively not being one!" "Anton worked for the circus despite the fact that he didn't!" "LaVey totally didn't abuse his wife and pet lion and daughter, it's a big conspiracy!" Good thing it's not painful folks...

>Pretentiousness: Empty posturing can be most irritating and isn’t applying the cardinal rules of Lesser Magic. On equal footing with stupidity for what keeps the money in circulation these days. Everyone’s made to feel like a big shot, whether they can come up with the goods or not.

Everyone including people like Peter Gilmore and Blanch Barton who've done literally jack shit but ride coattails to get notoriety. It's funny how this talks about lining pockets when that's literally what the entire life of post-75 CoS amounts to.

>Solipsism - Can be very dangerous for Satanists. Projecting your reactions, responses and sensibilities onto someone who is probably far less attuned than you are. It is the mistake of expecting people to give you the same consideration, courtesy and respect that you naturally give them. They won’t. Instead, Satanists must strive to apply the dictum of “Do unto others as they do unto you.” It’s work for most of us and requires constant vigilance lest you slip into a comfortable illusion of everyone being like you. As has been said, certain utopias would be ideal in a nation of philosophers, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, from a Machiavellian standpoint) we are far from that point.

And yet CoS is a hive mind of identical minded individuals who categorize everyone else into a single group of non-Laveyan Satanists. It literally rejects reality in favor of it own unique delusion, a group solipsism if you will.

>Self-deceit - It’s in the “Nine Satanic Statements” but deserves to be repeated here. Another cardinal sin. We must not pay homage to any of the sacred cows presented to us, including the roles we are expected to play ourselves. The only time self-deceit should be entered into is when it’s fun, and with awareness. But then, it’s not self-deceit!

Sacred cows like The Satanic Bible? Or CoS being the only form of Satanism? Or the life long hierarchy of it's dogmatic leaders? Roles we are expected like playing a Magus without earning it? Like basing our worth off material wealth? Like getting a nice Twitter feed for the masses going? The CoS would not exist without self deceit.

> Herd Conformity- That’s obvious from a Satanic stance. It’s all right to conform to a person’s wishes, if it ultimately benefits you. But only fools follow along with the herd, letting an impersonal entity dictate to you. The key is to choose a master wisely instead of being enslaved by the whims of the many.

Bye CoS, can't exist anymore :(

> Lack of Perspective - Again, this one can lead to a lot of pain for a Satanist. You must never lose sight of who and what you are, and what a threat you can be, by your very existence. We are making history right now, every day. Always keep the wider historical and social picture in mind. That is an important key to both Lesser and Greater Magic. See the patterns and fit things together as you want the pieces to fall into place. Do not be swayed by herd constraints—know that you are working on another level entirely from the rest of the world.

"We are making history every day" lol. More self delusion. Maybe TST could try to convince us of that but CoS has been irrelevant for decades. Hell they had to resort to a fluffy Twitter feed just so the masses can accept them more. Because Twitter isn't a herd constraint ;)

> Forgetfulness of Past Orthodoxies - Be aware that this is one of the keys to brainwashing people into accepting something new and different, when in reality it’s something that was once widely accepted but is now presented in a new package. We are expected to rave about the genius of the creator and forget the original. This makes for a disposable society.

We've covered this, CoS is disposable in part because they forget past orthodoxies, even the very satanic traditions they descend and stole from! "We were first!" they shriek while begging for recognition and acceptance from the mundane. They swallow Laveys false history not just with sugar but the spoon itself, rave about his genius when half his book was stolen and half his works ghost written.

> Counterproductive Pride - That first word is important. Pride is great up to the point you begin to throw out the baby with the bathwater. The rule of Satanism is: if it works for you, great. When it stops working for you, when you’ve painted yourself into a corner and the only way out is to say, I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I wish we could compromise somehow, then do it.

Looks like you owe an apology, CoS.

> Lack of Aesthetics - This is the physical application of the Balance Factor. Aesthetics is important in Lesser Magic and should be cultivated. It is obvious that no one can collect any money off classical standards of beauty and form most of the time so they are discouraged in a consumer society, but an eye for beauty, for balance, is an essential Satanic tool and must be applied for greatest magical effectiveness. It’s not what’s supposed to be pleasing—it’s what is. Aesthetics is a personal thing, reflective of one’s own nature, but there are universally pleasing and harmonious configurations that should not be denied.

Hey, 1/9 ain't bad right?
Introductions / Makansi
« Last post by Makansi on July 18, 2019, 04:16:13 am »
Hello. I’m a scholar of philosophy and religion. I’ve long been fascinated by esoteric and occult spiritual systems but it was a clinical interest until I learned about the LHP. I immediately bought Dr. Flower’s Lords of the Left Hand Path book, devoured it in a couple days, and found this place looking for more resources.

Right now, I’m working my way through Don Webb’s Essential Guide and one of its recommendations on Spiral Dynamics.

I look forward to participating and learning more about these systems of thought.
It's a fairly specific question, but: What can this belief system me with (or people in general doesn't count).

Did the computer eat a word of that? It looks to me to be missing a key word, maybe "help" but could be anything :)
Yes, my phone's swype-autocomplete likes eating words, I should have re-read before posting.
And you filled in the blank correctly. But there were more words missing.

So, for the record:

What can this belief system help me with (or people in general if that doesn't count).
I would ask "why are people born?" Although if the system has like a clergy of sorts he would likely be the only one able to answer with enough accuracy to judge the whole system even a little. I think. There are several questions poked by that one itself.
I would ask how their beliefs make them act, what objective events in the the world those beliefs inspire.
It's a fairly specific question, but: What can this belief system me with (or people in general doesn't count).

Did the computer eat a word of that? It looks to me to be missing a key word, maybe "help" but could be anything :)
Introductions / Re: Introductions
« Last post by Xepera maSet on July 17, 2019, 02:44:07 pm »
Welcome! Excited to have you here.
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