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General LHP Discussion / Re: The main goal and path of magic?
« on: February 09, 2018, 07:36:31 am »
Magic has a goal?

I mean, I guess I have a goal when I decide to do much of anything... perhaps more so to me, magic is like living, you just do it, sometimes as a conscious goal sometimes not.

Of course it does, it is a process of reinforcing the macrocosmic/microcosmic dichotomy and abstracting the user from the real operating process which is actually themselves. :D

In some ways, magic is self-deception, I reckon.

Other Religions / Re: Property Dualism 101
« on: February 09, 2018, 07:16:36 am »
"Properties are what give a thing its identity, and things with different properties cannot be identical. This is basic logic. Matter, like the brain in our example, and the mind/experience, have different properties based on our knowledge of the universe at this time, and so are not identical. It is therefore on any form of monism to explain how one of these sets of properties reduces to and can arise from it without contradiction. This has not been accomplished yet."

Advaita addresses this very well in the idea that what is "real" is that which is not temporal or finite, the fundamental element actually being the immutable/unchangeable self and by extension Brahman.

The best way to describe the world view is the "real world" is a video game, and your true Self (atman) is the player of that. What you seem to partake of as "properties" are really just subjective agreements between the players. What is West Virginia or Ohio? Is it anything other than what a collection of minds agree too, and if such minds can fabricate such divisions of land maybe then they can be called into question themselves for creating illusionary fences around other things. Whose thoughts are running in my head? Are they even mine? Did I even realize I could argue any of the ideas of the logic I thrust into my head? Who am I then? The self-inquiry of these statements lead you to some very strange realizations about "logic" in that it is full of holes, side deals, and negotiations rather than being a truth - it's as malleable as clay and is more a product of conditioning rather than "reality". If the truth is malleable, it is maya, just a delusion - but that doesn't stop our egos from wanting to be right about everything. Most of us are willing to pretend it is real out of convenience, or sheer laziness. If enough people pretend along these lines and we memorize enough of their programming to seem intelligent, our egos feel great about themselves. Other people even think we're smart... :D

Logic has no place in monism (especially Advaita) in the strictest sense (though often used in a preliminary context for self-discernment), because as you can see the basis of the system relies on the tenet that the only real knowledge is Self (atman) and all other knowledge is basically subjective or irrelevant, being based on the rendering of the subject (I) and the object (that which we describe). A "rendering" doesn't really exist, even if multiple people confirm it. We aren't looking at the thing, but a representation our senses present to our mind, and therein lies the difficulties. It is somewhat like looking into a mirror and deeming the reflection is "real", when it is filtered by the glass and is merely an approximation. Admittedly, it is still more convenient to pretend. It is this mind which is the most shapeable, and thus unreliable component in the system in that our judgements are projections or ghosts more than facts. The fact is we cannot get out of the SU-OJ loop long enough to KNOW.

We know even matter is actually made of energy through scientific experimentation. The trick is even in the term 'matter' in that it is seemingly meaningless in this perspective - that we use a term for that which "seems like energy" or "seems solid", having nothing to do with the reality. The funny thing is that texts like the Upanishads say _exactly_ this, though written thousands of years ago.

In my opinion, the most wonderous workings are the ones that you don't recognize the effect until long after it has firmly taken root. :)

edit to add:  those also are actually the ones to cause permanent transformation instead of temporary effect, so they are the most powerful, imo.

The most frustrating thing I've had happen is that it was working, but I didn't know it. I wasn't seeing the results that I desired the most, but rather another solution was provided. Someone would state that this of course is unintended results, or I did something wrong maybe... But, actually it worked out better for me in terms of saved time and aggravation. It's really hard to quantify these things without doing the math much later...

Still even though it's a personal question, how do you guys shake things up when it stops working? Scientific tests? Following your gut? Paradigm shifting?

I've had it be something as simple as just needing to be out in the wild more, so to speak. Less online time, more outdoor time, more socialization in real life... Truly the real problems of the modern age... :D Anyway, I recommend at least that you get yourself out and about in some way it'll give your inner promptings some way to communicate because you aren't so busy cramming your head with mental static. Find things to do that calm/clear your mind and relax you, basically. Only you will know what that is, but they will help... Also, I tend to do a lot of historical studying during these times (I actually enjoy reading, and can relax my mind a bit doing that...)

It took me a long time to learn about the fated patterns or destiny things, that's not even stuff I've read much about. (It is not typically the interpretation of Pagans or Western Occultists, usually they're all on the Karma or True Will business.) That's all been trial and error for me, there are just fences along your pathway that you cannot move past because they are something your soul is basically here to learn - it doesn't have the solution, needs one, and you need to conquer it. For the rest, the macrocosm is willing to give you anything you need - but it in that particular case what you need is the solving of the problem, for the evolution of the self. That's why there is "no cheating" as I've stated before... It takes a lot to figure out what these obstacles may be, but it is worth it in the end - mostly they manifest in things you can look back throughout your life and analyze, a little thought to the patterns in your life can help you determine where you have been running on a treadmill, in most cases, so to speak.

Also, it's important to know that your ability to do magic is basically at the whim of your "higher consciousness" and if you are moving away from things it supports (for lack of a better definition) these problems do occur. It knows things like why you're here, what you need to learn, and most of all its own capabilities. Establishing the line of communication to that end can help, can improve the intuition, and also provide insight on when magical efforts would be fruitless. It's perhaps better to think of the "I" as a team, and the better the various divisions of our consciousness work the easier it is to get magical things done. Anyway, you can't hurt anything with that sort of self-alignment, you will only profit. :D

My guess is this sort of starts and ends with you, personally.

Often we have a need to just do things in the real world for the enjoyment of the voyage so to speak, and it might just be that. I've had some personal workings not take effect because I was so personally involved in micro-managing the aspects in the real world that the magic didn't need to work, so to speak. I loosely refer to this as "agency" in that the more that you are personally responsible for how things will go down the less the universe needs to interfere with the natural course. So it's typically not so productive to work your magic on things where you have complete control, but where there are many unknowns or uncertainties that are factors. Also, there are lessons we must all learn and the struggle may be a learning process, you will find your magic acts will not shape these sort of destiny-type experiences at all. There are things we are all put here to figure out, and if it's some sort of soul-learning type situation you will find you cannot cheat the test. The only way to get around that is to determine that is the case by getting in touch with your inner self a great deal and attempting to be receptive to the inner prompts of your intuition to guide you. It's important also to know that while divination can be useful guides, you can actually alter the results directly through your desire or failure to accept the information provided. It is a lesson we must all learn the hard way, unfortunately. :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: Discussion on Thelema: RHP or LHP?
« on: December 19, 2017, 09:00:02 pm »
But Aquino and co explain it another way. Aquino doesn't actually view the Aeons as linear as most people think. He views the Aeons of Isis, Osiris, Horus, and Set as mindsets that exist all at once as far as OU time is concerned. For example, to him, a Wiccan is "living in" the Aeon of Isis, a Thelemite is "living in" the Aeon of Horus, etc.

As far as an "Aeon of Horus-Set" goes, one thing you might find particularly interesting is how Aquino sometimes explains the Age of Satan. He actually says that the Age of Satan represents the fusion of Horus and Set as one. . . . and has speculated before that the "next" Aeon after the Aeon of Set may potentially be, once again, an Aeon where they are fused once more, like in the Age of Satan.

I've always found myself questioning the usefulness of depicting these currents as "Aeon"'s when it  seems obvious enough that nothing is really ever created or destroyed. You can find examples of people manifesting these different currents at all times in history, and rarely does any one in particular seem to dominate. This begs the question of whether they exist at all, or are just an attempt to buttress the revelations of The Book of Law and the people inspired by it to make it more significant than it really is, etc. Anyway, I'm sort of interested on your expansion of the subject and how does one establish the validity of an Aeon anyway? We could pick any favorite deity for example, to stick in there...

I tend to disagree with the analysis that Wiccans are manifesting the "Age of Isis" or whatever, as most Wiccans would lean toward an informal trinity of the unknowable "one" and a primary masculine and feminine emmination. (Think Kether-Binah-Chokmah in the Sephiroth) In essence, they'd be somewhat "age-less" in that the cycle of such ages would be accounted for in their belief system without particularly focusing on it. :D

. . . it is mere speculation by people either jealous of Crowley, or an attempt to discredit him.

Identifying Aiwaz with "the Devil" and "Satan" is not even remotely "speculation" on the part of people trying to discredit anything. The identification was made in no uncertain terms by Crowley himself. Repeatedly. Crowley's judgement of the Devil, and his moral character, is of course radically different than that of Xianity. But he all the same admits it is the same personality hated by Xians. In this, Crowley is on the same page as Aquino, a man who also firmly affirms his allegiance to Satan as a literal entity but without any need to accept the Xian evaluation of said entity, or accept Xian theology. If one wants to disagree with Crowley's identification, or think it's silly, that's of course anyone's right. But denying that Crowley even made the identification at all is to flat-out ignore the man's own statements on the issue.

It is RHP hucksters such as Hymenaeus Beta, Lon Milo DuQuette, Israel Regardie, etc. too afraid to turn in their "good guy badges" who are guilty of white-washing Crowley to hell and back. It's a shame they've done such a marvelous job of it too.

To be honest, I simply feel most of Crowley's statements on the matter are hyperbole. :D Also, a surprising number of these OTO guys are actually Christians or Jews... Which explains a lot of other things. :)

Personally, I don't care about their white-washing if it pleases them - the powers that actually be are available to anyone who seeks them. At best, it would serve only to deceive and dupe others -
 something we both can probably agree is no problem for these organizations that believe in dirty little secrets and blinds. Someone else's interpretation is basically irrelevant, even Crowley's, since anyone can simply keep working toward the 'source' of powers that interest them and experience it themselves in time. I think it's more dishonest really that they have made themselves the only true clergy even though the modern "OTO" has no direct lineage to Crowley because it IMPLODED. :D Yet, they still prance around acting as though they do... I find it amusing...

I am looking for whatever I can on Crowley stating that Aiwass was, more or less, the Prince of Darkness. I know that most followers tend to never mention these, and I only remember learning about it in Levenda's "The Dark Lord".

Satan isn't even Satan really, more like the Horned God who competed with the popular sun god who got demonized. :D

Anyway,  I'm sure he'd have been tickled pink if that was that case. Shit disturber, et al. Basically, where I get with all this is that it is mere speculation by people either jealous of Crowley, or an attempt to discredit him. I find it easy enough to discredit Crowley's Aiwass without demonizing him into the Christian Devil, because I think anyone that "attempts becomes Jesus" is a joke in the first place. As if the gods aren't immediately accessible to any earnest petition... :D

Crowley wasn't beyond bullshitting though, and while there are many comments that seem to allude to this I feel they are much bullshit as him being some kind of prophet. :D

General LHP Discussion / Re: Discussion on Thelema: RHP or LHP?
« on: December 12, 2017, 11:00:09 pm »
The funniest part to me is how Crowley loved to claim that "Crossing the Abyss" does indeed entail destroying the Individual completely and forever . . . yet we all know that after he crossed said Abyss, he was still very much walking around and talking with the same heroin habit, same memories, same likes and dislikes as before. Something ain't right here.

Wow, so much to talk about on that post I'm just going to cut it down to the bit that people tend to mess up the most often - even Aquino misses the point entirely, so no point in addressing that. The destruction of the ego is in a spiritual sense the idea of division from the whole. Once you are aware of you links to the divine the ego itself becomes but a speck of dry land in a stream of consciousness. That doesn't mean the goal is to "blot out" that ego, lose it, reject it, but rather to expand it to include the perception of the greater spiritual reality. Crowley really had a knack for making this all confusing as fuck, but the short of it is something like this:

ego "the you"<-> subconscious interface <-> super-consciousness ("god mind")

Notice, I purposefully drew the arrows bi-directionally. The reality of course is that there is actually no division of these aspects, but it is easier to present them by function. The "god-mind" is interwoven with the divine and all parts are connected like a giant network. Again, I don't know why Crowley just can't state this.

I find it funny how other writers presume that Crowley didn't achieve the "Abyss Crossing". Being somewhat aware of how these experiences work, once he accomplished this he knew exactly what he needed to do in this incarnation - he knew his true nature. All of his actions are simply beyond normal reasoning to others since they know not what experiences he requires in this lifetime, and he does. It matters not whether any of those actions make sense to outsiders, his spirit itself needed to experience them and he knew it. :D Obviously, much of the "why" is lost on conventional LHP thought processes but I felt I could elucidate on the matter a bit here in the vein of promoting clarity.

Gaming / Re: What are you playing?
« on: December 06, 2017, 04:03:37 am »
Divinity Original Sin, $10 now on Xbox :D

More time is about to be wasted, I assure you all. :D


 I don't know, I'm a lot more detached now then I used to be. It's because I've had to let go of a lot of people and even parts of me while moving. How can I ever offer someone that love that makes them think I'll stay forever? I've cultivated a coldness and whle I can be passionate which is the driving force of all things wonderful and terrible in a relationship that makes people feel like you care, I'm gonna prioritize other things and I know it's only going to be short term.

I think the more you progress on the path, the more risky it becomes to really open up about your beliefs to someone that is important in bonding for long-term. I have a hard enough time explaining my beliefs to friend "I'm an existentialist primarily....but yeah, those are shrines to various deiies you see in my house, insert jungian psycho babble" its like no matter how much I try to tell the truth of my world view it all comes out as lies. That's not even going into whatever thing I'm pushing my boundaries with by researching in whatever current phase I'm in. For me, this goes in the "not always better" change as this usually comes with my painful growth people dont want to stick around with.

I don't know, I don't want to sound narciccistic or sociopathic because I'm quite the opposite, in most cases. I'm a generally nice guy unless someone really upsets me but I'm just at the point where I can't offer as much to relationships and a certain level of detachment is always going to be present. I can work with this, but I won't ever find a true, deep long term intimacy where I'm fully understood. It's a sacrifice that those who progress in the great work make.

Your post is "in a nutshell" why I became a theistic Satanist... I was driven away from the nihilistic and misanthropic vibe of "atheistic Satanism" and didn't really like the supposedly theistic groups either for similar reasons. I understand detaching from the mundane to some degree to gain perspective, but many seem to look at that detachment as the goal rather than the vehicle of clarity it really should be. I feel that a real Satanist goes through this stage much in the way of the old mystics, a dark night of the soul, but progresses through it to manifest themselves perfectly and unencumbered by the conditioning program of their youth... That ultimately leads to a sense of purpose in your life, and exaltation of the things that you admire and value - also a deep rooted spiritual connection to those things you hold dear.

Fact is, if you are at that stage of your progression you are sort of in a cocoon of possibility but haven't married yourself to any of them. That's fine, just realize that ultimately the path is a passionate one - to find passion and value you must have firm connections to people, ideas, and life. If you notice, I'm a pretty polarized person - it's not to be a douche it's because I know exactly what I believe, value, and love. You'll get there too, so long as you keep working the path. I still encourage the pursuit of relationships even in this situation, as they will help you establish what you value the most. The only way to learn for a budding LHPer is to get their hands dirty, and what works for me probably doesn't work for you. You're not going to know what you require of a partner in a real sense until you try a bunch of them out, so to speak. A lot of LHPers think they can over-logic these sorts of things and get trapped in a shopping cart of impossibilities - much to their detrement, since they never learn the art of comprimise.

So I'm the guy who always has his altar up, pentagram and all. I wear the jewelry too a lot, and I talk about metaphysics often, guest speak on the LHP to college courses, etc. I just recently left a very long relationship (all for the better) but of the three things I'm worried about (likes porn, likes light bondage, likes Satan) this is by far the biggest one. I'm afraid my possible women drop tremendously by way of being LHP and was wondering if that's been the case for you, no matter your sex or sexual preference.

Doubt most of them have any idea what it is anyway, if my experience is anything. :D

Buddhists set up altars in their homes, so I doubt that alone would be weird. Secondly, I think if there is no pressure for that person to participate in your interests it's a non-issue. Most of what the LHP is a personal path anyway... I mean, can I truly take someone with me while I meditate or have them experience a ritual from my perspective? It simply doesn't matter if they're there or not, ultimately, in that realm of working.

It is, however, trying on relationships because more LHPers are going to be constantly honing themselves- the person you were even a year ago will be vastly different in most cases. (for better or worse, and trust me... it's not always better) It's probably more important to find someone who can deal with these changes than have someone that merely shares your views for now. Remember also that:

1) If you are a gay man, you have a higher chance of finding a LHP partner. There are more LHP men.

2) Only 1 in 5  LHPers are female, this takes your available pool to 20% of an already small population. Most of them are used to being hassled with tasteless comments from social networks, and are pretty salty. :D

Satanism / Re: Shouldn't Satanism be pro-cosmic?
« on: November 27, 2017, 06:12:28 am »
I know LHP's can be very opinionated, but let's tone things down a notch and be more respectful. Thanks.

I have no intent to be disrespectful, but I also will not shy away from making valid points even if they sting. I paint my halls with the blood of fallen Internet warriors, er... :D I rarely seek agreement on subject matters for the express purpose of creating provocative posts. It's hard to learn anything if everyone is busy sucking each other off. Left to human nature, the sycophants take over and a forum or two is murdered silently in the night.

Satanism / Re: Shouldn't Satanism be pro-cosmic?
« on: November 27, 2017, 05:51:41 am »
You have to understand that no one holds a monopoly over Satanism. There many sects and interpretations of Satanism. You can always do research on a particular sect, see what they are about, try to understand their point of view, and never think about them again if it's not your cup of tea.

I think you are too emotional and taking everything too close to heart for your own good tbh.

Satanic identity politics are apparently a thing, for me it's "has Satan" or "doesn't have Satan". I still find it pretty silly after I think about it all these years that LaVey followers call themselves Satanists when they borrow most of their ideas from modern philosophers. We'd could just call them followers of "this or that", rather than Satanists. I still think the appropriate nomenclature is "LaVeyist" rather than Satanist, since they really have nothing to claim in that regard other than being a Devil fan club, maybe. I mean, to some extent, anyone can use that term to define themselves but it's sort of like failing to differentiate gender dysphoria from biological gender. (no offense to @Kapalika meant, this is just an example) These are obviously completely different things, and just because someone _says_ something doesn't mean it's right, represents the colloquial understanding or conventional understanding of the terminology, or even adequately reflects the underlying tenets of the philosophy.

I find anti-cosmic Satanism to be susceptible to creating paranoia, militant neo-nihilism, and other human vices that once infecting your soul make one Play-Doh in terms of being manipulated into committing heinous acts. Even the old Christian gnostics (and, I feel anti-cosmics have more in common with them) were viewed as bat shit crazy by the thinkers of their time, and probably for good reason. Detached of your bonds to the world around you, you become psychotic... Basically...

In essence, this is why I feel the anti-cosmics aren't really Satanists at all - they see only one path, wanton destruction as salvation. They basically took the Jehovah paradigm, and just tipped it on its head a little - you know Jehovah becomes Satan, Satan is the Chaos fountain, and Satan wants everything crazy so let's kill it all for him. It's absolutist and any thinking person is going to have issues with this sort of extremism of any sort, me included. It's not only irrational, but wasted energy... What good is it to fill your head with all of this garbage? :D 

General LHP Discussion / Re: So I talked to the Prince of Darkness
« on: November 22, 2017, 09:13:00 pm »
The most notable thing that the Prince of Darkness said was that referring to him as Lucifer is probably the least accurate name I could think of. The Prince of Darkness too might not be entirely accurate (but it's certainly more accurate than Lucifer), because he also represents light - namely, granting this light to us (The Black Flame). He also said that he visited plenty of magicians, covens, and organizations - sometimes under the same name, sometimes under a different name.

From a demonlogical and demonolatry perspective, Lucifer isn't Satan. So, I guess we agree on something. :D In those contexts, he is an air elemental demon associated with the east. Most the old demonic hierarchies are pretty damn clear with this.

I feel Pan, and the Horned God are syncretic energies with Satan himself. I'm not sure about Set, but I just have no vibe with Egyptian deities - it tends to make it challenging to reach them. Anyway, your story was pretty cool to read... We need more of that around here. :D

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