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Satanism / Re: Money
« Last post by Melias on January 21, 2020, 03:52:10 pm »
This thread is one of the finest in the entire forum, I think. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the contributions and debate, including the more humorous parts; they all make it very special and also uncommon (in a good way). Definitely journal material.
Satanism / Re: Money
« Last post by Onyx on January 21, 2020, 02:11:51 pm »
The whole idea would make for a great article, I'd be happy to assist. I like the seriousness combined with a sense of humor - Black Magic at it's finest. I'm wondering about the reverse side of the million-dollar bill, maybe do a stylized shopping cart, more Monopoly symbolism, etc. Perhaps "A Penny Saved is a Million Dollars not Earned".

Satanism / Re: Money
« Last post by Hapu on January 21, 2020, 01:04:50 pm »
New version.

Even better than the old one! Nicely done.

I'd very much enjoy it if you included your image in the next TIS.

Satanism / Re: Money
« Last post by Onyx on January 21, 2020, 11:43:52 am »
New version.

General LHP Discussion / Re: working with daemons for the arts
« Last post by Etu Malku on January 20, 2020, 08:42:28 pm »
This was my main guitar I used for the 25 years as a professional musician, it served me well as did all the Magick I put into it!
General LHP Discussion / Re: working with daemons for the arts
« Last post by Etu Malku on January 20, 2020, 08:32:13 pm »
Edit: after posting this I recalled a similar topic of mine but it was specific to goetic demons and pacts as opposed to just demons in general for art like this one. Can't seem to delete this topic as I was gonna make it a reply there instead but Oh well this is here now lol


Anyone done this?

I've worked with Goetic currents for musical ends with a lot of success, never even needed to evoke any demon to see strong results. Lately I'm wanting to try this out again although this time with poetry. Later on, I will evoke like I planned I just didn't feel mentally prepared for how overwhelming the results started to become (I also realized I contacted a demon more for composition instead of music more generally so I could channel it towards more post production).

Other types of demons I've only had limited success with for this and not much worth mentioning.

I'm not sure what it is, but over the years I find that Goetic demons give me much stronger results than most other systems I've worked with before. I would reckon a guess that the demons contained within are simply stronger or maybe it's just knowing I'm doing something that's more or less with some of the oldest stuff we got our hands on.
What do you mean by "a lot of success"?
General LHP Discussion / Re: working with daemons for the arts
« Last post by Hapu on January 20, 2020, 08:04:27 pm »
Amdusias is the patron of my unique poetic style, which I call, "Almost Haiku."
Lounge / Re: Almost Haiku
« Last post by Hapu on January 20, 2020, 08:01:06 pm »
"Toothless sits the hag of mottled mien, dead for certain this last silent minute, her lifeless eyes wide open as if she'd seen her nearing doom."
General LHP Discussion / Re: Creating runic systems by recycling sigils
« Last post by idgo on January 20, 2020, 05:43:46 pm »
During times when I've had less control over who might access my written materials, I've made extensive use of a home-grown cipher which started out alphabetic but grew new phoneme-symbols as I wrote it more. I created dozens of such alphabets, but the one I actually used to keep private notes in was unique in that I created each initial letter through a process that I would now recognize as being a close cousin to sigil design. For each letter of it, the coded symbol answers the question "What would the nature of this letter look like to me if it was forbidden against being recognizable as that letter to others?"

Since then, I have occasionally used my ability to read and write this made-up "language" as a sort of party trick, among people whom I can be certain won't have access to any "secret" materials that I've written in it. My ulterior motive in showing it to those I have has been to watch them try to decipher it, to see in action what its strengths and weaknesses are. What I've learned from these experiments has been that one of the greatest strengths of my code is the "russian cursive" effect: When several discrete symbols look similar, a reader who lacks context on them has a very hard time telling them apart. Especially in handwriting, was that an "m", or a poorly written "nn"? And a lovely defense against symbol frequency analyses is to have some characters where the same symbol in different orientations has different meanings, but others where the character retains its meaning regardless of the orientation it's written with, and is re-oriented somewhat at random upon each use.

That's runic-as-alphabetic systems. I'm newer to tinkering with systems that are "runic" in the sense of attempting to divide up all the relevant/important concepts of day-to-day life so that each corresponds to some symbol or another. So far I find extant runic systems of various stripes to feel like they're full of holes, where meanings that I use frequently aren't attached to a correspondence by default because those meanings didn't exist in the shape I use them when the systems were devised.

However, I've recently been learning more about how the Celtic Ogham was constructed and used as a mnemonic tool. While the original alphabet has similar gaps to what I complain about in other runes, I find that I can use a complete ecosystem that I'm familiar with as an "alphabet of concepts" in a similar way. Since I'm conversant with the ways in which the ecosystem I'm working with is contiguous and interconnected, I find that it gives my brain easy access through its web to whatever correspondence it happens to be looking for. I've started in experiments of using the ecosystem as a language for considering interpersonal puzzles in my workplace, and it's quite satisfying: "If that behavior I saw someone do had an equivalent in the woods, what would that equivalent be? In what ways is the candidate behavior similar and different from the observed one? What forces in the woods lead to the equivalent; what interventions can prevent it? What are those forces' analogues in the social situation; how are they similar and different?"

Again, this "ecosystem as a divination system" experiment really only works because I have a pretty thorough mental model of how the ecosystem hangs out in its usual equilibrium and recovers from being pushed out of it by seasonal and human forces. I think to customize this technique, the user would have to pick the complex system of dynamic equilibrium that's most familiar to them, regardless of whether that system was created by humans or seemed to put itself into place of its own volition. Regardless, the value isn't so much in the system itself, as it is in the system's utility as a lever to pry up parts of ideas and assumptions that one isn't in the habit of looking under, to see what foundations to it persist upon examination and what assumptions skitter away when disturbed.

In terms of literal sigil reuse, my most frequent type of "sigil" that I create a physical representation of and look back at later is a sort of signpost or location marker in the spaces of thought that I don't ordinarily explore. These are occasionally symbols in the traditional visual sigil sense, but more often composed of words and shaped something like remembered lines from a song or fragments of poetry. These fragments often disagree with my usual worldview in some way, but can be used as navigation equipment in the vast spaces of thought outside that worldview by shifting my perspective around until I find a position for it from which the signpost makes perfect sense and also seems important. The signposts don't necessarily represent the positions from which their literal contents is "true", but rather those from which it "looks important".

If or when I decide to resume a particular line of inquiry, I can more or less pick it back up from a couple of these signpost-sigils, and start from the vicinity of where I left off in the past rather than re-treading the parts of the path closest to home.

Flipping through a stack of these signposts, I'm looking for one that might be worth sharing, though most are extremely subjective to how my worldview works. For instance, there's one about the color wheel, which looks like rubbish on its surface. But when I dig for a perspective from which it would make sense, I'm reminded that it's about techniques for apprehending concepts in a way that allows them to be cataloged, organized, and named and retrieved on demand. And that particular perspective on naming and retrieval systems is far enough outside the systems that I use day-to-day that I can visit it to get a perspective view of those ordinary systems, and spot opportunities for modification on their "outsides" that are invisible from my usual perspective on their "insides".
Journals / Re: Resignation
« Last post by Nabbit on January 20, 2020, 12:54:08 am »
No. Fuck no.

Nobody "deserves" anything. That concept implies a moral universe and the one we live in is nothing of the kind. Or maybe a caring universe, but again, the one we live in is nothing of the kind.

Solar, stellar - there's a third choice. Chthonic. The Underworld is clamoring for your attention. It wants you to look down instead of up, and you're doing it, you're looking down. But right now you're looking down in a spirit of entrapment, powerlessness, and despair. You can, instead, look down in a spirit of freedom, strength, and joy.

This. The universe doesn't care about what you deserve or don't. It just occurs.

I don't know what you've done, but there's been a period of my life where I felt like a complete monster because of the things I've done. I still feel ashamed of how I acted back then, but it's something I had to move past so I can be strong for the people who rely on me currently.

Hapu might disagree with me about caring about how we affect other people. Ultimately they're right in that the universe doesn't care. But my perspective is if you're still upset about how you affect others, then there's no harm in trying to fix that with yourself, even if it's meaningless. The universe isn't going to care about you taking meaningless actions anyways.

I still care about people despite it being ultimately meaningless, and I felt guilty after that horrible things I've done long ago. I still feel ashamed. But I learned to move past it for the sake of other people who were still relying on me. I couldn't wallow in shame and weakness, because that negativity will spread an affect other people. It will also drive you into a deep rut the more you give in to it, making you more helpless to positively affect the lives of others.

You might be thinking you're completely alone and you don't see how you could affect anyone as isolated as you are. I don't think anything really exists in a vacuum, completely cut off from the outside world, especially in the internet age. You'd have to try really hard to avoid talking to people. Even without friends and family, we communicate all the time for our jobs and we talk online. Even if you avoid talking to friends and family, holding a job, and talking online, there's probably somebody who still cares about you from your past despite you not talking to them, and you just don't know it. And there might be something you could do right now to benefit someone you don't know, maybe some random guy on the street, but if you're busy wallowing in misery you'll miss the opportunity.

There's always people around you, and there's always something you can do to help others. And it doesn't take a saint to do it. No one is really that perfectly good anyways... perfection doesn't exist. You just have to be strong, and build your inner strength, so you can carry others when the time comes.

And you have to forgive yourself for being stupid and imperfect. You have to forgive yourself, so you can pick yourself back up after making the same fucking mistake for the 10th time again, and try again. That's how you become strong.

... Well the above was what worked for me and my guilt anyways. Guilt is such a difficult thing to handle, I don't think there's a right answer on how to handle it. I wouldn't be surprised if you come to a different conclusion than me.

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