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I am looking for whatever I can on Crowley stating that Aiwass was, more or less, the Prince of Darkness. I know that most followers tend to never mention these, and I only remember learning about it in Levenda's "The Dark Lord".

Satan isn't even Satan really, more like the Horned God who competed with the popular sun god who got demonized. :D

Anyway,  I'm sure he'd have been tickled pink if that was that case. Shit disturber, et al. Basically, where I get with all this is that it is mere speculation by people either jealous of Crowley, or an attempt to discredit him. I find it easy enough to discredit Crowley's Aiwass without demonizing him into the Christian Devil, because I think anyone that "attempts becomes Jesus" is a joke in the first place. As if the gods aren't immediately accessible to any earnest petition... :D

Crowley wasn't beyond bullshitting though, and while there are many comments that seem to allude to this I feel they are much bullshit as him being some kind of prophet. :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: Discussion on Thelema: RHP or LHP?
« on: December 12, 2017, 11:00:09 pm »
The funniest part to me is how Crowley loved to claim that "Crossing the Abyss" does indeed entail destroying the Individual completely and forever . . . yet we all know that after he crossed said Abyss, he was still very much walking around and talking with the same heroin habit, same memories, same likes and dislikes as before. Something ain't right here.

Wow, so much to talk about on that post I'm just going to cut it down to the bit that people tend to mess up the most often - even Aquino misses the point entirely, so no point in addressing that. The destruction of the ego is in a spiritual sense the idea of division from the whole. Once you are aware of you links to the divine the ego itself becomes but a speck of dry land in a stream of consciousness. That doesn't mean the goal is to "blot out" that ego, lose it, reject it, but rather to expand it to include the perception of the greater spiritual reality. Crowley really had a knack for making this all confusing as fuck, but the short of it is something like this:

ego "the you"<-> subconscious interface <-> super-consciousness ("god mind")

Notice, I purposefully drew the arrows bi-directionally. The reality of course is that there is actually no division of these aspects, but it is easier to present them by function. The "god-mind" is interwoven with the divine and all parts are connected like a giant network. Again, I don't know why Crowley just can't state this.

I find it funny how other writers presume that Crowley didn't achieve the "Abyss Crossing". Being somewhat aware of how these experiences work, once he accomplished this he knew exactly what he needed to do in this incarnation - he knew his true nature. All of his actions are simply beyond normal reasoning to others since they know not what experiences he requires in this lifetime, and he does. It matters not whether any of those actions make sense to outsiders, his spirit itself needed to experience them and he knew it. :D Obviously, much of the "why" is lost on conventional LHP thought processes but I felt I could elucidate on the matter a bit here in the vein of promoting clarity.

Gaming / Re: What are you playing?
« on: December 06, 2017, 04:03:37 am »
Divinity Original Sin, $10 now on Xbox :D

More time is about to be wasted, I assure you all. :D


 I don't know, I'm a lot more detached now then I used to be. It's because I've had to let go of a lot of people and even parts of me while moving. How can I ever offer someone that love that makes them think I'll stay forever? I've cultivated a coldness and whle I can be passionate which is the driving force of all things wonderful and terrible in a relationship that makes people feel like you care, I'm gonna prioritize other things and I know it's only going to be short term.

I think the more you progress on the path, the more risky it becomes to really open up about your beliefs to someone that is important in bonding for long-term. I have a hard enough time explaining my beliefs to friend "I'm an existentialist primarily....but yeah, those are shrines to various deiies you see in my house, insert jungian psycho babble" its like no matter how much I try to tell the truth of my world view it all comes out as lies. That's not even going into whatever thing I'm pushing my boundaries with by researching in whatever current phase I'm in. For me, this goes in the "not always better" change as this usually comes with my painful growth people dont want to stick around with.

I don't know, I don't want to sound narciccistic or sociopathic because I'm quite the opposite, in most cases. I'm a generally nice guy unless someone really upsets me but I'm just at the point where I can't offer as much to relationships and a certain level of detachment is always going to be present. I can work with this, but I won't ever find a true, deep long term intimacy where I'm fully understood. It's a sacrifice that those who progress in the great work make.

Your post is "in a nutshell" why I became a theistic Satanist... I was driven away from the nihilistic and misanthropic vibe of "atheistic Satanism" and didn't really like the supposedly theistic groups either for similar reasons. I understand detaching from the mundane to some degree to gain perspective, but many seem to look at that detachment as the goal rather than the vehicle of clarity it really should be. I feel that a real Satanist goes through this stage much in the way of the old mystics, a dark night of the soul, but progresses through it to manifest themselves perfectly and unencumbered by the conditioning program of their youth... That ultimately leads to a sense of purpose in your life, and exaltation of the things that you admire and value - also a deep rooted spiritual connection to those things you hold dear.

Fact is, if you are at that stage of your progression you are sort of in a cocoon of possibility but haven't married yourself to any of them. That's fine, just realize that ultimately the path is a passionate one - to find passion and value you must have firm connections to people, ideas, and life. If you notice, I'm a pretty polarized person - it's not to be a douche it's because I know exactly what I believe, value, and love. You'll get there too, so long as you keep working the path. I still encourage the pursuit of relationships even in this situation, as they will help you establish what you value the most. The only way to learn for a budding LHPer is to get their hands dirty, and what works for me probably doesn't work for you. You're not going to know what you require of a partner in a real sense until you try a bunch of them out, so to speak. A lot of LHPers think they can over-logic these sorts of things and get trapped in a shopping cart of impossibilities - much to their detrement, since they never learn the art of comprimise.

So I'm the guy who always has his altar up, pentagram and all. I wear the jewelry too a lot, and I talk about metaphysics often, guest speak on the LHP to college courses, etc. I just recently left a very long relationship (all for the better) but of the three things I'm worried about (likes porn, likes light bondage, likes Satan) this is by far the biggest one. I'm afraid my possible women drop tremendously by way of being LHP and was wondering if that's been the case for you, no matter your sex or sexual preference.

Doubt most of them have any idea what it is anyway, if my experience is anything. :D

Buddhists set up altars in their homes, so I doubt that alone would be weird. Secondly, I think if there is no pressure for that person to participate in your interests it's a non-issue. Most of what the LHP is a personal path anyway... I mean, can I truly take someone with me while I meditate or have them experience a ritual from my perspective? It simply doesn't matter if they're there or not, ultimately, in that realm of working.

It is, however, trying on relationships because more LHPers are going to be constantly honing themselves- the person you were even a year ago will be vastly different in most cases. (for better or worse, and trust me... it's not always better) It's probably more important to find someone who can deal with these changes than have someone that merely shares your views for now. Remember also that:

1) If you are a gay man, you have a higher chance of finding a LHP partner. There are more LHP men.

2) Only 1 in 5  LHPers are female, this takes your available pool to 20% of an already small population. Most of them are used to being hassled with tasteless comments from social networks, and are pretty salty. :D

Satanism / Re: Shouldn't Satanism be pro-cosmic?
« on: November 27, 2017, 06:12:28 am »
I know LHP's can be very opinionated, but let's tone things down a notch and be more respectful. Thanks.

I have no intent to be disrespectful, but I also will not shy away from making valid points even if they sting. I paint my halls with the blood of fallen Internet warriors, er... :D I rarely seek agreement on subject matters for the express purpose of creating provocative posts. It's hard to learn anything if everyone is busy sucking each other off. Left to human nature, the sycophants take over and a forum or two is murdered silently in the night.

Satanism / Re: Shouldn't Satanism be pro-cosmic?
« on: November 27, 2017, 05:51:41 am »
You have to understand that no one holds a monopoly over Satanism. There many sects and interpretations of Satanism. You can always do research on a particular sect, see what they are about, try to understand their point of view, and never think about them again if it's not your cup of tea.

I think you are too emotional and taking everything too close to heart for your own good tbh.

Satanic identity politics are apparently a thing, for me it's "has Satan" or "doesn't have Satan". I still find it pretty silly after I think about it all these years that LaVey followers call themselves Satanists when they borrow most of their ideas from modern philosophers. We'd could just call them followers of "this or that", rather than Satanists. I still think the appropriate nomenclature is "LaVeyist" rather than Satanist, since they really have nothing to claim in that regard other than being a Devil fan club, maybe. I mean, to some extent, anyone can use that term to define themselves but it's sort of like failing to differentiate gender dysphoria from biological gender. (no offense to @Kapalika meant, this is just an example) These are obviously completely different things, and just because someone _says_ something doesn't mean it's right, represents the colloquial understanding or conventional understanding of the terminology, or even adequately reflects the underlying tenets of the philosophy.

I find anti-cosmic Satanism to be susceptible to creating paranoia, militant neo-nihilism, and other human vices that once infecting your soul make one Play-Doh in terms of being manipulated into committing heinous acts. Even the old Christian gnostics (and, I feel anti-cosmics have more in common with them) were viewed as bat shit crazy by the thinkers of their time, and probably for good reason. Detached of your bonds to the world around you, you become psychotic... Basically...

In essence, this is why I feel the anti-cosmics aren't really Satanists at all - they see only one path, wanton destruction as salvation. They basically took the Jehovah paradigm, and just tipped it on its head a little - you know Jehovah becomes Satan, Satan is the Chaos fountain, and Satan wants everything crazy so let's kill it all for him. It's absolutist and any thinking person is going to have issues with this sort of extremism of any sort, me included. It's not only irrational, but wasted energy... What good is it to fill your head with all of this garbage? :D 

General LHP Discussion / Re: So I talked to the Prince of Darkness
« on: November 22, 2017, 09:13:00 pm »
The most notable thing that the Prince of Darkness said was that referring to him as Lucifer is probably the least accurate name I could think of. The Prince of Darkness too might not be entirely accurate (but it's certainly more accurate than Lucifer), because he also represents light - namely, granting this light to us (The Black Flame). He also said that he visited plenty of magicians, covens, and organizations - sometimes under the same name, sometimes under a different name.

From a demonlogical and demonolatry perspective, Lucifer isn't Satan. So, I guess we agree on something. :D In those contexts, he is an air elemental demon associated with the east. Most the old demonic hierarchies are pretty damn clear with this.

I feel Pan, and the Horned God are syncretic energies with Satan himself. I'm not sure about Set, but I just have no vibe with Egyptian deities - it tends to make it challenging to reach them. Anyway, your story was pretty cool to read... We need more of that around here. :D

Satanism / Re: Need Opinions: Anti-Cosmic Approach to LHP
« on: November 22, 2017, 09:00:12 pm »
So update. If you give everything up to cross the abyss, you are only giving up false egos and selves. Your core conciousness will remain- I speculate this is the "true self/true will/ and possible even the HGA/Daemon or at least connected to it."

I've always found the acosmic stuff to be rather obtuse and sometimes I just can't vibe with its self-loathing / nihilistic destination. I still think every LHPer should research the subject, but I always question these sorts of things because they don't jive with my spiritual understandings.

For example, I'm aware of my connection to the divine and that of others directly. If it doesn't exist why do I have that perception? :D Then there is that whole misanthropic garbage that comes with it... Again, if I see other humans as kin albeit in a strange and mysterious way and am aware that "diety" is connected to me the same way why would I want it destroyed? I don't feel special in having these awarenesses, mind you, I think anyone of significant ability will eventually see the truth of it and have access to this as well. Satan for these guys, like LaVey Satanists, is merely a puppet they use to pitch their message. Satan to me is a creator, a force of intelligence, art, and aesthetics - the raw being of the energy of what makes humanity inspired. Does that sound like it jives at all with some idea that "gods must be destroyed"? From my perspective, that's some weird suicide spiritual deathwish... It's pretty nonsensical... In the end, the acosmic thing just seems like a bunch of edgelords who have no spiritual prowess whatsoever taking up time from any sucker stupid enough to hand them money.

I don't really buy into the HGA/true will tripe either... If it is useful, you'd already be aware of it. Your individuality is actually a divine mandate, a raison d'etre, a part of you through which like a mirror the divine can see itself and have unique experiences. Again, I don't speak of beliefs - I'm just talking of my experiences... Most of the people who say they've crossed the abyss or whatever exhibit the worst level of egotism I've ever seen... :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: Altar tools, where do you store them?
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:49:47 pm »
A stang represents the axis mundi like a phurba?

Yes, that'd be a proper understanding of its use. Though, I had no idea what a phurba was until I googled it. :D

Regardless, it's generally a traditional witches "instant ritual" item though it is a fav with "traditional" Satanists as well. It seems to be unknown to the mainstream LHP for whatever reason. Anyway, here's a quote by Sarah Ann Lawless:

"If you practice within the umbrella of Traditional Witchcraft you can use a stang or staff in your rituals to access the World Tree. For ritual, the stang is struck into the ground outdoors (at a crossroad is best). The part in the earth reaching down to the underworld like the roots of a tree, the branch representing our realm, and the tines reaching to the heavens uniting the three realms and opening a doorway to the Otherworld. After calling upon the six directions the gods or spirits may be drawn down or up through the stang to be petitioned or communicated with during the ritual. A live tree or staff can be used in a similar manner." -

General LHP Discussion / Re: Altar tools, where do you store them?
« on: November 16, 2017, 05:05:05 am »
@King Mob - Some of my skulls are animal, just found roadkill cleaned them and voila. I do have paper mache ones, resin ones, and all sorts of other little things including a full laboratory skeleton. Needless to say, they're all pretty easy to find. Real bones (especially human) cost more, in general... If it's just for some ambiance I don't know that it matters. :D

Also, if you are interested in "portable altars" you should look up a witches stang, it's a commonly used item for traditional witches and Satanists of that bent. It's usually a forked stick upright like a Y, but they look pretty impressive when you put a skull of some sort in the V. (I have a small deer skull I've been saving for this purpose.) Anyway, the stang is a roaming altar the end of the stick is pointier and it creates a ritual space wherever you are standing. Witchy staff, altar, and cool decorum all in the same package. :D

Here's an example, but the "horns" might be made of metal or wood. A skull may or may not be used, it's all a preference. Just wanted to share some interesting "altar" ideas. :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: Altar tools, where do you store them?
« on: November 14, 2017, 11:26:40 pm »
I've mainly stored tools on my shrines. However, I've ran out of room and come into some that don't fit thematicall in with my shrines.

Where do you personally store them? I've read various things. How do feel about keeping them on your altar yourself or should they only be placed their when in use? I was just reading a Wiccan article that suggested as close to your altar and if possible, under it.

Don't have an altar, and use only one tool - a tiny little dagger. It just goes wherever I feel like placing it at the time, usually somewhere in sight. There are various witchy herbs strewn about, poppets stuffed in drawers, skulls abound, but altars... Hmm, they're just not my thing. Why make an altar when your whole house can be the place of ritual? I'm just not into doing things for aesthetics or because other people need them. I need next to nothing usuallly... dunno, for me the whole ritual space is a mental one... doesn't really matter what's in the room, etc... :D

I'm also perfectly content to do the ritual outside of the house at my fire pit or in the wild in the forest or something... Seems so much cooler anyway... :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: The Black Flame Tarot
« on: November 11, 2017, 02:04:02 am »
@Mindmaster  I do want to learn cartomancy but for being in a bind reasons. Honestly, I love tarot cards are art pieces on one level and just love how certain decks resonate with my subconcious.

I give no fucks about using them in public. I usually keep my readings done in private but I mean, I already kind of cultivate some kind of mystique about being into that kind of stuff people can pick up on but never quite place what I actually believe. So that might help with that image.

I hear you, but I live in an overly Christian small town. Best not to ruffle any feathers without reason. :D Most people in my town know where everyone else lives, so yeah not worth the trouble. I do find necromancy much more effective, you'd be surprised the type of information a few dead guys have on things. :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: The Black Flame Tarot
« on: November 10, 2017, 01:57:23 pm »
I already have too many Tarot decks. Quit making me want to spend more money on shit I already have.

But seriously, I do find each Tarot Deck has their own personality and uses. This looks right up my alley but I need more information. If it's based on Rider-Waite or Thoth. I've been craving a Satanic bent on the Thoth deck as I love the format of it but I need something a bit more against the natural order.

 I really only finrider-waite based tarots suitable for darker stuff.

Haven't looked at tarot cards for years after I learned how to use playing cards for the same purpose. :D Also, no one finds it weird that you keep a pack in your pocket and if you're fiddling with them in public no one is the wiser. After years of doing these things, stealth is probably my #1 factor in choosing such things.

Other Religions / Re: Resources on Lesser Black Magic?
« on: November 10, 2017, 01:46:25 pm »
Hey, mindmaster. I was just asking about you in shoutouts. Mind if I shoot you a PM regarding demonalatry?

I'm going by Temple of Set/Satanic Church's guideline as it's useful. I think all that would classify as greater magic or medial(which to me is still Greater because same philosophy different symbolism so candle meditation is stil GBM and not medial to me.)

Lesser Black Magic is stuff that isn't magic perse but can effect your will. Esentially psychology, mentalism, etc. Hell, you could even learn actual illusionary and use it as LBM by digusing as real magic. For example, learn how to force a card than apply that trick to a tarot reading. It's esentially just manipulation honestly but it is an interesting field.

I understand the value of such practices, but I find it strange to call it black magick. :D

Regarding Demonolatry, feel free. Not that I am hanging my expert hat out there, but I probably either know the answer or where to find it. :D

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